greyeyesgabriel poetry


Come along with me, and follow if you may;
a journey within, you see, memories to stay.
Crossing time and space, within our mind;
a member of the human race, a one of a kind.

Consciousness connected, energy of a soul;
stardust frequency erected, an earthling whole.
Cosmic adventure sought, measured time miles;
act of free knowledge bought, decorated smiles.

Commandeering future’s past, time travels today;
hyperspace just doesn’t last, only a moment away.
Can’t you keep up now, don’t get lost off course;
don’t scuttle the bow, dig down, just use the force.

Connecting our route, upon destination to arrive;
was there any doubt, that our soul would survive.
Concentrating on that instant, remember again;
seeming ever so distant, ever ready to begin.

Comes one fateful day, this journey to end;
to only a memory away, soulful ear to lend.
Continuing on in heart, who carry on in love;
still living though apart, comforted from above.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015

Of Senses

You speak the words, yet don’t know what they mean;
lacking understanding of self, supporting the illusion.
You hear the sounds, yet don’t know what they say;
phonetically bereft awareness, no conscious fusion.

You see into light, yet unaware within the darkness;
bleeding finite breath, confused upon this reality.
You taste this life, yet sorely tongue at bitterness;
casting dreams away, refuting your own infinity.

You feel emotional, yet desire bland detachment;
spitting ethereal disgust, awaiting time to unwind.
You sense epiphany, yet want to explain it away;
grasping simple mortality, deluded by the timed.

You will never know, yet you believe to understand;
assuming presumptuous, universal confinement.
You seek to show, yet protect your intimate privacy;
ashamed of this body, lost soul to a refinement.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015

Birds & Worms

Squirm you little worm,
Squirm into your little hole;
Squirm into the earth,
Squirm until your heart is whole.

Dig yourself a little hole,
Dig it deeply to keep you safe;
Dig a moist dark little patch,
Dig it wet so your butt won't chafe.

Consume you little worm,
Consume your own waste;
Consume so you may feast,
Consume with so much haste.
Squirm you little worm,
Squirm out of your little hole;
Squirm in the grips of the beak,
Squirm as anger rips away your soul.

Be consumed by your anger,
Be consumed by your rage;
Be consumed by this little bird,
Be consumed as you consume garbage.

~greyeyesgabriel 2012

A Cupid Muse

Her eyes of green, provide a safe haven;
ignited by pure soul, such as a maven.
Golden is her hair, framing freckled face;
flowing over shoulders, carried with grace.

Her skin so tan, from her love of the sun;
relaxing on a beach, soaking up the fun.
Or playing in the mud, she’s country too;
she likes the hunt, or she’ll fish with you.

Elegant if needed, a showing with class;
surely an angel, sipping wine from a glass.
She is such a loving, and caring mother;
all that she is missing, is love from another.

Her heart’s been broken, eyes shed tears;
yet through it all, she disguises her fears.
Silently she prays, while patiently waiting;
for heaven to send her, a man worth dating.

She is humble, it’s true, which few can see;
and from such misery, she longs to be free.
Private attention she seeks, for her alone;
faithful man to love her, soul, flesh and bone.

She puts on her smile, to face the world;
joy in her heart, wrapped, misery furled.
I know her better, than she thinks I do;
would it mean anything, if only she knew.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015

Frequency Of Life

Upon this journey which we call a life;
the adventure is ours, small or grand.
Certainly to say, encountering strife;
sink or swim, even broken, still stand.

Riding on, whether alone, or together;
time marching, into passing moment.
Rolling along, no matter what weather;
carrying away, such lovely component.

Seeking answers, only inside contained;
within yourself, sincere honesty, a must.
Fraction of a second, any time remained;
strength of steel, however, iron does rust.

Memory contained, conscious remembers;
from the beginning to end, a life was spent,
Some of Septembers and cold Decembers;
some of July, whispers of summers dreamt.

The adventure of life, goes on, so you see;
time travels within the mind, back to past.
Forward into future, experience of you, be;
one thing for sure, a long time doesn’t last.

Triumphant in death, assured to succeed;
energy borrowed, for a moment to exist.
Returned to the universe, an echo indeed;
children of the stars, no desire to resist.

Body laid to rest, decayed back to dust;
one journey must end, travel on in spirit.
But a different story, which you can trust;
it’s a frequency, tune in, if you can hear it.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015

In Time

A labor of love, such patience endured;
a message from above, of steady pace.
Waiting on wine, until time has matured;
just as on vine, tasting of sweet grace.

Learning to know, the lessons taught;
gardens they grow, tended with care.
One more day, of knowledge sought;
in a usual way, becoming more aware.

Today’s harvest, the wine of tomorrow;
waiting the hardest, passing the time.
Patience again, yesterday to borrow;
no reason to feign, of wine so sublime.

Just one more dime, to pay the rent;
into my prime, a note to sing along.
Wondering how, money was spent;
knowing just now, my heart in song.

Longing I stay, in such poetic verse;
in prayer to say, so much from heart.
For labor to love, no longer perverse;
patience thereof, wisdom to impart.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015

My Bedtime Rhyme

Rhymes, they flow, can’t seem to stop;
not even, when it’s almost two o'clock.
This is no time to be awake, in a bebop;
nor is it a good time, to be rolling the rock.

All dreaming away, tucked tightly in bed;
and still I rhyme, guessing I’m not dead.
Thinking away, while staring, my eyes red;
my stomach growling, screaming to be fed.

Instead from my head, flows rivers of verse;
but always going forward, can’t find reverse.
Sleeping awake, insomnia’s wicked curse;
but like they always say, it could be worse.

Some of you may grin, some think I’m silly;
heated from within, at least I’m not so chilly.
What, so you didn’t know, this is me, really;
I think for this line, I’ll choose to use Wilhe.

Oh my, now it’s two o'clock in the morning;
yet I don’t want to stop, unless it is boring.
Perhaps I will sleep, without even snoring;
just sitting around, with time worth ignoring.

How am I still going, composing this rhyme;
but the day just started, so not out of time.
How much is at stake, this steak of prime;
wouldn’t you know it, I’m all out of thyme.

Many words I could choose, why not ewe;
it quite easy to find, rhyming sound of u.
And I don’t even have to climb up a yew;
all I really have to do, is mention of you.

Now you have to admit, that was funny;
not laughing so hard, your nose is runny.
But at least a chuckle, is that a bunny;
busy little bees, please, pass the honey.

A grungy little theme, a play to display;
a romp in my mind, to lighten the day.
A smile so happy, some may say gay;
a gleeful shine, something like a sun ray.

Will this poem ever end, when will he quit;
isn’t he tired yet, my mind is having a fit.
How many more, lines does he need to spit;
just how much longer, will he really sit.

Nope, still not done, no way, not even yet;
I could go all night, would you like to bet.
Oh so many lines, waiting, left to beget;
walking half asleep, without such regret.

Just a few more lines, thoughts to reap;
then no more words, not even a peep.
Not even a whisper, but in faith to leap;
my destiny lies, uncover, fast asleep.

Almost three o'clock, I really must go;
no more silly rhymes, dreams to sow.
Just one more time, so you will know;
with patience and love, gardens grow.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015

Glorious Pacification

Pacification of spirit and mind;
looking within, in order to rewind.
Journey future’s present, passing;
no time to think, time everlasting.

Not here or now, nevermore regret;
time doesn’t pass, never to forget.
Consciousness in the light of day;
subconsciously aware, orderly play.

Indigo knows the right way for you;
upon gnosis, very wise, very true.
Awake, while dreaming in this place;
outside of time, nevermore to erase.

Surface of plenty, dance of living;
cannot receive, if nothing giving.
Seeking glory within, without doubt,
knowing life begins, from inside out.

Perfection of faith, is so very small;
Master it my son, and master it all.
And to my daughter, patience spent;
to always know, my love forever sent.

Pacification of the time and season;
learning a path, of logic and reason.
Walking within, will you ever find;
a peaceful bliss, of velvet divine.

Understanding deeply within a soul;
direly pressing forward to the just goal.
Where time stands still, it doesn’t end;
neither a beginning, either, my friend.

Never the future, only present tense;
past tense pretense, making sense.
Time still passing, while sitting still;
tuning frequency, someone can feel.

Is it surreal, or merely a virtual fake;
only so much life, one flesh can take.
Manifesting multidimensional reality;
seeking one within, teaching blind see.

Bio molecular computing, organic frame;
at atomic level, all are something same.
Stardust seed, frequency vibrations tuned;
gentle word of love, fragile code, life ensued.

Motion by desire, product of will and grace;
forever nothing, with something to replace.
Expansion of the mind, inside to rewind;
playing eternally, seeking forever to remind.

Something who you are, not something to do;
remembering who you are, something within you.
You’ve been here before, some time in the past;
knowing the energy of the soul, will forever last.

Now open those weary eyes, and look out to see;
patterns repeated universally, infinitely we are free.
No energy cannot die, you are never really dead;
reality is all you are, just a thought within a head.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015


Forever and eternal.
Ulcers sucking life.
Carnivorous plants that heal.
Kill for the thrill.
Over and over.
Feeling pain through pleasure.
Finding Darkness where there is light.
Anarchy spreading it’s disease.
Never afflicted always infected.
Death overcoming life.
Deprivation bleeds fulfillment.
Indestructible destruction.
Everything is nothing. 

~greyeyesgabriel 1992 

In The Darkness

Out here in the darkness,
  there is no light,
  no way to resolve this.
Out here in the darkness,
  it is cold and lonely,
  no way to develop this.
Out here in the darkness,
  there are no friends,
  only a bitter end.
Out here in the darkness,
  no one even cares,
  they don’t even dare.
Out here in the darkness,
  I am all alone,
  which chills me to the bone.

~greyeyesgabriel 2005 

Warped Speed

A small quandary in time,
infused in a lyrical rhyme,
when forward is taught,
and backward is sought,
duality is something sublime.

A spiral of space time dilation,
contains no active particle radiation,
warped into a helix plane,
DNA within is the universal strain,
not even requiring our participation.

A duality existing with singularity,
explains the theory of trinity;
Laminin to explain it best.
opening doors to the rest,
a single existence within duality.

It’s just a matter of science,
on sight too much reliance,
but the math doesn’t lie,
without it we cannot fly,
utilizing nature is not defiance.

Knowledge base of long ago,
forgotten within the sea below,
repeating patterns throughout time,
duality repeating it’s singular rhyme,
universes created near absolute zero.

Love and light are positive forces,
fear and dark are negative courses,
achieving balance harmony begins,
tuning frequency faithlessness ends,
after all, it’s all from the same sources.

Relative to the winds of change,
progress instead of wars to wage,
love’s expression of the souls,
healing the expanse of woes,
it’s time for humanity to rearrange.

~greyeyesgabriel 2014


Understanding poetry…

Understanding Poetry - Dead poets society


Nobody knows me when I get like this… or why I clench my fists. How can you even understand why I act this way? Giving it away… all caught up in the fray.
How can you say that you know what is best for me… you can’t even see what is in front of me.
Taking all that was mine… my trigger finger shakin’ while I’m loosing my mind… I’m one of a kind individually… You can’t see… my animosity for your atrocities. 
You’re jaded… I’m beyond frustrated… this is hatred for all that you do… I’m coming for you. My hands are shaking and clenched in a rage… you just let a demon out of it’s cage. 
Your popularity is is wearing on me I see what you would have me to be.
Yet I’ll stand right here just like a ghost not giving an inch to you because it matters the most that you let me… never let you forget me. I’ll make you wish that you never even met me. I’m free… because blood was shed, get that through your head or you’ll end up dead.
You sit there thinking that your drinking from the Fountain with your back to me while I’m climbing this mountain of bureaucracy and you can’t even see that you forgot about me now it’s my turn… oh yeah… look at it burn.
I’m warning you… we can see through all of the things you do to try and glorify you. I’ve been down this road before, you corporate whore… I’ll dust your ass and I won’t even think about it anymore.
Impossible? Yeah right whatever… keep believing that sh*t and you’ll be gone forever. I’m not as stupid as you would want me to be… you’re the dumb *ss for thinking that you could do this to me.
How long… do you think that this could even go on? Forever? B*tch you were wrong.
I’m tellin’ all that will listen…. this situation… something is missing. So go ahead and try… now you gotta die…. I’m takin’ back mine… I’m not the only one of my kind.
That’s right you forgot about me… my liberty… equality… you want me under educated… you’re overrated… jaded… we know the truth has been fabricated. The time has come for you to pay the bill the People’s will is gonna leave you castrated.
Surprised? Quit selling your lies… look at my eyes… what do you see? All that you have taken from me? No man this goes beyond hate… it’s disgust… f*ck with me and it’s fate…

~Mojo 2011 

Only For A Moment

I held it in my arms;
only for a moment.
And then it was gone;
in just a moment.

It felt so good;
it felt so right.
It flew away;
that fateful night.

It is a feeling;
I have felt before.
So strong and real;
it can not be ignored.

It was my heart;
she came and stole.
Where it once was;
is now an empty hole.

So, now I sit;
and now I wait.
Will she bring it back;
it is all up to fate.

I miss what I held;
only for a moment.
Maybe it will return;
in just a moment.

~greyeyesgabriel 2003