When I grow up

When I grow up, everything will be easier. Ill have 5 kids and they’ll all be close in age like the Kardashian siblings, they’ll be super hot and have the coolest names like ‘reef’ and ‘alessandra’. They’ll be allowed to go to their friends houses anytime they want, they can have boyfriends and girlfriends over and there will be amazing pool parties and open houses at our mansion, they’ll be popular and humble and dress in the most amazing clothes, we’ll sit around for cheesy family game nights beside our snug fire place and talk about our future trips to Cabo and Italy, Ill be a milf and will car-pool the kids and their friends, all my sons friends will hit on me and it will be just like the movies. My husband will be gorgeous, tall, tanned, and dark haired. His body will be so toned and sexy, he’ll be a underwear model and football player (gridiron because we’ll live in America) before we get married, when we do we’ll settle down with his billion $$$ of inheritance from his rich family and all his football money. BUT he’s also a lawyer!? We’ll meet in ‘Harvard Law’ and fall in total and utter love, we wont leave each other’s sides, he’ll tell me I’m beautiful and all the sad and fucked years of highs school will be erased from my memory. We’ll ride in Roll Royce’s and platinum black range rovers with sexy rims. Ill be a super successful and independent lawyer and people from everywhere will be asking to do business with me, before we get married we’ll move to New York for a while, the marriage proposal will be like the one on bride wars, I’ll be liv and ill appear at his office one day and tell him he has to propose to me, he’ll get the tiffany box out and ask, then ill jump my bangin’ body and wrap my legs around him. After our wedding we’ll move to California to a lush residence in Calabasas, one day ill get a call from my high school best friends back in Australia telling me about a class of 2014 reunion, So we fly to Australia and flaunt our famous asses at the reunion, and ill walk past all my stupid high school crushes in my Louboutins and tanned sexy legs, with a Gucci clutch and my man in my other hand.