Casket Closed
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Greylines - Casket Closed

So let your restless sleep remind you once again, 
It’s really gone, it’s really dead,
But there’s no rest or peace,
For the painful memories,
That scream and bleed inside of you, 
They’re haunting.

Now everything behind you won’t let you move ahead, 
Your guilty stare reminds you of the last words that you said, 
Look closely at them, are they really what you meant? 
They’re coming now to pull your heart straight from your chest.

So rest in peace,
The one who set me free,
The lying fiend, 
Who’s finally found defeat, 
And I’ll set fire to the desperate pain you tried to save, 
Then watch it fucking burn and throw the ashes in the grave. 

You’ll see my face welcome the sunrise and I’ll throw the ashes in the grave, throw the ashes in the grave.

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Greylines - Basterd

I’ve been known to hide my time,
In my head, 
Days and nights in hindsight, 
All gone all dead, 
Giving up on trying, 
To remember what life was like, 
Before we started dying. 

There are things I’ll never know, 
Rivers run and breezes blow,
Questions line my bloody throat, 
Is life a river or a road? 
No one leaves it all behind, 
We’re chained to our disasters, 
Can you hear me? Nevermind, 
I know that I’m a bastard. 

What will it take for me to come clean? 
I’m leaning on you while you’re burying me, 
Somewhere behind me the smoke filled my lungs, 
And I started drowning, I’m so careless I’m numb. 

Why must I be so afraid, 
To shed my, 
Youthful skin and then embrace, 
A grey sky,
None of it makes sense to me, 
Lightning and thunder, 
Hope is but a bitter shade, 
And I’m just a number.

Days are carved into a stone, 
Read my name, fuck my story, 
Unafraid to die alone, 
Crying pride, complacent glory, 
Boys are buried deep in men, 
And I’m too hard to hear him screaming, 
I’ll just stain the air again, 
Breathing skyward without meaning, 

Inside of me, promises repeat, 
I’m wading the deep in a sunless shroud, 
Falling asleep, dying to dream, 
sinking away from the surface down. 

Sink to float, self-imposing, 
Purge to bloat, graced in closing.

ffo Balance & Composure, Seahaven, Make Do and Mend etc


Greylines - ‘Casket Closed’ taken from the EP 'Somewhere Behind’ [CTH002].

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