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Steve/Tony, MCU Aesthetic.

Steve and Tony sometimes have to work together. But that’s good. They make a good team. Sometimes they kiss before they go out fighting. Sometimes it’s just a normal day where they go to their different work, and they come home. Sometimes they have a nice meal the other has prepared for them, and enjoy the view peacefully overlooking the bustle of the city. Sometimes they ‘fondue’ in the workshop. Sometimes in the bedroom. Sometimes they cuddle, and Steve holds Tony close and strokes his hair. But nothing matters because when they see each other coming home, when they’re standing near to each other, relying on each other in battle, or breathlessly making love to each other, or just holding hands when they go out - suddenly nothing else matters, because they’re together. They can trust in each other, they can feel each other’s love, like a warmth that’s coming from within them, a warmth that never fades, but sometimes gets brighter, and fuller, and that’s what sustains them; it’s all the assurance they need. It’s unexpected, wistful, passionate and gentle.

Because they’re hopelessly in love. And everyone knows it.

‘‘We may never hold it inside our hands, but even so we head out to chase after its light.’’

‘’掴めはしなくても その明かりで 僕らは 前に進むよ’.‘