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Maybe this helps some people: I used to use a lot of felt tip eyeliners but I've had a lot of products where the colour would fade and turn grey over the day. I switched to gel eyeliner because I think the control of an angled eyeliner brush is pretty simple as well and the colour stays on way better!


I have shit aim for this stuff. 

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You know what? I'm done hiding in the shadows (temporarily). I have something to say I've wanted to say for months: I'm Lark, and I'm a huge fan/lurker of your blog and I think you're a fantastic person and a great contribution to this fandom. May you have a fantastic day! -rolls back into the lurking shadowed depths-

*gasp* You… you really mean that?? ;3; I am so so sooo warm and fuzzy right now. You have no idea how much this means to me. Like. I’ve had a pretty rough year. I’ve finally gotten out of a bad relationship, but it took such a toll on me emotionally that I still have a hard time seeing past the grey clouds most days. But stuff like this… Sweet, heartwarming messages from lovely people like you, make me feel valued (T▽T) Thank you so much. Please know that this made my day, and I hope you don’t feel like you have to lurk all the time (*`・ω-)ノ Come on out and share in the dirty filthy side of this fandom with us 💕

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Burgundy 2013
The warm faded pinks and rusts of a closed down Boulangerie brought a touch of colour to a cool grey day.

I super miss Cristina and Meredith, I hate how when someone leaves the show it’s like they just drop off the earth. Cristina and Meredith were the twisted sisters, that doesn’t just end. I wish there was mention of her every once in a while. Like have Meredith walk around the house discussing something on the phone then say “ok Cristina gota go I’ll talk to you later!” Or turning off the iPad from facetimeing with her. Casually throw her into conversation around the hospital… “Oh that’s a cool case! Yang would know what to do I’m going to text her” “I was talking to Cristina this morning about Bailey, she thinks she’s going power hungry!” Amelia calling or talking about Addison, Arizona has to call Callie when she gets home to figure out Sophia’s schedule, Owen got an e-mail from Teddy. Something! We get so attached to these characters I wish we got a little .5 second thing about them every once in a while…

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                                            “Dark and Twisty”


30 Day Thinspo Challenge

day 3 ~
Post a picture of your thinspiration. What features do you like best?

These two pictures are my favorite right now- I miss my chest bones, and their arms are so slender, and the first one has like the perfect waist.