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Naan Pizza Appreciation Post 

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Today, I just threw together all of the ingredients in my fridge that were about to go bad, and had a blast. The goat cheese truly works. 

Got cold down here in Clearwater Fl. Last night (63) so made some homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese.
Sauté one onion. Then add
2- 14 ounce cans diced tomatoes
32 ounces tomato juice I used V8
Salt, pepper to taste
Do not forget to add sugar it cuts the acid from the tomatoes
4-6 tablespoons start with 4 and add more to taste
Then turn off heat add 1- pint heavy cream
Finish with basil and parsley and choice of grilled cheese
And serve!

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Ever since you were young, you loved to cook. You remembered waking up early just to watch your mother make breakfast, and while the other kids were off doing whatever it was kids your age were doing, you preferred to stay home and watch whatever cooking show happened to be on. 

As you grew older, your passion for cooking only strengthened. In high school, although the amount of homework and studying you had to do was intense, you made sure to stay on top of it by making fancy after-school snacks. (Smashed avocado and roasted tomato grilled cheese. No other words needed.) 

You loved cooking for your family and friends, watching their reactions when they took the first bite of whatever dish you prepared for them. Christmas and Thanksgiving was your favourite time of the year since that meant you’d be able to make a whole smorgasbord of festive dishes!

Of course, things changed when you moved away from home. Sure, you couldn’t cook for a whole group of friends anymore, or the members of your family, but there was one person you were now cooking for: Harry. Cooking for Harry was definitely up there on the list of fun things to do. Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t as picky as you imagined he’d be. Which was a good thing, obviously! That meant you had the freedom to make whatever your little heart desired. Although Harry was a huge fan of your cooking, the one thing he’d like for you to improve on was the clean up after the cooking. After you finished cooking, the kitchen would look like a tornado just blew through it. Pots and pans piled up in the sink, sauces staining the stove, bowls and spoons clattered on the kitchen island.. And then you’d appear, with a dirty apron on and usually, something on your face. (One time, he thought you had cut yourself under your eye but it turns out it was just ketchup.) 

“Oh my..” Harry trailed off, his eyes as wide as saucers as he stepped into the kitchen. “Y/N?” He called out, dropping his keys on the counter as he looked around warily. (There was batter dripping from the ceiling.) 

“Coming, coming!” He heard some stumbling around before you barged through the doors clutching a lid for the blender. “Hey, welcome home!” You chirped, leaning in to give Harry a quick kiss before scurrying off to the blender.

“What is this? What is this??” Harry gestured to the kitchen, jumping when some batter splattered on the floor.

“Decided to use the new blender! There was an option that makes batter really smooth. Like, silky smooth. I forgot to put the lid on, though. We’re having beer-battered fish and chips tonight, by the way.” You hummed, clicking the lid on before turning the blender on, watching in fascination as it whirred to life. 

“Y/N, love, it’s like.. It looks like a war zone in our kitchen.” Harry laughed lightly, walking over to give you a proper kiss. 

“I know, but I’ll clean it up later.” You waved him off, padding off to go and check on the fries in your deep fryer. (You had all the cool kitchen gadgets thanks to Harry. He was beginning to regret buying all these things for you.)

“But there’s batter dripping from the-” 


“And you knocked over a bottle of bee-” 




“You are so lucky I love you.”


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