A clearer plan for Level design

Over the past couple of days I have managed to better understand what I will be making for my vertical slice to effectively tell a narrative. I have come to final design and planned out all my narrative devices. This step has been vital in my own understanding of what the level will look like.

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anonymous asked:

I saw you posted something about WB The Ray. What is your issue with it? Its on Earth X, a alternate reality, just like The Flashpoint Paradox, its dark, griddy and "what if" stuff went crazy. This is what DC is, they mess with timelines. Those who are fans of DC know this. So why are you bothered by it? I love the animated DC films.

ok the difference between Earth X and the Flashpoint Paradox is that the latter was an alternative reality where barry allen’s parent’s are alive and we get a glimpse into a world where our favorite characters are happy.

Earth X is an alternative reality where the nazis won WWII, millions of jewish people are dead, hundreds of thousands if not millions of other minorities are also dead, and beloved dc superheroes are also nazis including those written by jewish comic book writers and some which were written to be jewish characters.

its just like not only is it crazy offensive to do that to those characters but also if you’re just as interested in Earth X then you really need to reevaluate why you want a glimpse into a world where the only people not dead or living in fear are members of hitler’s “aryan race”

It is morel hunting season in the Missouri River Valley North of Omaha. They taste good sautéed in butter, but usually are griddy with sand. So I soak them in salt water, use a toothbrush and clean them under tap water after soaking. Whatever their chemical stucture, they give a sense of contentment after being consumed. If you are lucky it takes about eight hours of foraging for a meal.

This one from IBM. The spinning griddy vortex of data. The image in so nuanced, so layered. The grid implies structure, but the swirliness implies an unstructuredness to the structure. The kind of structure that only an IBM consultant could suss out for you. And in that structure there is data. But not the binary data of yore. No, it’s regular ol’ digits. Because this image accompanies a white paper to be read by executives. And they don’t get binary.

Morning with the Collins - Misha Collisn x Reader (Oh Westy Sequel) - Part 1

Title: Morning with the Collins

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader

Word count: 3,787

Warnings: None

Read Part 1 Here! l Read Deleted Scene Here! l Read Part 2 Here! l Read Part 3 Here! l Read Part 4 Here! l Read Part 5 here!

A/N: I know Misha is married but for the purpose of this he’s divorced because, yeah, no way he would cheat on his wife. Just to make it clear, Misha, West and Maison are used in this just like characters, just like I would use Dean, Sam or Castiel on others. So if anyone is bothered you ’re free to not read it. This is just a story after all.

A small sigh left your lips as you were pulled out of your peaceful sleep by the light shining over your face. Your eyes slowly opened and you blinked several times so that they could adjust to the light. You breathed steadily as you let everything sink. For a moment ou thought it was all a dream but no, no it was not.

You remembered every single detail fo the previous day, especially the previous night and you could have never been more sure in your life that it was true. You bit your lower lip as you felt a blush rise up in your cheeks. You felt like a little school girl thinking about her crush having just admitted he feels the same as her, although in this case it was your best friend.

You were scared, yes, very much and you had expressed it last night to him.

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Oh man I love this meetcute prompt: “My cat steals underwear and I come home to find you chasing my cat to get your underwear back.” Especially if Blaine has some really nerdy superhero underwear.

ooooh *u*

Kurt is used to it by now.

He knows that Griddy doesn’t stay in his apartment all day long.

For one, he is not blind, and he can see the random pieces of fabric she has made her “nest” in–they’re not his.

Not even a little.

Not even a shred of something he might have used.

Because as much as Kurt wants to fight gender-stereotyping, he’s not that big of a fan of floral patterns. Or lace.

Or superheroes, what even?

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Tired of This Crap (Rant ahead)

 If you dont like my rant, or rants in general i suggest you do not read. (Though my rants i mean no harm ^^ at least try to)


External image

Its fans like these two just irritate me to no end.

Lets start.

The new turtles should just die? Seriously? Just because their not the 2003 turtles they should just die, wow…just….wow….

Let me school you on some of your points here.

The turtles are slimmer-

  • Well yeah, in EVERY incarnation they have always been slim, they look shorter and thinner because they are still growing. Like this point doesnt even make sense!

Their eyes can be seen through their mask-

  • Im guessing your not a fan of seeing the eyes, which is okay i guess, to me i always loved their eyes because eyes holds a very big part in expressions, I mean have you seen how expressive this show can be with their eyes?


External image


External image


External image


External image

Now try to imagin them without eyes and just have white, it’ll look odd. Which brings us to our next point.

The creators of this show knows how much we love the 2003 series, so when their eyes go white, its a reference to the 2003 series.

  • External image

It also gives us the element that they are in ninja mode. Their eyes dont go white at random times, they go white when their on a mission and when they get serious about stuff, pay more attention and you will see that.

Raph can stick his head in his shell….

  • Last time i checked they’re turtles….i mean their still heroes in half shells (Right?) im not sure but this little point seems to be just dumb. Turtles stick their body limbs in shells, yes they never did that in the previous versions (At least i dont think correct me if im wrong) But in this version it can be done.

Turtles in their shells:


Their not like the 2003 turtles, Yes they can go in their shells, why is that such a big deal to some of you? (Not all)

On to your next point,

  • You must of not watched the show past the first episode, Donatello does not have freckles, its Mikey who has the freckles, Donatello has the gap, Raph has the lightening bolt, but so what, the creators were trying to give the turtles a different look, so we can actually tell whos who without the mask. Why should it even matter how they look? As long as Mikey is still Mikey, Donnie is still Donnie, Leo is still Leo and Raph is still Raph then really its okay that they look that way. 
  • Casey is the same way, just because he has teeth missing and looks different shouldn’t  matter, they got his personality down, he is a jerk at times, but hes a jerk with a good heart, he’s actually older then all of them, hes 18, so really he isnt a child, he’s an adult. I dont know  why that matters either, as long as he’s still Casey then we should be okay, actually this current season he’s really growing on me, and dang it, we shouldnt be nagging on how he looks, hes still the bone head we love, even if he isnt exactly like the 2003 Casey, they are telling it from the beginning meaning one day we will see that Casey again, and soon im sure.
April is a dumb white kid who the kraang kidnapped…….
  • Guys….APRIL IS A DUMB WHITE KID, like wtf you really havent seen past episode 1 have you!? Let me go on a rant and tell you that you really need to get your shit straight. April is a 16 year old girl who was a victim in the whole mess! She never asked to be kidnapped in the first episode, and comparing her from the first episode to now, she really has come a long way! She is smart, brave, independent, moody just like every teen girl, she will kick your ass if you lay a hand on her boys, she will show you up, I mean she impaled a guy with no hesitation! Like no you DO NOT insult my girl. Just because she isnt the April O Niel in 2003 doesnt mean shes DUMB and white kid? Really? Just no. You need to take a chill pill and eat pizza, stop it with your jerky self.
Karai is Splinters Daughter
  • well i guess you have made it to season 1 finale. Anyways so what? Thats their story, cant really have Karai be shredders real daughter again, cause that would just be copying the same story (Not the same but you know what im trying to say, well i hope you do haha) No body wants to see that again when its already been done.

Splinter is Master Yoshi

  • Again like with the white eyes, they are taking the story from the 80s version and adding their own style to it, whats wrong with that? Nothing.

Donnie loves April, but its obvious Casey is gonna get the girl because mutants look stupid….. 

  • Okay….im not mad, im not, really! Just….i hate some humans sometimes. LOOKS SHOULD NOT MATTER! Donnie is still a human boy in a giant turtles body you twit! Donnie has been nothing but a good friend for April (not saying Casey hasnt been) And by now Donnies crush, love towards April isnt that big of a deal, he’s being a teenage boy who saw a beautiful girl and started liking her a lot, that like turned into love, that love turned into true love, is it one sided, maybe, we dont know for sure, but so what, Donnie has backed off and gave April space when she needed it (And yeah i know at the beginning of season two he was being “Creepy” but still he was giving her space, but he needed to know if she was okay so he kept his distance till she really needed him) and MUTANTS LOOK STUPID? SERIOUSLY? YOUR BASICALLY CALLING THE TURTLES STUPID LOOKING, BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT VERSION THEY ARE IN, THEY ARE GIANT MUTANT TURTLES!!! Okay onto the next point.

There is no point to the foot being an organization as in they have no goals what so ever.and the story line is no where near as good.They have three toes.Its all about the krang and mutants the foot don’t even play a big part.

  • This comment might of been made when season 2 was just starting or was right in the middle (Comment was made like 5 months ago) but the foot has a huge part of the story, no its not just about mutants and kraang, It seems that you only seen season 1 only, maybe some of season 2, but there is episodes dedicated to Karai and her past. They pay so much attention to the foot and Shredder, please watch the serious again. Get your facts straight.


You stopped watching after 10 episodes? Like how? I was hooked since episode 1! I mean how!? Meh maybe im just the odd one on this earth lol.


Its kiddy

Well this just says it all

  • you have not seen the ending two finale where Leonardo gets beat thrown into the window

I mean look at this shit:

Leo goes on an adrinaline rush just so he can protect his brothers, He wanted so badly to end it all, end Shreddr, the man who hurt his brothers, his father, and then just to get this in the end:


Thrown into a window.

Oh and lets not forget how Shredder threw exhausted Master Splinter down a drain in front of his kids and April:


Then there was the most emotional scene ever in this whole damn finale:



This scene tore all of us who love this show apart, i know it screwed me up for about a week x..x



You must not like humor do you? Like how can you not like their humor? Donnie is the sass master, Leo is such a diva, Raph is the sarcastic master and Mikey is just a big giant baby that annoys everyone for the hell of it. lol. You just need to see season 2 and season 3 like badly, but meh its up to you.


But this is DEFINITELY NOT KIDDY this show, has tested the waters so many times, just like tmnt 2003 series. This show doesnt have the tone that tmnt 2003 series had, but thats okay, not everybody likes intense, dark, griddy story lines all the times, a lot of people i know actually like the balance this shows gives. Its not to funny where its humorless or its not to serious that its hard to get through

These creators spend so much time and effort into this show, it kills me when i see comments like these, like seriously, TMNT 2003 is not perfect, it has its flaws to just like this show, and i understand opinions and stuff but dont be a jerk about it saying the new turtles need to die, like how old are you? I know i shouldnt be this upset over it but damn it, im sick of hearing stuff like this. the Nick series TMNT has been nothing but enjoyable, and if you tmnt 2003 fans wanna hate on it, great good for you, watch the 2003 series then, stop bashing the nick version over pathetic reasons like Donnie has now a gap, or the Mikey is so immature, some bs reasons.

If your gonna bash it at least have some good reasons instead of just nit picks and nags. 


(Dont get me wrong guys i love tmnt 2003 series, just i tend to love everything turtle wise, from the 80s to now.)

Okay, i think im done, if you guys have sources to these gifs and the picture of Donnie at the end please link me so i can give credit! 

Also you are welcome to put your input on this, this is just me being irritable, people like this just makes me go grrrr. lol. 

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For the Kleptocat!verse: that one time Griddy gave Blaine a thong (Kurt's thong, duh!) as a "meaw welcome home I think I like you you're nice and your ass is comfy purr purrrr" gift. Because of reasons, of course. *grins*

I just laughed so hard oh my god

Set a year after this nugget

Kurt is not obsessive about his clothes.

… Alright, maybe he is a little, but what he means is that he doesn’t count them or make sure that they are folded a certain way.

That being said, he does know that he owns more than 3 miserable thongs for those unforgiving pants—and it’s thong or going commando, and thank you very much, but he doesn’t trust his flies, not one bit—but there is no more in his drawers.

What the Hell.

“Hm, Kurt?”

“Yes honey,” he replies distractedly, actually one hair away from taking his drawer and just upturning it to make sure that the missing thongs didn’t get stuck in the board.

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(Philip Seymour Hoffman) was born in the Rochester, New York, suburb of Fairport on July 23,1967, he attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, graduating with a B.F.A. degree in Drama in 1989. He made his feature film debut in the indie production “Triple Bogey on a Par Five Hole” 1991. From this point on his body of work is quiet impressive. I personally bumped into Mr.Hoffman on a nice summer night 2012 on the lower west side of manhattan as i was having dinner @spottedpig he walked by and i took the opportunity to tell him how i enjoyed he’s work on one of my favorite movies.“The Big Lebowski” as he played Brandt, the Big Lebowski’s personal assistant and the mediator,as well as what he has done up to that moment,his other movies that i enjoyed are -Love Liza-Capote-Doubt-Before The Devils Know’s Your Dead-The Talented Mr.Ripley-The Masters- these in particular would have me in multiple conversations that concluded (Philip Hoffman Seymour ) was one of my favorite and truly acclaimed actors because of his ability to embrace the character that he portrayed. Thou he is now gone in the physical world he has left a great body of work that those whom appreciated his ability can reflect on his work and those whom don’t know of his skill can now see when he is mentioned in this breathe. (Phillip Hoffman Seymour July 23,1967-February 2,2014)