griffen house

The 100 Hogwarts Houses According to Me
  • Gryffindor: The Brave: Jasper Jordan, Octavia Blake
  • Hufflepuff: The Loyal: Maya Vie, Kyle Wick, Lincoln, Wells Jaha
  • Ravenclaw: The Intelligent: Monty Green, Raven Reyes, Lexa
  • Slytherin: The Ambitious: Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffen, Marcus Kane, John Murphy


JEFF AKERS — Chadwick Boseman
EMILY GRIFFEN — Melissa McCarthy
RED KNOTT — Ed O'Neill


Griffen House - The Guy That Says Goodbye To You is Out of His Mind

I love how they put a hijabi in the video. 

“Well, I’ve been down and I need your help

I’ve been feelin’ sorry for myself
Don’t hesitate to boost my confidence

Well, I’ve been lost and I need direction
I could use a little love protection
What do you say, honey? Come to my defense

I stand up for you if it’s what you need
And I can take a punch, I don’t mind to bleed
As long as afterwards you feel bad for me

And you give me all of your attention
I’ve got deep desire and it needs quenching
I think that’s pretty lame for you to see

Well, enough about me and more about you
Because that’d be the gentlemanly thing to do
I hope you like your men sweet and polite

I thought I was done with telling you
But I ain’t nearly halfway through
I’ve got a few more things
I’d like to say to you tonight
Get ready

You don’t need to change
A thing about you, babe
I’m telling you from where I sit
You’re one of a kind

Relationships I don’t know why
They never work out and they make you cry
But the guy that says goodbye to you
Is out of his mind, mind

You always did kinda drive me crazy
And it pissed me off ‘cause I let it phase me
But I never wanted my time with you to end

Now I’m back in town for a day or two
Well, mostly I came back just to see you
I am leaving now but I don’t want to go

You don’t need to change
A thing about you, babe
I’m telling you from where I sit
You’re one of a kind”


Griffen House - I Remember (It’s Happening Again)

And it was hard to have forgiveness for the things they did that day.
And our president decided we should make their people pay.
So we dropped on Nagasaki and we cut ‘em down to size.
And the one we dropped on Hiroshima left them vaporized.
I heard some Christians say, what would Jesus do?
What if you were on the wrong side, would he point the gun at you.
And they read through every word of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John
So they could see if killing was the side that Christ was on.

And they separate the Church and State and keep God out of schools.
So our governments can educate based upon their rules.
The people start to wonder if our politics makes sense.
When religion is our best excuse for national defence.
And when our citizens start saying that our wars are not ok.
And Washington keeps telling them God loves the USA.
And they teach us history so we can learn from our mistakes.
And this generation wants to know how many years it takes.

To change the way we treat our neighbors all across the land.
Cause if we don’t change our hearts we repeat the past again.

My grandpa finished talking we went walking he and I.
I was thinking about the future and how I was scared to die.
Now my best friends’ over seas in the desert where it’s dry.
Fighting for our country and I need a reason why.