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Oh no I made a Taako Playlist: America’s Favorite Wizard by Casey

art is mine. (pls take a look at Playmoss! it’s like 8tracks but free. and it needs more users!)

Griffin McElroy - Wonderland: Round One
Cowboy Bebop OP - Tank!
Caravan Palace - Black Betty
Tape Five - Geraldines Routine
Parov Stelar - Chambermaid Swing
Studio Killers - All Men Are Pigs
Caravan Palace - Wonderland
Griffin McElroy - Wonderland: Round Two

But He Does It So Well

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written by: @ponyregrets | Chash

prompt: based on this post: ‘Bellamy sees an ad from an art student asking for a model who thinks they look like Lucifer. Obviously, he’s got to find out what’s up with that’ for anonymous

word count: 3806

In general, Bellamy is one of those people who knows how to make money. He’s always been good at picking up chances to earn a couple extra bucks, because he knows a couple bucks count. Even now, when he’s got a scholarship and financial aid and loans, and his mom’s current boyfriend seems pretty serious about them and willing to help out his sister, it doesn’t mean they’re set for life. He’s always checking Craigslist and classified ads for things he can do, and he’s gotten to see some amazing and weird shit in his years of obsessively seeking out money-making opportunities.

This is his new favorite, though.

It’s an ad in the daily bulletin, which, as far as Bellamy knows, no one but him even reads. There’s a section called Miscellaneous that has always has tons of weird shit, so Bellamy loves it. Thanks to that section, Bellamy has had roles in fifteen student films, ranging from background extra to leading man, for a total wage of $100 and about a week of free meals, gone home with someone for Thanksgiving as a fake boyfriend to get a junior’s family used to the idea of his homosexuality, and helped out with more surveys and psychological tests than he can count. It gives him a lot of great stories that are great for vetting potential hookups, too, because anyone who thinks Listen to this hilarious psych experiment I participated in isn’t a great conversation starter isn’t the kind of person he would get along with anyway.

The ad is short and simple: Art student doing piece on fall of Lucifer. If you think you look like Lucifer, email

It does not contain his favorite phrase, compensation provided, but he is, honestly, kind of curious what cvg18 thinks Lucifer looks like. He thinks he could look like Lucifer. He’s definitely a great model, if he does say so himself; it’s one of the things he does more, because there are lots of art students, and he has excellent lines, stellar cheekbones, and doesn’t mind doing nudity. So modeling all by itself, absolutely? But he’s not convinced he really screams Lucifer. And, honestly, it doesn’t really feel like his call, in this case. He’s not the artist.

So there’s only one way to find out.

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Tomorrow marks our release of Robert Altman’s meta-Hollywood 1992 film The Player. Starring Tim Robbins as Griffin Mill, a devious studio executive caught in a whodunit of his own making,The Player blends industry satire with murder-mystery suspense, all set against the glow of studio lights. As we’ve been preparing the release, we’ve enjoyed flipping through the larger-than-life catalog of famous faces who appear in Altman’s unhinged comedy—many of them as themselves—and here, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites.

Take a look through the star-studded cast of Robert Altman’s The Player

Do It

So since I’m in California for now and I don’t know when I will return home, I want to write down urls. I want to scatter them all around from the Griffin Observatory, Universal Studios, the park, around my cousins apartment, etc. I will put a deadline around July 14. If I’m home by then I will still scatter them.
Someone might find it and tell you where the found it. It can be exciting. I will be tagging this on a lot different things and hopefully it will go around.