grier hill


Finally, here is Gemini (♊️) looking fly. I really liked the way this one turned out. Maybe I’ll cosplay with a buddy….is that overkill though? Actually don’t answer that lol the next sign is Cancer (♋️)

Some famous Gemini ladies include:
•Ms.Lauryn Hill❤️
•Pam Grier ❤️
•Patti LeBelle ❤️

Annnnd since we’re in season and I too am a Gemini, how about some famous Gem men?

•Kendrick Lemar
•Kanye West
•Biggie Smalls


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Coffy - Dangerous Curves Ahead

Watched this one over a series of three nights. I didn’t watch many of these ‘blaxploitation’ films when they were first released (I was a little young, for one reason), but I’ve been curious to check them out after enjoying Pam Grier in Tarantino’s ‘Jackie Brown’. Some of the chase music from this film was adopted for use in the aforementioned film.

Pam Grier plays the title character, a woman whose little sister was used and abused by the drug trade, and she’s out for revenge on the various pushers, pimps and lowlifes who may have had a hand in her sister’s misfortune. She ends up sort of a surrogate avenger for the intended audience members, as her story unfolds and she ends up taking on the white bosses behind the scenes and the politicians and crooked cops who prey on the inner city black community. Dated and corny, overly violent and sometimes unintentionally funny, yet still manages to get some hard truths out there about the power behind the drugs that lay waste to the vulnerable members of our society. I had a hard time getting into this one at the start of it, but as the story unfolded, and I relaxed into it, it was a fun little revenge tale, and Pam Grier turns in a much better performance than this sort of thing deserved.

3 stars out of 5

Released 1973, First Viewing May 2017


Commission by the amazing

Based on my love for the following characters/actresses & idea inspired by his amazing artwork:

  • A Blaxploitation Saturday Morning Cartoon where FOXY BROWN (Pam Grier), CLEOPATRA JONES (Tamara Dobson), CHRISTIE LOVE (Teresa Graves) & DIANA “SUGAR” HILL (Marki Bey) are a team of vigilante crime fighters.  

Do you dig?