griffith x charlotte

nostalgica said: I love this ship so much and it pains me that it’s so dam one sided, I wish to see Griffith grow to care about her like he did Guts. I mean, the LEAST care about her, idk it just feels wrong for her to have all this love and not even get some caring.

So many Griffith/Charlotte feels tonight! <3 It always pains me to see the fairy-tale romance the two appear to be having too, because it’s so utterly real for her and I wish it could be possible for him to care about her in return. I don’t want for Charlotte to end up being another victim. I always feel torn between hope and anxiousness when I see the two of them together - I mean, her love for him and the way she sees him is just so touching, but we know he’s not the same person she fell for. And he’s causing her to idealise him even more than before, and it just makes me so uneasy and sad for her. And it’s so hard not to feel protective of Charlotte as a reader because of how pure and innocent her love is (and how it’s literally been the only thing keeping her going over the years) and because she’s one of the few characters still left from the Golden Age who knew Griffith when he was human. However tenuous and fragile, she’s still a small connecting thread between what he is now and what he used to be. Part of me wants her to never be disillusioned because it feels too cruel, but if it has to happen, then I’m just begging that Miura will have Charlotte choose to step out of the dream on her own and of her own free will, rather than have the poor girl endure a “you were just a pebble on my path” speech. She deserves better than that.