life changes in an instant. turns on a dime.

the saddest part of the finale, in my opinion, is the scene when Lexie dies. not her death exactly, but the part after, when mark grabs her face, trying to get her back…trying to not believe that she is dead. they waited too long for their happy ever after; to the point where it was impossible to get their happy ever after. there was no hope for lexie, but if they weren’t so stubborn, they could have at least had a chance when it was possible.

i can’t believe that lexie is dead, but it was an eye opener. for mark, for everyone, it was yet again another lesson to prove that life is short, don’t waste your time on stupid things, but don’t hold out on love. mark and lexie could have had their happy ever after, and you see that in that scene, in the scene where they tell the truth and lexie knows she’s going to die.

shonda rhimes, no matter how much we hate you for killing our favorite characters or giving them the saddest/most heart wrenching story lines, you are truly a gifted writer. and if it weren’t for these characters that you created, we wouldn’t learn the lessons that the characters learn and grow from. we grow and learn from them too. everyone can take away something from the death of lexie grey, and even though it is one of the saddest scenes in grey’s anatomy, it is something that could never not be something important to a person.

grey’s anatomy isns’t just a fictional television drama, it is a show that brings many people together that have personal issues and other issues in their lives. they can relate to the characters and learn from them. even when grey’s is long gone, in the future, people can look back on these episodes, and the series in general, and learn that you shouldn’t hold out.

what i can get from lexie’s death is just that. when life doesn’t go your way, don’t give up and leave the people you love. lexie left mark because he was going to have sofia…with callie. she could have made it work with mark, but she left. then she chickened out and didn’t tell him she loved him because she was afraid that he wouldn’t feel the same. then, when she finally said something, it was in a way too late because julia was waiting for him, and wanting to start a family with him. when they finally pulled their heads out of their butts, lexie was on her death bed and the scene held all the love and tension that two in love should have.

i can honestly say that i am looking forward to season 9, but lexie brought something special to the show. she was the quirky, smart, and amazing person who we grew to love from season 4 until now. RIP Alexandra Caroline Grey you will be forever missed, but never forgotten.