Welcome to the Candy Cane Hunt III

November 21st to December 25th 2011

Each stores participating have left one or more candy canes around for you to find.

Look for two candy canes in the Cilian'gel 1920’s Boutique. The prizes offered are two sets vintage undergarments one for men and one for women.

And to ease your search and make it totally fun, here is the hint for the CCH3 : 

To find the Bee’s Knees you’d better take a slant upstairs. Fella’s you can listen to the latest tune, dolls you might want to pick up the horn.

Don’t miss out on these outstanding prizes! 1 Linden each ^^

More information in the boutique.

Peace and Candy Love

Cil ;P

Confirmed Stores So Far

..::1::.. Furry Fashion
..::2::.. WereHouse
..::3::.. ORIONITE
..::4::..  Oragami’s Archives
..::5::.. Breeder’s Choice
..::6::.. De Baza
..::7::.. The Gold Club
..::8::.. .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms
..::9::. Whimsical Wonders
..::10::.. Srs Corp.
..::11::.. Kats Desire
..::12::.. Footpaw Industries
..::13::.. Apricot Paws
..::14::.. Gachapon!
..::15::..  Alyce
..::16::.. Puppy
..::17::.. Kahoots Avatars
..::18::.. Aii The Ugly & Beautiful
..::19::.. Tanuki
..::20::. ~*SugarFluff*~
..::21::.. Cover My Furry Butt

Interested in joining? Message QuestFurCover Resident, Amethyst Crystal or Shukie Galicia for the Invite notecard/application