griffith woods

modern au in which guts agrees to get brunch at panera with his hot ex he accidentally pissed off and griffith sits across from him and keeps doing this with the wooden coffee stirrers

This day in Toon History

5/27/2005: To commemorate the events of “SpongeBob SquarePants’” episode, “The Camping Episode ”, where the main characters went camping on the 25th, the residents of Toontown decided that, since Memorial Day will either be on or around that day, to make May 27th, Go Camping And Don’t Get Attacked by Sea Bears Day. There are, not coincidentally, a wild pack of sea bears in the woods near Griffith park now. -Wheezy


5 km steady in the beautiful Griffith Woods. I wanted to do 6, but there were some pretty menacing storm clouds rolling in and I decided against it, since they’ve been threatening us with toonie sized hail all week.

I’ve been really slack lately, with the stress of being home, and I’m kicking myself back into gear. I was looking forward to this run all day and it definitely lived up to expectations.