Say hi to Indie

We are adopting Indie, formerly Cherished Prize, from Greyhounds Only (a wonderful adoption organization based in the upper Chicago suburbs. She comes tomorrow and in preparation we have bought her two beds, a giant crate (that we will phase out when she is ready), two leashes, two martingale collars from a wonderful seller on Etsy (GramaryeCottage), raised dog bowls, and a dog food container. 

She’s a super sweet gal who loves to lean. She’s crazy about squeaky toys, and we’ve been told she will likely be a fetcher. 

This blog is a way to give greyhounds, a wonderful breed, more exposure. These dogs are beautiful and deserve a warm and loving home that will love them in all their laziness. 

We will post videos and pictures as we go :)

Irish Bar, Greyhound: I met this shy girl outside a pub near the Chicago Ave. station. She’s newly fostered, soon to find her forever home. A new world awaits, sweetie!

(Odd what information is out there to find; this dog, if I have her IDed right from the GO site, shares a couple of ancestors with our hound. And yes, greyhound owners are strange)


Racing Name: Vogo Eden
Offspring of: Cry Kubota x Kay V Arrington
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 04/22/2012
Weight: 60 lbs
Color: Brindle
Location: GO Kennel
Cat Tolerant: No
Status: Available -

Eden is a beautiful red brindle girl.  She is tolerant, easy going and calm.  She should be a good choice for a first time adopter.  Eden is the littermate of Vogo Cadet….and they are the puppies of the recently adopted Cry Kubota. 


And here he is!  Forwren (nicknamed Renny) is a 77-lb very cool looking hound!  His little bio states:

Renny is a strikingly spotted black-and-white hound. He is a playful, confident guy who is very strong and stubborn on leash.  He may be best suited for a home with older children because he does air snaps when excited and when playing with toys.  He also cannot live with cats.


Jedi Aruba is an absolutely gorgeous 2-year-old, 57-pound, girl who tested cat safe.  At her evaluation with Greyhounds Only, she was described as “…playful, curious, and confident.  She is very strong on leash and could use some work on her leash walking skills.  When getting a drink of water in turn out, she stands in the bucket.”


Racing Name: Bally’s Lil Babe
Offspring of: Ballymac Flight x All About Alyia
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 06/07/2012
Weight: 68 lbs
Color: White and Black
Location: GO Kennel
Cat Tolerant: No
Status: Available - See more at:

Babe is an affectionate, calm and easy-going girl.  She gives face-washing kisses.  Although she is a plus-size girl, she is easy to handle and should be a good choice for a first-time adopter.