griffin's roost

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Related to that last Aegon ask. Do you think Aegon will actually take KL *at all*? I figured he might just set himself up as king in Storms End or Dragonstone, and then besiege the city while the Cersei/Sparrow conflict comes to a head inside the walls.

Not likely IMO. That’s not in the interest of any of Team Aegon’s leaders except maybe Homeless Harry Strickland, and he’s clearly just going to keep losing these arguments; if he didn’t win at Volantis or Griffin’s Roost, why would he after JonCon triumphs at Storm’s End? The Iron Throne itself, along with King’s Landing and its bureaucracy, is hugely important for legitimacy and institutional capacity as a monarch. Varys doesn’t want Aegon to be “another doomed pretender,” he wants Westeros to see him as the rightful king returning, and holing up in Storm’s End doesn’t accomplish that. There’s a crude logic to letting the sparrows fight Cersei for you, but the myth Varys is weaving around Aegon follows a different logic. Meanwhile, Jon Connington is in charge on the ground, and he’s desperate to the point of recklessness–he won’t wait long to strike at King’s Landing, and Aegon himself will be happy to oblige. There’s also the risk, if they wait, of the Golden Company’s “friends in the Reach” melting away to defend their lands from the Crow’s Eye. I also think Team Aegon is much more likely to recruit the sparrows to their cause, and perhaps gain access to the city that way. Tyene’s upcoming infiltration of the sparrows and Aegon’s religious education from Lemore may be groundwork for that, and the High Sparrow could certainly use an alternative to the Lannister/Tyrell regime. 


ASOIAF A-Z Unaired Locations 

↳ Griffin’s Roost; The castle rose from the shores of cape Wrath, on a lofty crag of dark red stone surrounded on three sides by the surging waters of Shipbreakers Bay. Its only approach was defended by a gatehouse, behind which lay the long bare ridge the Conningtons called the griffin’s throat.