griever necklace


Let’s continue on with the Final Fantasy VIII series shall we?

This here is the ORIGINAL Griever necklace released by Square back in 2001. This is full on 925 sterling silver, this is NOT one of those made in China knockoffs which are made out of pewter!

It took me YEARS to finally find one and it wasn’t cheap either! I don’t understand why Square-Enix decided to redesign the Griever Necklace into the form it is today. I personally love the authenticity of this exact replica. It’s almost like I feel closer to Squall already…sigh…

Funny story time! I listed it online for sale once during tough times and someone actually had the galls to say, and I quote, “Beware of the knockoffs online, there are many made in China that are replicas. I do not know if yours is authentic or not but I am ready to offer you a great price of $50 to take this off your hands! Lots of fake out there! Take advantage of my great offer!” Um….no.