griffin and the true believers


It’s funny how everyone likes to question Clarke and her leadership abilities. Always knocking her down for the choices she makes. Nothing she does is good enough, every decision is judged. Yet when it comes down to it, no one else puts themselves forward, they come running to Clarke when they are faced with a serious situation. In ‘Tinder Box’ when Octavia is found not to be breathing, panic and shock kicks in and no one knows what to do. It’s Clarke who pushes her worries and fears aside. In fact she doesn’t leave time for her feelings to cloud her judgement. Her only goal is to protect her people, make sure they survive and it’s always been Clarke that steps up and takes charge of the hard situations so the others don’t have to. No matter how difficult they may be.

  • Justin: Yahoo Answers - can you tell us about those, Griffin?
  • Griffin: Yeah. Yahoo Answers are- They come from a website that is also called Yahoo Answers, and they are written by the dregs of humanity. And we take them and we make fun of the people who ask'em.
  • Justin: That's not true, we help'em!
  • Griffin: I do believe that everybody who asks a Yahoo Answer question is beyond help, um, from anybody.