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You stood up from your beach chair, and tugged the sides of your bikini bottoms up. Grabbing the spray-on sunscreen in your beach bag, you stood away from your group of friends so that the wind wouldn’t blow the excess sunscreen all over them. It was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney, and you couldn’t believe how dead it was on the beach.

“I’m gonna take a quick swim!” you shout back. You were happy to be on a week long getaway with some of your best friends. You walked towards the water, stopping right where the water meets the sand. Dipping your toes in, you shivered slightly. It wasn’t as warm as you’d expected, but it was still nice enough to take a swim. You could feel the warmth from the sun warming your bones. You slowly walked into the water.

The water looked like a million tiny diamonds. You knew how you had to do this - just get in quick, and get it over with. You’d practically grown up on the lake in the summer when you were a kid. You took a deep breath before plunging your whole body underwater.

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literally what is the point of Draco being a pasty vanilla pudding cup if he doesn’t go pink at every opportunity??? Draco going red when he fights with Harry !!! Draco turning pink up to his ears when Harry tries to ask him normal, school related questions. Draco getting redder and redder as his house mates grill him about his obvious crush. Draco’s cheeks turning pink when Harry kisses him for the first time !!!

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What's your most happiest memory? Like the one thing you look back on that made you completely and genuinely happy?

Once I was grilled at a mates shitty sharehouse and some of the blokes housemates had left a whole lot of dips like hummus/tzatziki/etc. and we had nothing to eat it with and then a bloke whose name is fucking merlin was like, ‘aw yeah boys’ and whips out 6 pita breads and we went the fuck in

One unexpected way to have a versatile spice mix (if you don’t want to have to add multiple spices by hand or can’t afford to get a collection of spices, etc.) is to utilize steak seasonings. They seem to be primarily salt and pepper with some various spices, which is sometimes all you may need. We use it on steaks, sautéed veggies, in soups, everything, and you don’t even need that much. Our current favorite is Grill Mates’ Montreal Steak seasoning mix. It adds a lot of flavor, with very little materials/effort.