griffin thunderzord

When the original Red, Black and Yellow rangers were selected to attend a peace conference in Switzerland, three new power rangers were selected to take their place. Among them was, Aisha Campbell, who became the next Yellow Ranger, inheriting her power from Trini Kwan. Aisha then went on to become the Yellow Ninja Ranger (as depicted) after the rangers received new powers from their ally, Ninjor.

Aisha made her debut on November 2nd, 1994 in the 22nd episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ second season. She also was among the six rangers who appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie in the summer of 1995. Like all Power Rangers, Aisha fought the forces of evil using martial arts skills and the advanced weaponry provided by morphing into a power ranger, most notably the gigantic Zords. Originally she commanded the Griffin Thunderzord, but after gaining her ninja powers, she came to command the Bear Ninjazord and finally the Yellow Shogunzord.