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Theme 01: 🛪SUZ by @flytms

v1 (with search bar):
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v2 (with mp3 player):
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A FULLWIDTH GRID theme that provides variety of customizations. It comes in two slightly different versions: (v1) with search bar, (v2) with mp3 player.


  • all types of posts
  • 250px / 400px / 500px / 700px / 1024px / 3000px post width
  • 5 optional links
  • infinite scroll
  • tags
  • 20+ icons for user’s links
  • askbox on main page

more features:

  • hides photo captions (unhides on click)
  • round / square portrait or BIG fifth link
  • post width for every #tag page
  • cool hover effects


  • up to 4 tracks, optional autoplay, repeat, volume
  • requires direct links to mp3 files

ask box for any questions & suggestions.
please don’t steal parts of code, don’t edit the credit.