greyson chadwick


So once upon a time I saw this movie Dance of the Dead because… I watch a lot of horror movies.  Especially late at night when I can’t sleep.  So I saw it.  Somehow.  It was surprisingly good and surprisingly competent.  That kind of sounds like faint praise but for real, small horror films often look like something someone made with their mom’s camera and their friends acting.  This one was good.  This girl, Greyson Chadwick was a standout to me. (She also is easily my most obscure posting yet.  She seriously has 4 posts in her tag.  Of course, good news if she ever checks her own tag… well, my ask box is open if you’re interested) I just watched it again because it was there.  She is still hot and I was able to find picture thus… today I want to fuck Greyson Chadwick.