greys season finale

Meredith and Alex, mid season finale,
  • Meredith: Alex, you're gonna go home and get a good night's sleep. And then tomorrow--
  • Alex: There's not going to be a tomorrow.
  • Meredith: Yeah, tomorrow you're gonna go into the court, and you're gonna tell them who you are, that you're a surgeon who saves children. That you make waffles for children, that you did one stupid thing. And you will face whatever it is you have to face, but you are not going to throw yourself on the mercy of whatever and walk into prison, ok?
  • Alex: You'll be ok.
  • Meredith: Me!? This is about YOU. You think this is noble, what you're doing? It isn't. It's giving up! And it's buying into everything you've ever said about yourself, and I won't let you do it.
  • Alex: Look, you'll be fine.
  • Meredith: You are not going to jail.
  • Alex: You'll be. Just. Fine.
  • Meredith: Stop making this about me! Stop using me as an excuse to make yourself feel better. Of course I will be FINE. I'm always fine. Don't you know that? This is about you. You will be destroyed. Your life, your career, everything will be finished. Who you are will be gone.
  • Alex, looking sadly at Meredith: I'd hug you goodbye, but I'm not scrubbed.
  • Meredith: Well because this ISN'T goodbye.