I had a vivid dream that Carl just came home and was like “what is going on” and all of this was a big misunderstanding. And we just laid in the floor and I told him all about the memorial service and how I had SOMEONE’s ashes in an urn on the table and we poured them out and it was just garbage and now I’m awake and I can’t breathe.

To The Grieving One

By Lexi Berhndt, Scribbles & Crumbs.

“I am so, so sorry you are here.

I know this is your worst nightmare realized. I know this wasn’t plan A, B, C, or Z. I know the weight of it all is suffocating, soul-crushing, devastating, and earth-shattering in every way possible. I know you would give anything for just for one more second…”

When I started this page I was hoping it would reach one person. Now I have a community of 1000 people by my side. If you are here because of loss, I’m sorry, but I’m glad you found this page, and I hope it helps you know that you are not alone. You are cared for and supported, and there are people out there who share your story. Thank you for the follows, messages, and support, it is so helpful to connect with people who know what I’m going through. Thank you. ♡

Today the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship brings us the tale of a traveling turkey. While traveling through San Francisco International Airport last week, KTVU evening news anchor Frank Somerville spotted a turkey making its way through security, but the traveling bird wasn’t on holiday, it was working.

This turkey is a Comfort Animal for a woman coping with the loss of her husband. The turkey is this woman’s constant companion, even at night the bird keeps her company while she sleeps.

According to the National Service Animal Registry, comfort/emotional support animals can be any domestic animal (cats, dog, mice, rabbits, birds, snakes, hedgehogs, rats, mini pigs, ferrets, etc.) of any age. They’re all permitted to travel with their people on planes provided they have the proper documentation from a mental health professional. However while onboard they are not allowed to walk through the plane cabin, block the aisles, or occupy seats near emergency exits.

Somerville made a couple great points when he shared his photo of this special turkey:

“It would be easy here to make fun of the woman. But I’ve seen enough things in my lifetime to realize that what may seem bizarre to me, is perfectly normal for someone else.

And think about this. If you happened to be the passenger next to that turkey, you’d sure have a great story to tell all your friends.”

[via Uproxx]