I know that none of us liked Greylek, but WHY didn’t we like Greylek?

Like, i’ve always figured that it had something to do with charm and likability. Alex has always been a fan favorite, and Casey is very brash at times (Not to a fault, all ADA’s are brash at times) which does ward some people away. 

Then there are others like Marlowe who was always tryna’ holla at El, so I automatically didn’t like her. Sonya was enough of a character in herself that I was always on the fence, but god was it entertaining to watch her and Elliot go at it. And well, I’ve never watched past Season 11, but from what I hear of Barba, he seems like a pretty good ADA. I’ve never even watched his seasons but I actually like him, and that has to say something.

But then you look at Greylek, and NO ONE liked her. Look at this from her page. I’m quoting here: ‘She pushed the detectives to make cases for the sake of politics in favor of pursuing actual offenders’. And her supposed ‘softer side’ seems like a pretty shitty softer side. It seems like either courtesy or something any ADA or person would do. Greylek just seems like an asshole, and god I can’t stand her.

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offences are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

*dun dun*


The cast of Law and Order: SVU over the years! :)

1st gif: Season 1 & 2

2nd gif: Season 3

3rd gif: Season 4 & 5

4th gif: Season 6

5th gif: Season 7 & 8

6th gif: Season 9

7th gif: Season 10

8th gif: Season 11

9th gif: Season 12

10th gif: Season 13 & 14

So does anyone think there might be a possibility of

Diane coming back to play Casey full time for season 13?

I mean it would be so awesome if they did and might help with ratings since Chris is leaving c'mon I would tie my friends to chairs and make them watch each and every damn episode if they would bring her back.

Who they should not bring back? Greylek and Dani, I can’t stand either of them. But can someone give please give Michaela a role I’ll like here in? I hated Lindsay and Greylek both.

So anyone think we have a chance of getting her back?