griffin case

Alright folks. I have no idea about what the fuck the McElroys are. No go damn clue at all,, people have been obsessed with them for months and like a god damn fool I am lost after all this time. and I’ll see stuff about them on my dash,, but it always leaves me with more questions than answers?? Like are they producing podcasts?? But I’ve also seen videos of them., so what the fucks that about?? I’ve heard about an adventure zone? I think they make that? Like I’m somewhat sure they’re producing fictional content, but whenever people talk about it they always just mention the McElroys like they’re characters in the content they’re producing????? And ALSO aren’t they brothers?? For some reason I’m p damn sure there 3 of them, but?? I’ve only ever heard anyone talk about Griffin McElroy. Is he just the most popular or do the other two not exist and I’m going crazy, are there more than 3 brothers.? What exactly are they making? What are they doing??? Are the McElroys real people??? I’ve heard about my brother my brother and me, is that some kind of music thing? Every now and again Griffin McElroy will pop on my dash like some kind of godforsaken cryptid but no one else seems the slightest bit confused about all this shit?? And I know I haven’t actually put up that much of an effort to figure it out, but whenever I see a new thing tagged Griffin McElroy, I feel more lost than I ever have in my life and like I’m fucking Charlie and I. Got. Boxes. Of. Pepe. Silvia.

Jeez, what an episode, huh? I just so happened to be working on this cover of The Purple Worm when 68 released, I didn’t expect it to be used in an episode again. So now I join the ranks of the like three people in the world who have made an Adventure Zone remix. Enjoy!

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Seriously though, Jekyll was a well-to-do, respected, middle-aged white guy who wanted an escape valve for his less-than-respectable appetites. Griffin was a strapped-for-cash, socially isolated loner with a visibly abnormal appearance who on some level wanted to disappear more literally and profoundly than he already had. 

Griffin’s admittedly more vicious and more inclined to plan large scale acts of terrorism, but he’s also a constantly desperate guy in frequent physical distress who doesn’t have a comfortable existence or any social relations to fall back on. I’m not saying either party was more justified in their criminal escapades and bouts of clubbing old men to death, but I’m less inclined to sympathize with the Jekyll.

who you should fight: the 100

clarke griffin: tbh it depends on what season so:
⠀⠀⠀season one: has not evolved yet, is still annoying, go ahead, do it.

⠀⠀⠀season two: you could probably still get away with it, but she might win

⠀⠀⠀season three: honestly please don’t. she’s had enough.

bellamy blake: also def season dependent:

⠀⠀⠀season one: don’t even try he’ll kick yo ass

⠀⠀⠀season two: don’t even try he’ll kick yo ass

⠀⠀⠀season three: i won’t even get mad, just do it. fight him. fight boris.

octavia blake: if you have a death wish, fight octavia. she’ll beat you up and look good doing it

lincoln: why would you fight a puppy. he’ll still win.

jasper jordan: he’s a scrawny little bean but he’s angry almost all the time so i would not recommend it unless you really wanna fight

monty green: also a scrawny little bean, but is too good for the world so don’t do it.


raven reyes: don’t do it because 1.) she’s badass af but 2.) her leg is kinda wacked, so you’ll feel bad if you win

finn collins: w h y  would you even want to fight him he’s such a peacemaker (for the most part oops)

heda lexa: *places hand on shoulder* buddy. pal. don’t even try. she’ll kill you in a flash and look cool doing it

aden: don’t do it. he’ll kick you ass. also he’s such a cool kid why would you want to fight someone like him.

john murphy: hahaha do it just because he probably wants to fight everybody. he’ll probs win though.

ontari: do it. i’m not even gonna explain this one. fight her and WIN.

monroe: nah man, she’s such a bro and will also win