queercircus-deactivated20170130  asked:

im p sure everyone one in the whole world is wondering where you got the Eyeball arm cuff things, im surprised your ask isnt titled "Dont ask me about the arm-cuffs" :p

Yours is the only ask I’ve gotten about them so far. :-)

Anyway, the eyeball gauntlets were a custom order from Abbot’s Hollow. The Hollow guys are super friendly and have shown up at GenCon the last few years.

Grichels does similar work, although last I checked they didn’t do gauntlets or custom orders. Of course, “last I checked” was 2006, when the Grichels booth lady became my arch nemesis at the Renaissance Faire.

I was playing Autumn

and I’d lurk near her booth and she’d tell me how pretty leaves were when you set them on fire. Then I’d hiss at her because I wasn’t allowed to speak. It was basically the best.