I decided to try creating some “Next Gen” characters, which is the term I see people use for children of the MLP cast.

I don’t really see Rainbow and Fluttershy as the types to want children, but I also think they’d both be passionate about taking in a little one in need of a loving family. And so I thought, what if they adopted someone who really needed their unique talents? So, a baby griffon!

Gull-Wing has Rainbow Dash’s tenacity and bravery, as well as Fluttershy’s respect for nature and care for weaker creatures. She’s curious but also gets bored easily, especially if she’s not allowed to be physically active. She feels torn over her nature as a carnivore and sometimes struggles with disordered eating, though her parents are understanding and supportive.


It occurred to me that I hadn’t posted this on SBAJ when I drew it a few weeks back. This is a rough Equestria height chart I made to remind myself of how some of the main characters measure up in relation to one another.

You’ll see just how some of these contrast in this recent collaboration with lilfunkman.

These are subject to change of course, but it’s a good starting point!


198-MUGPIE [Mug-Magpie]
-The Robber Pokemon
-Ability: Pickup/Pickpocket - Avaricious(HA)*
-Dex: “This pokemon is known for its love of shiny things, and is renowned for its ability to steal them with ease. Their sense of sight is so acute they can see a coin from 300 mts away.”
    -Wing Attack

–>Evolves after learning Snatch<–

430-RAVARICE [Ravage-Raven-Avarice]
-The Hoarder Pokemon
-Ability: Pickup/Pickpocket - Avaricious(HA)
-Dex: “RAVARICE collects all kind of treasure in their nest and some believe one can become rich if you capture one. This strong pokemon can be dangerous if it feels its treasure is in danger, but if even one piece of it is stolen, it will turn extremely violent until it gets it back.”
    -Brave Bird
    -Air Slash

*When the pokemon is holding an item its defense doubles, if it loses the item its defense cuts to half but its attack doubles