If you enjoy my crappy posts, head over and see @greyfoxindustries to see how a professional gets it done. @stevearyan is on the prowl. #igmilitia #greyfox #greyfoxinc #shotshow #shotshow2014 @shotshow

@wishes_for_warriors teamed up with @arsenaldemocracy , who built Sgt. Corey Garmon @watchmedoitwithnolegs , a US Army infantryman that lost both legs in Afghanistan, a custom 300BLK Reaper 33 with his unit logo and motto engraved into it. Then @greyfoxinc provided Sgt Garmon with a supply of custom hand loaded 300 BLK for his new rifle. I knew this was happening and not being able to talk about it was like a kid trying not to let everyone know that he peeked and saw what he’s getting for Christmas. #igmilitia #wishes4warriors #arsenaldemocracy #greyfoxinc #ar #ar15

Burned through a ton of @greyfoxinc ammunition this past week through AR’s, AK’s, and HK’s, especially .308, with no failures. Ironically the only ammunition issues I had came from factory fresh Winchester ammo which @civtactical can vouch for. You can find @greyfoxinc ammo at their store or @stephenpineau and the “igmilitia” code gets you 10% off your order. Time for everyone to get back out there and shoot! #igmilitia #greyfoxinc #21stcenturygunfighter


@civtactical flat line muzzle brake owned by @obzerv13 on an #adamsarms piston upper AR. Shooting 55gr .223 FMJ from @greyfoxinc . I’ll do a review on the blog later this week for for now I’ll simply say that I will be buying this brake to go on my SPR upper receiver build when it’s done. You can use the bushes in the background for climb reference. If you like these, you can preorder them at for $85 shipped. #igmilitia #civtac #civtactical #greyfoxinc