greys art

“Do you like me?”


I wanted to redraw that scene from the last original chapter in my style ^^; (all credits for the reference goes to the wonderful Old Xian!! <3) ~

HEY! Still offering commissions, if you want a piece like this then the top price is $20! That’s the top price, pricing may be lower for what you want, might even be just $10!

Offering $10 to $20 dollar full color head shot commissions.

Now offering grey scale for $8!

This is my ‘Meet the Artist’
Hi! My name is Olie Grant, or @peonight on tumblr. I’m AFAB, and use they/them pronouns. I’m greyace, and demiromantic, as well as sapphic and polyamorous. I like girls, art, writing, my stories and pandas. I like steven Universe, undertale, futurama, fringe, and oddly slime ASMR. I don’t like, Trump, Coffee, the colour green, vinagar, and writing. I don’t like DEH, and BMC. I’ve been to 5 schools and lived in 5 houses. I’m an INFP-T, a Ravenclaw, and an Agnostic Atheist.
And may favourite colour is purple


In case you doubted that my warden has is a huge dick. And Zev is his bf btw… Oh, my boy is such a bitch.

This is probably followed by Zevran’s “A little bit of blood magic I see” (or how was it? Please correct me, if you know)

UPD: So the quotes are “I hope I don’t get blood on my armour again” and “A little bit of bloodletting I see”. Thank you, nice guys, for the corrections c: