Chapter 30 just updated! 2 pages are up!


Till next update, I’ll leave you with waifu Black making lemon juice and talking about guests and kids.

Next update,  will be a big number of pages altogether, marking the end of chapter 30, the end of volume 4 and the end of the 2nd arc of the series. It’s the scene I’ve been wanting to draw since 2010 (the beginning of the story).

till then!

New Desktop Calendar for November~

This is my favorite picture of all the calendar~ So, Black is being himself, I can’t really what’s he making fun of, but he sure is bored in the library. White is having the usual inner debate (the happens for anyone who is around Black) of what action he should go with; head smack, nose-squish, forehead flick, cheek pinch, face-palm, face-elbow, etc.

And Jad, is just there, bored and ignored~

Click the image for screen resolution versions~