ghostofachancewithyou  asked:

Objection, Precinct, Handcuffs

Objection: “Least favorite ADA” 

Kim Greylek 

Precinct: “Favorite character and why”

Barba. For whatever reason, there has never been a female in my life that I strongly admire, so while Benson or Rollins have definitely said similar things, there are soooo many quotes from Barba where every time I hear them, I just feel so empowered and ugh. Plus, I love how he doesn’t take anyones shit lmao. Barba has really helped me develop myself as a person, for the better in most cases but boyyyyy did he add to my attitude, so I have to hand it to him. 

Handcuffs: “ALL of your SVU ships”

Barisi, Bensler, Bensaro 

So does anyone think there might be a possibility of

Diane coming back to play Casey full time for season 13?

I mean it would be so awesome if they did and might help with ratings since Chris is leaving c'mon I would tie my friends to chairs and make them watch each and every damn episode if they would bring her back.

Who they should not bring back? Greylek and Dani, I can’t stand either of them. But can someone give please give Michaela a role I’ll like here in? I hated Lindsay and Greylek both.

So anyone think we have a chance of getting her back?