grief through giving

Hinny + Drarry

I’ve always been torn, you know, bc I ship Hinny with all my heart but at the same time love Drarry and goddamn, you can’t have both.

But then I was thinking… what if you can? 

What if… a few years after C*rsed Ch*ld, Ginny—the girl Harry’s loved since he was 16, his partner-in-crime, his rock—dies. An accident, maybe. Illness, maybe. And surely he could’ve done more, could’ve done something and she’s gone and he is broken, broken, broken. 

And the house is so quiet. 

And maybe he thinks of it himself, maybe Al prompts him towards it, but he finds himself sending a desperate owl to the one person he knows understands how he feels.

Give me old enemies helping each other through grief.

Give me “Why the fuck are you even still here, Malfoy?” and quietly, softly: “You saved my life.”

Give me raw, heartbreaking emotion that can’t help but turn acquaintanceship to friendship and friendship to something more.

Give me—finally—the realization of long-buried teenage fantasies.

Give me Scorpius knocking over his morning pumpkin juice when he hears his father whistling (whistling!) for the first time since Mum died.

Give me Harry chuckling to himself, thinking of Ginny–her sense of humor and her blazing look and he way she understood him without words–and knowing she would be happy for him.

Give me old Drarry–weary, grieving, and teaching each other to love again.

Idk if this exists already, so pls link me if it does!! And if not,,, somebody write it 

Rythian off to beat up a certain sciencey lil prick. Alternatively, Michael really likes gang/street AU and nail bats and all she wants is Rythian with a nail bat and malicious intent, however unlikely…

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Being Sad Because Her Pet Died


Baekhyun just tried his best to help her through her grief, giving her hugs and words of comfort whenever she needed them. 


He asked her to meet him at the park to play with his kid nephew, figuring the time away from home and with a cute kid would help her feel better and not think about her pet as much. 


He came over to her apartment every night so she didn’t have to be alone and watched movies together until she fell asleep. He’d cuddle up to her and give her as much attention and love as she needed to help her feel better. 


He sat with her and went through her dogs things, folding the blankets and putting the toys in a box. When she began to cry, he took her hand in his and looked at her with concerned eyes. “Don’t cry, okay? He lived a happy and long life.” 


He didn’t really know how to handle it. He had never been a pet person himself so he had never had this sort of thing affect him. Kris came over more often though, just so she knew he supported her. 


He knew that her cat she had since she was a kid passing away was hard. He went out of his way to make her life a little easier while she adjusted. He made her tea, cooked her dinner, and made an effort to spend time with her. 


Lay loved their pet as much as she did and was right there crying with her, very upset. 


He tried to do little things to cheer her up and not let her think about it. When he noticed she was staring off into space, he’d poke or tickle her to take her mind off of it. Sometimes he’d just hug her and watch movies. 


Sehun knew how much that stupid, grumpy-ass and old cat had meant to her. He had never liked the thing, it hissed at him constantly and tried to sleep on his head, but she loved it. He let the caring side come out and held her close as she cried, doing his best to make her feel better. 


He came home with a gift wrapped up in nice paper. When she opened it, she saw a photo album with all the pictures she had ever taken of her dog inside. He smiled at her, his eyes sympathetic and understanding. “Now you have something to look at when you miss him.” 


Tao hated cats, but hers had started to grow on him. Over time it had become less creepy and he as he spent time with her the cat liked to curl up next to him and on his lap. When he found out it died, he teared up too. 


He did his best to make her feel better by giving her longer hugs than normal and going out of his way to let her know he cared. He stayed over in her apartment more often, trying to help fill the empty space her dog had left. 

All I want after Silver Shadows is a proper PTSD arc for Sydney tbh.