Over the last few years, I’ve taken it upon myself to utilize the interesting settings and concepts wasted by Stephenie Meyer in her Twilight series and put them to better use. To explore humanity, damnation, immortality and the monsters within and without–all against the backdrop of alternative 80s Americana, to boot! What’s a paranormal love story without synthwave and fog machines? 

I’ve been quietly ruminating on this idea since 2013, though my interest in it was rekindled upon falling in love with the storytelling and aesthetic of Stranger Things last summer. Thus, I’ve decided to officially take on Dusk Days as a lighter, easier side project to work on alongside my Magnum Opus, Vergessenheit. So expect some artwork and writing for this in the future! 

In the late summer of 1986, Winona Swan finds herself alone on a Greyhound bus with only a backpack, rucksack and cat, Heckate, to her name. She has fled a dysfunctional life in Tucson with her flighty mother and controlling stepfather, and now hopes to start anew in the tiny town of Forks, Washington, nestled among the misty rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula. A practical, guarded individual, Nona is intent on powering through the rest of high school as quickly as possible with her head down, and assumes she can handle whatever the coming years throw at her. But she soon finds that there’s a lot more to the strange fogbound town and some of its residents than she could have ever imagined…

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What about long nosed breeds? The Borzoi especifically seem to have extreme anatomy

Dolichocephalic is the term we use to describe dogs bred to have noses/faces that are longer, and Dolichocephaly is the name of the condition. Borzoi do have extremely long faces, but greyhounds are the most common example and while issues with this type of anatomy are relatively rare, they are the breed I see most of the issues in. I suspect this is just a numbers game, as I see a lot of greyhounds through work.

(Image Source)

Why have we ended up with dogs that have such long faces in the first place? Most of these breeds are sighthounds, they’re bred to run fast and consequently also have long legs. While some breeds are dolichocephalic for the ‘look’ many of them, including the obvious greyhound, were raced where the long face was an advantage.

Have you ever heard the phrase won by a nose?

This is a thing that really happens. If dogs are neck-and-neck, it’s the dog with the longest nose that wins.

In the case of racing greyhounds they’re not being bred specifically for a longer nose. They’re breeding the dogs that win the most race money, and often that favors dogs with a longer nose. They’re not being bred for conformation they’re being bred for winning ability. Other breeds often have this in their history, but more attention has been paid to confomation over recent decades.

Parrot mouth, overbite or Mandibular Brachygnathism is the result of this. The degree of overbite varies between individuals, and often causes little issue in mild cases. More extreme cases can have difficulty picking up food or with dental maloclusion, but sloping bowls and dental care often mitigate this.

This overbite can force the dog to be a picky eater, as they need to pick up each piece of food and prehend it more delicately  They are more likely to be slow eaters due to this anatomy, but they manage.

An extreme overbite does leave the dog at increased risk of maxillary fracture. This is a traumatic fracture of the bone of the upper jaw, usually just in front of the canine teeth, as a result of the dog colliding with something, or tripping and slamming its muzzle into the ground. This forces the front part of the upper jaw upwards, causing the fracture.

They typically present with a blood nose and painful face with bruising on the gums. Some require surgery (inter-dental wiring) and some don’t. They usually heal very well but do require a very sloppy diet for a few weeks. Even working with racing greyhounds, I only see one of these fractures every few years.

They are also at a slightly increased risk of nasal foreign bodies, usually blades of grass that they have inhaled, and there is some suggestion that certain breeds are more prone to fungal infections in the nose. I’m not totally convinced that this is a true anatomical predisposition and not a genetic one, and fungal infections of the nose are very rare in the first place, but it gets on the list anyway.

They are also not very good chewers in the majority of cases when it comes to bones and other dental prophylaxis, so they often need some dental attention, but this is still better than brachycephalic dogs on the whole.

So there are a few issues with long-nosed dogs, but they are on the whole either relatively minor, rare, secondary to trauma or related to an overbite defect.

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Manager and coworkers are encouraging me to go on vacation for two weeks, because it wont be a problem and they want me to have enough time to see all of my family And go to a concert. Mom keeps pushing me to only go for one week (gives me two, maybe three days in seattle for my concert depending on the greyhound, and then only 4 days to see family and my boyfriend...) I might just listen to my coworkers lmao

Let’s talk about F1eetfoot.

(Spoilers for book 2.)

First of all, I can’t even figure out what this dog looks like, besides having long golden fur and long legs. She’s supposed to be part greyhound, but who the heck knows what the other part was? Just apparently something with flowing golden fur. F1eetfoot doesn’t have to look like a long-haired greyhound. But the only part of her appearance I can remember being referenced constantly is her gooooorgeous, just-like-Sardines’ locks.

Secondly, I find her one-dimensional perfectness irritating.

When this puppy was first introduced, she was seriously antisocial and aggressive, apparently not even wanting to associate with her own mother and siblings. D0rian said he got attacked trying to put a bow around her neck. (Then why did you try, dumbass?) It’s clear that this puppy is vicious to anyone but Sardines, for no apparent reason.

Now, aside from the fact that Sardines demanded that the prince not put down an aggressive puppy that will turn into a dangerous adult dog (Why is this brutal assassin making a Charlotte’s Web reference, again?), and then didn’t want the responsibility for its care foisted onto her…she demanded that the dog be trained by some *handwaves* random person, when the dog hates everyone but her. I fail to see how this is to be accomplished.

And then there is no more mention of any training, and F1eetfoot suddenly becomes The Perfect Dog™, friendly with everyone all the time and cuddly and cute, and loyal unto death and all sunshine and rainbows–just basically a stuffed animal, to be cuddled and bring joy to everyone but not actually have a personality. She’s not interesting, and the only importance she ever has to the plot is being dragged through the portal in book two, which was so cliché and blatantly emotionally manipulative that I just rolled my eyes.

I am really sick of animal sidekicks having no other purpose than to be deliriously happy and stare at their owners adoringly and try to defend them to the death from allll the scaaawy things.

Let me tell you about my heart horse, Jingles.

He was a pain in the butt.

He was a funny-looking mutt with a pathetically short tail, and lots of people didn’t like him because of his “stubbornness.” He was really very biddable and tolerant, but also confident and independent, so if you didn’t be consistent and follow through, he’d just ignore you.

He and I, however, got on famously. But that doesn’t mean it was all sunshine and roses and he had no personality when he was with me. He wasn’t actually very demonstrative. He didn’t show affection by nuzzling or nickering or whatever stereotypical horse things. He was a lot more subtle. We clicked personality-wise, and that meant we could generally read each other very well, but that doesn’t mean it was always that way. Sometimes he didn’t understand, or just had other opinions, and we got frustrated with each other.

He also would nip, hard, in play. And used to not pick up his feet. And had very little concept of personal space or leading manners.

Even so, there was one day where he saved me from falling off twice in the same lesson. When I sent him forward again, he walked on eggshells until he was sure I would stay on.

But he wouldn’t have defended me from a cougar or something. He would have run away.

Real animals have off days. Real animals have personalities. Real animals require lots of time and effort to work out of behavioral problems, and the personality traits underlying those behavioral problems may never go away.

So it pisses me off. It really pisses me off when I see normal, non-magical animal companions being portrayed this way. This is the only exposure to animals that some kids have! I was one of those kids, and when I finally got riding lessons I thought all the horses hated me because they didn’t do that falling-at-your-feet-in-adoration crap.

But, sure, do some animals do this? YES. Especially dogs. But those individuals also have a personality besides that. As of book 2, I haven’t even seen F1eetfoot have likes and dislikes, aside from stereotypical boring doggy favorites like being petted, sleeping on the bed, and playing fetch. I can’t even remember her running around being silly, or doing anything wrong ever.

Wow, many personality. I’m such impressed.

Sardines acquiring F1eetfoot in book 1 is the equivalent of the “angsty teenage city girl goes to estranged relative’s ranch and meets a wild misunderstood stallion whom she instantly tames to prove to everyone how awesome they are” story that I loathe, but with a dog.

I can’t even say, “and an assassin,” because Sardines is the worst assassin ever.

Lastly, let’s talk about that portal scene.

F1eetfoot gets dragged through because she was too injured to run away from the ridderak.

Then, afterwards, when all are being tended, we get this brilliant line:

It was only a long scratch, but it was deep.

It was only a long scratch, but it was deep.

It was only a long scratch, but it was deep.


For the love of N3hemia, do not do this.

1) Do not contradict yourself. Do not say, “Pff it’s just a scratch,” and then say, “IT’S DEEP ZOMG.” defines “scratch” as, “a slight injury, mar, or mark, usually thin and shallow, caused by scratching.” Please do not state that a bad wound is a scratch. There are lots of other words for that, such as, “cut,” “gash,” “slash,” or “laceration.” Use them!

Simple rewrite: “It was a bad gash, but she would recover well.”

2) Don’t portray a crippling injury as being minor unless you actually mean to portray the character as being whiny and pathetic, and/or having no sense of self-preservation—and be especially wary when you’re talking about an animal.

Animals have excellent survival instincts, and dogs are known for being especially good at getting around on three legs! There is no way in hell a bad gash would stop F1eetfoot from running away from that ridderak! She is not a helpless, cuddly stuffed animal. She is a living, breathing dog. She would have to have something as drastic as a serious blow to the head or a broken back or hamstrung legs to be unable to run away.


This snark is dedicated to Jingles.

my favorite thing is how all the speediest mammals we think of (cheetahs, greyhounds) are only shown being zoomy when in fact they’re 1% zoom and 99% sleeping

snow has fallen, and so the greyhounds will begin their yearly migration to return to their cocoons. this hound has fashioned hers from fleece, an excellent choice to keep out the winter chill. once cocooned, greyhounds emerge quite rarely – only for essential needs such as food and affection. otherwise they remain cocooned for the duration of the cold season.

Dallas LT Workshop Recap

This will be a quick LT Workshop/After Party Recap as I was in Dallas for less than 24 hours.  0_0  Nevertheless, here is my Recap:

*Dallas was cool & sunny–just beautiful…here’s a pic I took as I arrived:

*I arrived in Dallas early Saturday afternoon @ 12:30 pm via Greyhound Bus from Houston (only $44 round-trip :D  ). I was able to check into my hotel early in downtown Dallas–a very nice room on a high floor:

*After I rested for about 2 hours, I headed towards the Omni Hotel for the Workshop. I was the 1st one to arrive at the Ballroom for the Workshop…that’s when I noticed that a nearby Ballroom was playing very familiar music. That’s when it donned on me–LT were performing for the Boys & Girls Club right next door! I didn’t see it happen live, but I knew EXACTLY what they were doing/how they were dancing with the type of music being played. After LT’s performance, they entered the neighboring Ballroom (the one for the Workshop) to take a quick breather. They then exited out of a door that was near me where I got a hug from Larry (he smelled SO good–WAIT–let me go smell my sweater that I wore that night to see if it still smells like him…..yep–it still does..hehehehe)…then from Lau. Larry’s right hand got stuck in between my hug with Lau…soooooo…..Larry got to touch my boobs (for some reason, they were pretty popular that night…more on them later)…LOLOLOL!! They then caught the elevator to go up to their hotel room to do a quick wardrobe change.

*My Crew & I then helped to set up tables/etc. to get ready for the Workshop. After getting spectators/dancers settled inside of the Ballroom, Lau arrived first (@ 5:45pm) & started Warm-Ups with the dancers. He noticed that there was a very small crowd of dancers–but he thought that this would “make the Workshop more personal.” About 10 minutes later, Larry arrived. He ALSO noticed that there was a very small crowd of dancers–but he thought that this would “make the Workshop more personal.” Talk about déjà vu (they even said it in the same way) 0_0

*As Warm-Ups began, Larry played a French-Rap Song. Larry et Lau were feeling the music…just vibing to it all over the place. Lau came over to where I was sitting (back in a corner of the ballroom) & was translating the song to English. He told me that in Paris–when they were performing in small theaters–the crowd watching the performance would already be crying within the 1st minute of a performance. They were all just filled with so much emotion from the music. Ok–this next part is weird: you know how someone touches your shoulder to say “hi” or “what’s up?“ Well…As Lau was walking away after explaining this emotion all to me, his right hand touches my left boob (?!?!?!?)–I didn’t know what to think….??? All I can say is that he was NOT aiming for my shoulder… 0_0

*After the dancers were split into 2 groups, LT started to teach their choreo (not sure of the name of the song they chose for the Workshop). Here are a few pics of them at work:

*There was a stage that was made at the front of the Ballroom, but LT didn’t use it. I decided to move a little closer to view the Workshop & sat on the stage. Lau noticed that there were a few cans of Arizona Mango Tea sitting on the stage next to me. He went straight for them–but something strange happened: before he opened his Mango Tea, Lau flipped it on it’s side and rolled it like a rolling pin….on the upper-part of my chest…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!? Right over my boobs?!?!?!?!  I grabbed the can from him, but he quickly snatched it back. I told him that it was VERY cold, & his exact words were: “You are hot. I am cold. Perfect combination.” (Yes…"hot” were my boobs & “cold” was his Mango Tea… 0_0 ) What the……really, Lau?!?!?!?!?

*LT thought the dancers needed more energy as the Workshop went along, so they played some Nirvana & made everyone run. Here are some more photos of the Workshop:

*Right after the previous photo was taken, Larry caught me making eye contact with him. He did that shy smile he does at times….awwwww….he also did a part of his choreo where he wanted everyone to do a hard pelvic-thrust towards the direction of the wall to their left. He shouted to the wall, “can you feel that? Gonna make the wall fall down!” OK Larry…we can only imagine… 0_0 More Larry et Lau pics:

*It was soon time for the final choreo–Larry went first…..then Lau. Larry messed up his choreo about 4 times 0_0 —that made Lau laugh & do a few poses in front of Larry…I think he was getting Larry back for always saying that Lau was the only one who messed up on his own choreo…LOLOLOLOL!! Lau messed up once…I think…lol. I didn’t get any videos (dumb phone..I really need a new one), but I’m sure there will be plenty of videos floating around on YouTube/Facebook. :)

*After the final choreos were done, the time limit for the Ballroom was up. We moved the After Party to the lobby area right outside of the Ballroom we were just in. There were some couches where we all made ourselves comfortable–especially Larry. He even kicked his shoes off. Larry brought his can of Arizona Mango Tea with him to the couch, but kept sitting it on the ground. I picked it up & held it as he was occasionally dancing/vibing with his bro. He would then pick up his can from me & drink a little at a time…..then return it back to my hands…..& rub my knees a little bit (?!?!?!)…that happened multiple times until Larry finished his tea 0_0  A fan gave Larry a bag of Sour Patch Kids & Larry started to laugh because he remembered the commercial of the bear being sour…then sweet. Lau had no idea why this tickled Larry (& everyone else) so much, so the fan brought out her cell phone, found the commercials (they were all mashed together in one video) , & showed them to Lau (Larry watched it again, too). There was a joke that Larry told where only he & I laughed–he made eye contact with me because I got the joke…lol! Here’s a pic of LT just relaxing during the After Party:

*Around 10:30 pm, a representative from the Boys & Girls Club came & told us that a large group of kids with their group were about to arrive (they had gone to Six Flags right after LT’s Performance), & that it would be a good idea for everyone to leave at that point. Everyone agreed, & we all said our goodbyes & headed back to our hotels for the evening (we were all extremely tired).

This was a VERY interesting Workshop….on to the next one! Next stop: Philly–& I mean it this time!  :D

Let’s go!


The Supernatural Non Weeb

I’d like to have this posted anonymously if that’s okay because the girl this is about has tumblr.

Since this blog is now accepting non-weeb stories, I thought I’d share a story about an over-the-top supernatural fan I’ve been unfortunate enough to encounter. (content warning for weed, alcohol, and strong language)

A = me
B = supernatural non-weeb
C = my girlfriend
D = C’s friend

I first met B a little over 2 years ago when I went to visit my best friend C, who went to college in another state and who I was secretly in love with. I didn’t have a car at the time, so the only way for me to get there was to take a Greyhound, which only ran at night and didn’t arrive until 3 AM.

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But I still wasn’t making real money, so I would travel the four hundred miles from Glasgow to London by “luxury” coach, “luxury” meaning that the vehicle had a little bathroom at the back. It was a horribly uncomfortable trip, like taking a Greyhound, only slower and damper, and once I got there I would crash on Peter Capaldi’s couch.
Peter and I had stayed close since the Dreamboys and by now he had moved to a little house next to Kensal Green Cemetery in Northwest London, a stone’s throw from the site of the gruesome Dennis Nilsen serial killings. The strange, creepy environment suited him to a tee and we spent some smashing-cold winter afternoons together, wearing big black coats and smoking cigarettes while walking round the preposterously overdone Victorian tombs of that colossal graveyard. Our own little Withnail and I period.
Peter was unfailingly kind and supportive to me, and I repaid him by taking advantage of our friendship, turning up at his place unannounced and leaving a terrible mess in my drunken wake. I thought that because I could make him laugh we were good and was genuinely mystified when he told me that unless I treated him and his life with a little more respect I was no longer welcome. Only years later did I finally find the sense to apologize to him, an apology which he took with his usual generosity and class. Of all the truly remarkable and impressive people I have been lucky enough to know, Peter is surely one of them.
—  Part 5 of what Craig Ferguson says about Peter Capaldi in his autobiography

I find myself falling in love with Peter more and more as I discover more things about him.
Socialization? Or Habituation?

The following article is written by Dennis McKeon, who has worked as a trainer in the greyhound industry for much of his life.  This is shared with his permission.  However one may feel about greyhound racing, it’s crucial to understand the background of these dogs and to not give in to emotion-driven anthropomorphism (e.g. he’s so nervous he must have been abused!) in order to understand and help their transition from a performance-driven life to the life of a pet.   It is quite long, so I’ve put quite a bit of it under a cut, but it is a good read, especially for anyone in the greyhound adoption community.

It seems that more and more people who are unfamiliar with purpose-bred dogs, who are raised within large colonies, are being confused by the reams of disinformation published on the internet, particularly as it concerns NGA Racing Greyhounds.

There are many people whose vision has been narrowed and occluded by the litany of propaganda that exists about racing and racing greyhounds, to the extent that they can’t even imagine a greyhound being completely happy and fulfilled —or even loved—as a natural racing greyhound, believing instead, that a greyhound can only find true happiness in adoption. This is a conceit that is absolutely tragic, to anyone who has ever cared for a kennel full of happy, content, healthy and well-loved racers.

The very idea that a greyhound who has yet to absorb the entirety of his newfound adopted life, and who appears reluctant to embrace it at once, might actually miss and long for his previous life, is beyond the scope of their understanding. [emphasis mine] This is a direct result of the false, popular narrative that has become an impediment to an adopter’s ability to perceive and intuit many of their greyhound’s behaviors, and an existential threat to the NGA racing breed itself.

Today, most greyhounds who are bred to race on the track, are raised as part of a large breeding colony. These colonies of greyhounds are usually said to have been raised on a “farm”. There can be anywhere from 50 to 500 greyhounds housed at such a facility.

Unlike most other breeds, greyhounds are kept with their dams for extended periods of time, sometimes until the puppies are nearly young saplings. These dams teach the puppies about pack etiquette, they demonstrate “hunting” techniques, and serve as the “playground monitors” for their developing, energetic, and rowdy, would-be racers. At some point, the litter of youngsters is introduced to other litters of similar age and development, usually around the time that serious race-training is to begin.

One of the many remarkable things with which adopters and other greyhound enthusiasts are always impressed, is the greyhound’s capacity for getting along with other dogs, even with those to whom they are complete strangers. This is because correct pack behaviors and socialization skills are learned and reinforced at every stage of the greyhound’s life – from the farm, to the advanced training facility, to the kennel at the racetrack.

As a result of their colonial, pack-centric upbringing and racing environments, there is probably no breed of canine which has better or more highly evolved, canine coping and social skills, or who is more habituated to a punctual, predictable routine, than the NGA Racing Greyhound. When greyhounds experience difficulties with other dogs, it is often because those other dogs are simply not as well schooled in pack etiquette and social skills.

Because they are valuable, meticulously and expensively bred individuals, racing greyhounds are handled by their human caretakers at very early stages, where grooming, leash-training, and chase-play are all begun. This is done to prepare the greyhound for his/her racing career, where their proper deportment and manageability are crucial to the individual greyhound’s success as a racer. [emphasis mine]

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Greyhounds 101

For people who do not know much about greyhounds, here’s a quick overview of the basics: 

Greyhounds are very mild mannered. They are well-suited for small living spaces because they are “45 mph couch potatoes.” Most greyhounds aren’t very vocal. As a volunteer from Greyhounds Only told us, every year GPA Wisconsin hold a greyhound gala where over 100 greyhounds can be found in one place, and only human voices can be heard.

There are some exceptions. Get a squeaky toy near Indie and she becomes very vocal, or at the sight of a small critter. Of course, if you reward them for being vocal they are apt to speak up more often.

Greyhounds love walks, but do not require rigorous exercise like a lab would. They are sprinters and can be trained for jogging, but jogging is very foreign to them. They’re very smart and learn things pretty quickly. This video is pretty cute! 

Greyhounds are great around people and some of them can live harmoniously with kitties or small dogs. 

They often know little about non-racing life, and you must teach them little by little how to adapt to their new life as a pet. 

Their skin is thin and rough and tumble play with other big dogs is not recommended. Their coats are low maintenance due to their short hair, but because of this they are capable of getting sunburns. 

Like any dog, greyhounds can have medical problems. Most commonly, they have bad teeth and require dental bones and/or brushing. They are also known to have bone problems and can acquire bloat. 

You can never take a greyhound off-leash, unless it’s in a fenced-in dog park, because they can get up to 45 mphs in just a few strides. Because of this, greyhounds can’t be tether to a stake in the yard. 

One very endearing quality: they’re leaners, they lean into your legs while you pet them. It makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

All and all, a greyhound is an one-of-a-kind dog that will make your heart melt.