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“When I was a newspaper photojournalist Robert Frank was one of my heroes. In 1988 I got to photograph him for the San Francisco Chronicle. At my suggestion we took a walk down Mission Street to the old Greyhound bus station.  Frank was kind enough to sit for a moment with people waiting for a bus while I photographed him.”

—Photo by Tom Levy © San Francisco Chronicle

ok last post i swear. here is boone playing his new favorite game, “where the hell is my squeaky toy and why is my blanket making these sounds i must take it away BUT HOW.” its long but it makes me laugh. 

"A rolling stone gathers no moss"

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”

This idiom popped into my head just now as I took a look at the latest airport pic of Richard Armitage (at JFK this time…)  The man does get around.  The way my brain works, the pic also made me wonder about a side of travel that I was ruminating on yesterday as I returned home from my brief runaway… While the Greyhound Bus trip always yields a fascinating cross section of society, a clip from my…

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We got to take care of my mum’s greyhound Aarki this weekend and it was the best ever. I’ve wanted a dog for 22 years (that’s my whole life), I feel like my entire existence revolves around eventually getting a dog, and if I die before I have a dog I will be gutted.

Here I am with the actual pup, on our actual expensive couch in our actual living room/photo studio. #thedreamisreal


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I had.. I had the worst 48 hours last week. It included painful dental work, using pliers in a painful and unsuccessful manner on my face, ending up at the ER, being sent home from the ER without any help, leaving my wallet on a car roof, having 2 other cars run over my wallet, a car collision, and sunburn.  

In the middle of all of this, neighbour and neighbourdog walked by and I called them over to keep me company while the cops filed an accident report for me. And that dog leaned on me, and it was good. And the neighbour kept me company, which was also good.

Greyhound leans, they’re kind of helpful. Highly recommende