best TAZ family moments

-“I GAVE YOU LIFE!” / “yeah you gave me life apparently Mom gave me D&D skills!”
-when Justin is annoyed and calls his dad “Clinton.”
-“I went to all of Travis’s wrestling matches and watched him lose every time except the ONE time I didn’t go he beat a kid with the flu.”
-when they make fun of Griffin for not being able to sleep unless he builds a pillow fort.
-“you’re my brother and I love you but [string of insults].”
-when the brothers call Clint “daddy.”
-when Justin or Travis calls Griffin “Griffy.”
-when Justin or Travis calls Griffin “Ditto.”
-“wow that’s really low!” / “is it?! is it, Griffin?! is it almost like some fucking liches of your imagination sucked the life out of me a wizard?!” / “yeah that’s like real low!”
-when Justin has Taako do some gamebreaking shit and Griffin is like “oh my God, Justiiiiiiiin!”
-*Griffin does something sinister as a DM* “I forgot ONE birthday, Griffin!”


Elizabeth Taylor in The Driver’s Seat (1974), in which she plays a lonely and strange woman named Lise who has detached herself from society, and who goes on vacation to Rome to find a man. But she doesn’t go looking for love or a romantic affair: she searches for a man who will stab her to death.

Widely panned and mocked by critics upon release, the movie (unfairly) faded into obscurity. Liz filmed the movie during her divorce from Richard Burton, and during filming told the director Giuseppe Patroni Griffi; “It takes one day to die, another to be reborn.”

However, Lise is a character who has completely abandoned, or has been abandoned by, humanity and decides to rid herself of own her life by searching for a man who will take it from her. Rather than classic Hollywood tales of finding romance in Rome, The Driver’s Seat subverts this by portraying a self-destructive and completely detached woman who is averse to, and even disgusted by, romance and sex and who wants only death.

Liz is also totally unlike her glamorous Old Hollywood persona in this film. She is not afraid to look unattractive, garish, crazy, scary, aggressive, and mentally unhinged, and she puts her all into her performance. In the scene depicted above, Lise applies makeup not to appeal to those around her, but rather cakes it on like a form of war paint to make herself stand apart from others. And it works: the people around her often remark about her deranged appearance. However, Lise revels in her alienation and doesn’t seem to care anymore.

Ultimately, Lise finds peace only in her own self destruction and demise. This is a movie that can often be campy and darkly humorous at times, but also one that is a disturbing yet honest portrait of a distraught and unhinged woman who has lost her sense of self, and it is one of Liz Taylor’s great forgotten roles.

mmmm good moment in the most recent adventure zone episode was when griffy told merle a star went out and merle asked if he was drunk and griffin said “not…. tonight” implying merle gets shitfaced and screams at the stars in the quad relatively often 


Just read the top comment it’s giving me life:

“ You’re forgetting one important aspect: Ovo. In addition to Nick and Griffy, there are three entities trapped in the Time Ring: Blob, Ball, and Ovo. The destinies of all 5 characters are entwined. Ovo was the only thing they could use to fight Blob. Initially they hated and dismissed Ovo because they thought it didn’t work, until they learned to love it - like how in the beginning Nick and Griffo both were excited by and kinda loved Blob until they learned that it was a monster. My point is that Ovo and Blob are opposites. One good, one Evil. One a pure white vision of hope, intentional design, and futuristic progress. The other? An endless black formless void of simplest mass and loathing. You know what’s trapped there in the void with all of them? What is at both times a marriage and a distillation of black and white? Ball.”

Not the whole comment, you can read it by going to the video.