Harry has been a long time supporter of love being for everyone, no matter your race or gender, no matter if you love a man as a woman, or a man as a man.  Regardless of if you’re a woman in love with a man, or a woman who’d rather spend your life with another woman, Harry has shown you kindness.  Harry has made the commitment to letting the world know that love is love and love is beautiful.

“I did think that opening the season after break and getting Stana in her wedding dress down the side of the embankment, and slipping and falling, and getting the fire hoses on her, and being near the hot car would ignite Stana’s creative interior and sort of kickstart the season as opposed to starting in the bullpen or something. I wasn’t worried about her going down the embankment and in her heels. I knew she would fall. She asked me, ‘What would happen if I fall?’ I said, ‘Just fall down. Let’s get the dress dirty.’ And it did. And she was up for it. She was game.” - Rob Bowman, 7x01 “Driven” Commentary