Happy Chinese New Year! Its the Year of the Dog so to celebrate, I drew up a collection of sighthound profiles (and hopefully more breeds if I can find the time)!

Sighthounds are among the oldest, fastest and tallest dogs in the world. Originally in the Middle East with the Saluki and Afghan Hound, sighthounds have since spread over Asia and into Europe and Africa. Not only used to hunt fast game like hare and deer by sight, the larger breeds (such as borzois, and Irish wolfhound) were bred to even hunt down wolves.

Other sighthounds not shown here include the Galgo Español, the Chart Polski, the Hortaya Borzaya, the Whippet, and the Caravan Hound. I didn’t include those breeds mostly because they can look very close to greyhounds and I wanted as much breed variety as possible!