greys paramore

  • <p> <b>My mind:</b> a mess.<p/><b>My body:</b> a mess.<p/><b>My room:</b> a mess.<p/><b>My life:</b> a mess.<p/><b>My music taste:</b> a fucking masterpiece of perfection and all that is good.<p/></p>

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then love until we bleed // a tauradonna fanmix
dedicated to the tragic love the idealistic beauty & the monstrous beast shared

I’m Not An Angel | Halestorm // How to Save a Life | Tyler Ward & Max Schneider // Wrecking Ball | Jasmine Thompson // Words I Never Said | Lupe Fiasco ft. Skylar Grey // Warrior | Beth Crowley // Seven Devils | Florence + the Machine // Until We Bleed | Lykke Li // When the Darkness Comes | Colbie Caillat // Bad Romance | Halestorm // Love The Way You Lie | Skylar Grey // Decode | Paramore // Alseep | Emily Browning // Nature of Inviting | IAMX // Almost Lover | Jasmine Thompson // What If This Storm Ends | Snow Patrol // Fearless (250 and Dark Stars) | Falling Up // Breaking The Habit | Linkin Park // Mess I Made | Parachute // Hurricane | 30 Seconds to Mars // Somebody That I Used To Know | Mayday Parade ft. Vic Fuentes 

[listen here]

do not pass goa not-so-happy togiri fanmix.

i. killer queen (vocals only ) - freddy mercury
she’s a killer queen / gunpowder, gelatine / dynamite with a laser beam / guaranteed to blow your mind / anytime

ii. toxic - melanie martinez
now baby can’t you see / i’m calling / a guy like you / should wear a warning / it’s dangerous / i’m falling

iii. final warning - skylar grey
someone’s gonna get hurt / and it’s not gonna be me

iv. thnks fr th mmrs - stephanie hayward
one night and one more time / thanks for the memories / even though they weren’t so great / he tastes you only sweeter

v. honestly - fernando sancho
how do you feel about being honest with yourself?

vi. white horse - judith inmida
i’ve been waiting for you and your white horse / to come around

vii. crushcrushcrush (vocals only) - paramore
they taped over your mouth / scribbled out the truth with their lies / your little spies

viii. i’m just your problem - miku-tan
is it because i don’t treat you like a god / is that what you want me to do / sorry i dont treat you like you’re perfect / like all your little subjects do