griffin & phoenix

Here is my entire character/creature lineup for this past Animal Alphabets Mythical Creatures Edition.  I’m glad that I was able to get through the entire alphabet.  Looking forward to the next one!


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Phoenix queen celebration. (Branched thread)

{For @mylittlecuriosityrp, @universehoppingprincess, @undertheroses, @guardian-prince, @the-crystal-muse, @carry-on-my-waywardfoals }

Thus the day had come, Lotus had been kept in the dark for this celebration, all planned by her captain, the courtyard of the castle was brought to life by many different creatures, changelings, griffins, phoenix and equestrian ponies alike.

The place was lighting up the dark of the night with lanterns suspended by magic drifting by themselves and provided light, they almost looked like they were dancing to the music provided by the ponies on a makeshift stage, the music was still audible over crowd’s chatter and laughter that roared from every direction

Placed in the courtyard were a makeshift bar with drinks and a bartender, with a wide selection of drinks, from punch to the finest crystal wine, not far from that was the food table with many different dishes and delicacies.

Ribbons were hung from the walls of the courtyard and met in the center, suspended by magic above a large object covered by a blanket.

Whilst inside the castle, the queen was in her room, getting ready, for what? Is what she doesn’t know, all she was told that there’s an important party and she should get ready.

The captain of the queen’s guard scanned the crowd, taking note of princess Emma, princess Celestia, Prince Shinning Armor with his wife princess Cadence. “I’m ready.” Sharp Edge turned to the queen.

Lotus wore dark blue dress, sapphire earrings with her mane combed and smoothed out and curled lightly, she didn’t wear any makeup, okay, maybe i little, but it was hardly noticeable, The captain smiled and gestured her to follow him into the courtyard

“May i have your attention please!!” he called, the music band and the ponies stopped what they were doing, having all eyes on him, he began. “Thank you all for coming to this celebration.” He gave a pause and breathed.

“No more then a year ago, our kingdom was forgotten, a neglected myth, a curse over our land had trapped us in isolation, damned to oppression of a corrupt leader.” He gave another pause. “That was until, a group of three ponies and a changeling, two mares and two stallions, upon seeing the state of our kingdom, this mare took act, questioning our ruler and with the help of her friends, she took the throne from him and lifted the curse over our land.”

Lotus stood by his side blushing brighter and brighter as he spoke, after he got his breath back, he continued, talking about her first month, raising the bridge and restoring the connection with equestria. “From first to the fourth month, she raised an army of, changelings, dragons and ponies to take back the capital from the first phoenix queen and is the kingdom you see today, the day we celebrate the queen’s first year on the throne, without her and her friends, the phoenix ponies would have been extincted.”

“Lotus, we are forever in your debt.” Lotus gasped as the covered object was a statue of her, a little changeling in her mane, by her sides were a stallion in armor and a unicorn wearing glasses.

Lotus was speechless, she stood with tears of joy in her eyes, but she couldn’t speak, she just ended up embracing her captain, silently crying of joy, she couldn’t express her gratitude in words, so she acted instead. Then he and the phoenix ponies in the crowd called out.

“Long live queen Lotus, may her reign be long and continue to spread peace!” They cheered again to have the crowd cheer with them as many gave an applause to the queen, the captain then showed the overwhelmed queen to the drinks table and the party steadily resumed to it’s original atmosphere of chatter and music.

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*NOTE: I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, nor have I finished “Sunwing”; I know about certain events and characters from both books, but I don’t know how they come about or unfold, so please don’t message/send me spoilers!!

Anyway, can’t sleep; must doodle bats designs so I have basic refs for later!!

First & second pics: my take on Shade Silverwing and Marina Brightwing, as runts and teens/young adults.  For some reason I found it really hard to come up with older designs for them, especially Shade, and I still lean them towards being very young adults, so there’s potential for me to make one more aged picture with them as mature adults…
Marina (especially older Marina) looks a bit like a cat, so I’ll try to work on her design more.

Third pic: messed up and suuuper-quick doodle of (*spoilers*) Shade and Marina’s son, Griffin.  No, I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, but I know about a few events/characters from the series prior to reading it (even so: no spoilers, please!)

Fourth pic: Goth and Phoenix (and, yes, I will come up with a design for book-Throbb as well).
I actually think these two might have been my favorites to come up with.

anonymous asked:

Gargoyles > Aliens > Angels > Mummies > Pegasus > Dragons > Cerberus > Minotaurs > Male Hydras > Female Hydras > Echidnas > Egypt Sphinxes > Ghosts > Phoenix Birds > Griffins > Flying Stones > Feathered Snakes > Nahuales > Cicales > Gnomes > Werewolves > Vampires > Demons > Mermen > Manotaurs > Unicorns > Gorgons > Greek Sphinxes > Deertaurus > Harpies > Golems, This is the Cryptids Hierarchy of "Who is more cool"

I’m sure the Manotaurs would disagree

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Yo Adrian (Or the Boxer!Bellamy fic nobody really asked for)

A/N: The title for this is inspired by Rocky if you couldn’t tell lmao. (THIS IS FOR YOU wanderinglilly I HOPE YOU’RE SATISFIED BABE) This ended up a lot different than I had originally planned but I still adore the general idea. Not my best execution, but I’ll manage somehow to get over it. I hope you guys like it anyway! I’m probably gonna post this on my writing blog too, even though I don’t really use it that much but whatever. yolo. 

Word Count: 2.5k+ 

Summary: Basically Bellamy is a lightweight boxer and Clarke is his super worried but supportive girlfriend. ft. other characters and a little baby plot twist-ish moment  or two. I’m trash forgive me. 

The first time they met is when he knew how right she was, how good they could be. It all sort of fell into place after that night, after that first dinner when they exchanged numbers and promised to call. He reminded himself to thank Kane later, and he did.

Kane had been his trainer since he first started out at just sixteen years old, barely big enough to make it in to minimum weight class. Kane was retired, after a bad fighting accident that ended his career as a boxer. He was still one hell of a trainer though. And he was the closest thing to a father Bellamy and his sister had ever known.

When Kane started seeing Abby Griffin, he insisted that Bellamy meet her daughter, the pre-med freelance artist with the heart the size of Texas. Which is what brought them to dinner that one night. Bellamy was forever indebted, Clarke was everything Kane made her out to be and more. He couldn’t get enough, which was saying something, because Bellamy wasn’t one to feel so deeply about someone he’d only just met.

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camren conversations pt.4
  • camila: why do you like unicorns?
  • lauren: why would you not?
  • camila: i don't know, i guess i expected u to like something badass, like a griffin or a phoenix or like a pegasus.
  • lauren: well, i like unicorns, so...
  • camila: i know, but why?
  • lauren: because then i can have magic and make things the way i want them.
  • camila: oh, like?
  • lauren: summon a dragon and fly away with it.