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  • name: Griffith
  • nickname: Griff (preferred)
  • zodiac sign: Sagirtaurus 
  • height: ~ 4′8″
  • orientation: I like girls <3 And Guys that look like girls so much that my libido gets confused? XD
  • ethnicity: I’m princess snow white
  • favorite fruit: P E A C H E S
  • favorite season: fall! I like the weird season where spring turns to summer tho (It warm)
  • favorite book: asdfg I’d have to say Odd Thomas. 
  • favorite flower: Cherry blossoms! So pink <3
  • favorite scent: peach and cherry blossom are tied. But I like cotton candy as well. 
  • favorite color: it varies but I’m fond of pink and I love bkack. 
  • favorite animals: K I T T I E S
  • coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: currently drinking hot chocolate before bed, hate coffee, but I need the caffene of it
  • average sleep hours: what is that? :0
  • cat or dog person: Kitty! But doggos are cute as well, they’re just too noisy :’)
  • favorite fictional character: It’s complicated.
  • number of blankets I sleep with: 5 (kinda. I’m couting my dog and robe as a blanket bc they keep me warm)
  • dream trip: Very interested in seeing castles and old buildings! I hear Ireland is good for that. :)
  • blog created: a few days before botw came out. I got too cluttered on @silentpriincess-archive (formerly sagacious-intuition )
  • number of followers: 82 but maybe less because pornbots love me </3

I tag @lcylines, @sheikahsheld, @mdrn, @the-mirrored-hero, @crrnt and @crimsontigerlord <3

(if you want to.)

Welcome to Sanditon: episode 23

-…"HAVE YOU MADE THEM FOR LIZZIE YET?“ I just about screamed because awwwww!

-Love the whole Beau/Griff resolution! They were never going to both survive in the market anyway. This way, both are happy!

-Come on Gigi…ignoring your brother’s call? -_-

-So when exactly does the series end? Next week?

-One thing I I know for sure: there’s no way in hell Gigi is going to grad school. No. Way.

-We’re getting a phone call from her dear big brother (maybe even with his lovely girlfriend) soon…right?

-"Other town”? Does this have anything to do with the next adaptation? I agree with other people on here, I think the next adaptation will be announced at VidCon.