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I hope the person responsible for picking the music at Shondaland gets a raise, the blessings of Jesus, and someone’s firstborn child. Give them everything.


Ending scene of season 13!!! My omelia feels!!!😍😍😍😍

What it’s like being in fandom in May

Me: Aw, look at that. My OTP is together and everyone is happy. How cute.


What horrible heinous thing are the writers going to do to destroy them and crush my soul?


                                            “Dark and Twisty”


Someone asked what I thought would happen in the season finale/ what I’d like to happen, so…here it is.
Haven’t written canon in a while lol.

He can feel someone staring at him. Slowly opening his eyes, he comes face to face with his estranged wife, propped up on her elbow staring down at him. They haven’t laid in the same bed in months, so the fact that they’re both laying under the same cover is shocking to him. He wonders how long she’s been looking at him like this.
The two stare at each other in silence, neither one saying anything for minutes. Then, Owen props himself up and shuffles closer to her before lightly resting his hand on her waist, under the cover. At a snails pace, he moves his face nearer to hers, enjoying the fact that her eyes are following his lips. Softly, he kisses her.

“Owen,” she warns condescendingly, pushing lightly on his chest, “We shouldn’t.”

Amidst the drama of finding out about Megan, and their still feuding drama over having a baby, she knows sex will only confuse things more.

“Please,” he begs in a low voice, revealing this vulnerable side to her again today, “I miss you.”

There’s a small moment of hesitation where she glances at him, then at his lips, before she wraps one arm around his neck and pulls him in for another kiss. She can’t deny that she misses him too. She pulls her red long sleeve off of her. Her pants are discarded too and, as soon as the article is off, their mouths meet again, their lips in a hungry search as their tongues sway against each other.
Owen pulls her towards him and rolls them over so that she’s straddling him now.
He sits up, his heart racing as he unbuckles his pants and shrugs it off of him and beneath the covers. It’s thumping so hard that she can feel it’s loud lub dub against her chest.
Their clothes are barely off when they finally join. He still has his dress shirt on, with a few buttons undone,and she still has her bra and underwear on. The sex is messy and sweaty but there’s love in it, like there always is with them. But, once it’s done, once they’ve both gotten their highs and are now lying next to each other in silence, they feel dirty. Neither one knows the other feels this way, but it’s there.


SNEAK PEEK #1 | Grey’s Anatomy 13x24 - “Ring of Fire” (SEASON FINALE)

I do love acting with Sandra Oh. That’s my favorite part of the show I’d have to say, well I love Patrick too, but me and Sandra have something special.
—  Ellen Pompeo
I thought..

It would be fun to speculate on what we think happens between Thursday and the SF…

I’m almost always wrong, but it will be fun to take a stab at it, right?! :)

Here’s how it will work-
I’ll start with my top three speculations and then post… As you think of a speculation or speculations, reblog yours to keep it going!

Next week at the end of the SF, I’ll compile a list to see how VERY RIGHT or how VERY WRONG our speculations together were! :)

Here are my top three:
1. I speculate that Alex finds out Jo’s husband aka Mr. Shue from Glee, will be at the convention he is attending. He decides to confront him.
2. I speculate that there is an explosion outside or near that hospital that causes a fire. I believe that’s why the episode is titled “Ring of Fire.”
3. I speculate that the “good news” that Meredith shares with Nathan is that she’s pregnant. Is it realistic?! Not at all, but it’s the first thing that popped in my head!

Ok, now it’s your turn! Reblog away! :)