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When you start asking yourself:

What would have happened, if Griffith had actually killed Guts during their last duel? He was so eager to make him stay, but had he killed him, how messed up would he have been? Would he have managed to live on or would he have succumbed to the grief completely?

And what if he had won, without killing Guts? Would Guts have stayed for real? Would he have grown to hate Griffith? Would Griffith have regretted forcing him to stay and losing his trust completely?

pipix21  asked:

How about Griffith and Charlotte ? Can you gif their beautiful french kiss in the movie ?I need Griffith's tongue in my life, please i_i if it doesn't bother you... but if it does, don't worry I understand. PS : I love your shitposts x)

Thanks ♥♥♥ 

Tbh, for some reason, Charlotte and Griff don’t bother me so much, probably because nobody describes them as “a healthy couple” or “a perfect family” and rubs them in my face 24/7. People know their relationship is toxic and don’t romanticize it.

And Griffith is a good kisser too, it seems :o I have been staring at this scene for long >///< Because I’m not used to such well animated kisses in anime (and also as a ref how he kisses … you know for what ship’s purposes ahem O.O)

Welcome to Sanditon: episode 23

-…"HAVE YOU MADE THEM FOR LIZZIE YET?“ I just about screamed because awwwww!

-Love the whole Beau/Griff resolution! They were never going to both survive in the market anyway. This way, both are happy!

-Come on Gigi…ignoring your brother’s call? -_-

-So when exactly does the series end? Next week?

-One thing I I know for sure: there’s no way in hell Gigi is going to grad school. No. Way.

-We’re getting a phone call from her dear big brother (maybe even with his lovely girlfriend) soon…right?

-"Other town”? Does this have anything to do with the next adaptation? I agree with other people on here, I think the next adaptation will be announced at VidCon.