griffindor house

Hogwarts houses as things my sister has done this year:

Ravenclaw: tried to take up calligraphy but screamed whenever she messed up.

Hufflepuff: got grounded for drawing a dick on her bedroom wall.

Griffindor: fell off the sofa and claimed to have “broken all her legs”.

Slytherin: got really pissed off when no one died in a film we were watching.

I just had the craziest (and maybe dumbest) idea.

Okay, so we all know the Houses names begin with G, H, S, R, right?

Now, all these letters can be found in HOGWARTS. So, if we take those letters out, we are left with O, W, A, T.

I looked it up online, and OWAT means One Word Answer Treatment, but that doesn’t make any sense.

BUT WAIT. We all know things are not that simple when it comes to this series, so what if we rearrange the letters? We get WOAT, which means, according to Urban Dictionary, Worst Of All Times. How very fitting, huh?

Also, I think you know the “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times“ quote, and if that isn’t the exact summary of Harry’s life at Hogwarts, I don’t know what is.

Aaaand, if we go further in the interpretation, the full quote is:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…“

I haven’t read “A Tale Of Two Cities“, but this quote accurately describes the situation in the Wizarding World. The title itself talks about “two cities“, in this analogy two worlds: the Muggle one and the one of wizards and witches.

Harry is basically a part of both of them, he is The Boy Who Lived but knows nothing about magic, he constantly has a battle inside him between the person everyone thinks he is and the one he thinks he is.

But the truth is he is neither of them, and he is both of them, because nothing is just black or white, life has too many colors for us to ignore them.

Okay seriously now guys, which are the Hogwarts houses of the gosho boys? It’s for science.

princesselliyora  asked:

Which Hogwarts houses do you think that Toby and Masky would be in? (I think that Toby would be a Hufflepuff, or Griffindor, and Masky being a Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, or Griffindor) Also, I think that, maybe, Toby and Masky might sing "Hakuna Matata" when they're bored.

Alright Tim is a Gryffindor because I see him as a brave and courageous guy who cares about his friends and is willing to stand by their side in any situation. Toby is also a Griffindor because he’s very bold, headstrong, and a bit reckless.

House aesthetics
  • Griffindor: Summer. Day hikes. Song lyrics you wrote in permanent marker on your shoes during a road trip. Shots of Fireball whiskey. The sound of a late night basketball game in a driveway. Talking your friends into getting season passes to a theme park with you and going as many times as you can. Tickets to the warped tour. An epic pub crawl. Unfinished books and Facebook rants. Tried to start a fight club (as a joke but not really). A fridge light spilling out into a dark kitchen. Your friend dared you to jump off a neighbor's roof into their pool and you did it. Ring toss and shooting games on the boardwalk. Warm vanilla chai. Fallout boy. Video game controllers at 130am. Weapon of choice - nerf gun. The warm feeling of power and excitement when lighting something on fire. Clapping someone on the back. You used to make up all the super complicated secret handshakes that your friends used. Athletic wear. Drawing dragons in hyperrealistic detail and doodling anime. Joining a crossfit gym. Racking up speeding tickets. Running off your mouth and inadvertently hurting someone before you realize what you're doing.
  • Ravenclaw: Winter. Going to the bookstore. Scrawling your favourite quote on every card and letter before you sign your name. Vodka in a teacup. The sound of rain hitting a windowpane and rolling thunder. Flying out to a new country and staying in a super luxe hotel. Tickets to the philharmonic. A Shakespeare performance in the park. Your unfinished novel and subsequent blog complaints about the problems with said novel. Tried to start an online book club (which is still going). A collection of candles in mason jars lighting a living room. A Griffindor dared you to play a piano song in the middle of the night and you "did" - you just let your nails clack on the keys. Boggle on a sunlit kitchen table. Loose leaf earl grey with lemon. Cello recordings to read to. Knitting needles working. Weapon of choice - isolation. The thrill of getting every jeopardy question right before the contestant. Awkwardly waving. You used to use an old wwii code to send secret messages. Black tie. Drawing mazes of geometric shapes and experimenting with pointillism. Going for a run early while listening to an audiobook. Trying to balance friends and work and life and you and the world and somehow feeling like you've failed in spite of looking successful.
  • Hufflepuff: Spring. Baking cupcakes. Lettering original poetry on canvas with a fine marker to give to your mom. Chaucer's Mead. The sound of sand being shaken out of a blanket. Renting a beach house for a week to relax with friends. Tickets to Hamilton. A new exhibit at the zoo. Unfinished chores and pinning new recipes. Tried to start a YouTube channel (has one video set to private). Like 18 strands of fairy lights tacked up near the ceiling. A Griffindor dared you to propose to a stranger and you said no because that's awkward for both you and the stranger. Constructing a scavenger hunt for you and your friends. Green tea with mint or peach. Mumford and sons on vinyl. Organizing books (for the 800th time). Weapon of choice - kindness. The electric feeling of spotting constellations for the first time. A firm handshake. You used to find the perfect hiding places for secret clubs. Warm jumpers. Painting murals of seascapes in your living room. Taking walks through the park with your dog. Excessively watching food network. Being unsure and hypercritical of yourself but knowing exactly what to do for others in any situation.
  • Slytherin: Fall. Reading through the night. Scribbling fiction in messy green ink in a journal. Half drunk glasses of Bourbon in odd places. The sound of boots tossed onto a hardwood floor. Holing up in an old mansion for the weekend. Tickets to coachella. A special screening of a Hitchcock double feature. Unfinished Netflix movies and making 8tracks playlists. Tried to start a band (was successful enough to make it to iTunes; broke up because life happened). The soft glow of a heat lamp for your pet but also the harsh blue light from reading on your phone. A Griffindor dared you to vandalize property and you refused because you don't see a point for needless destruction. Monopoly - and it gets INTENSE. Darjeeling. The base turned up in your car for Lana del Rey. Rubix cubes being solved. Weapon of choice - honesty. The satisfying feeling of saying the perfect thing at exactly the right time. A strong hug. You used to pass secret notes in class and never get caught. Elaborate af Halloween costumes. Working with charcoal on thick paper or creating optical illusions with sidewalk chalk. Walking around a uni town in the middle of the night. Cigarettes and too many drinks and antiques and family history. Standing up for what is right and saying what you think every time - even if it hurts.