griffith woods



Sunlight streamed through a canopy of crisp green leaves, shimmering as though coins of cold. A cool breeze flitted by, rustling the branches. The forest floor teemed with foliage dotted with little, yellow flowers. Moss covered the dark of tree bark, adding a hint of the earth to the grassy scent of the woods.

Griffith stalled for a moment in his trek just to admire the scenery, a smile on his face and a happy glimmer in his eyes. He was on his way to a nearby creek to catch fish for supper. Admittedly, he has never been any good at catching fish. In fact, fish had once avoided him like the plague. However, he could at least pick up some wild mushrooms along the way, and maybe some edible plants. He was determined to return to Farnese with many things to eat, even though they were both craving meat, and fish would be a boon to their usual diet.

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5 km steady in the beautiful Griffith Woods. I wanted to do 6, but there were some pretty menacing storm clouds rolling in and I decided against it, since they’ve been threatening us with toonie sized hail all week.

I’ve been really slack lately, with the stress of being home, and I’m kicking myself back into gear. I was looking forward to this run all day and it definitely lived up to expectations.