grid v

to-do lists

this xfiles-themed to do list by @boligraff

these colorful and cute lists by @studeying

this “one step at a time” approach by @vestiblr

daily and weekly schedule planners

this simple daily planner by @studeying

this feature-rich daily planner by @arystudies

this daily planner feat. a monthly view and more by @kay-law

these weekly planners by @arystudies

this super functional weekly planner by @boligraff

assignment/project planners

this mini homework planner by @boligraff

this project planner by @petiteprune

this assignment formatting checklist by @studyingbrains


this exam tracker “blooper page” by @mildstudies

this eisenhower matrix priority list by @apricot-studies

this InCreDibLE grade tracker by @scholara

this academic article summary sheet by @ennui-for-me

favorite printable makers

@arystudies​ // super helpful grid backgrounds! also v well structured

@boligraff // simple, clean, and easy to use

@studeying // really nice daily and weekly planners

@ennui-for-me​ // not-as-common but v useful options like correction sheets


BTS #16 Wallpapers

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