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A History Lesson...5th Of November

In 1605, thirteen young men planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Among them was Guy Fawkes, Britain’s most notorious traitor.
After Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603, English Catholics who had been persecuted under her rule had hoped that her successor, James I, would be more tolerant of their religion. James I had, after all, had a Catholic mother. Unfortunately, James did not turn out to be more tolerant than Elizabeth and a number of young men, 13 to be exact, decided that violent action was the answer.

A small group took shape, under the leadership of Robert Catesby. Catesby felt that violent action was warranted. Indeed, the thing to do was to blow up the Houses of Parliament. In doing so, they would kill the King, maybe even the Prince of Wales, and the Members of Parliament who were making life difficult for the Catholics. Today these conspirators would be known as extremists, or terrorists.

To carry out their plan, the conspirators got hold of 36 barrels of gunpowder - and stored them in a cellar, just under the House of Lords.

But as the group worked on the plot, it became clear that innocent people would be hurt or killed in the attack, including some people who even fought for more rights for Catholics. Some of the plotters started having second thoughts. One of the group members even sent an anonymous letter warning his friend, Lord Monteagle, to stay away from the Parliament on November 5th. Was the letter real?

The warning letter reached the King, and the King’s forces made plans to stop the conspirators.

Guy Fawkes, who was in the cellar of the parliament with the 36 barrels of gunpowder when the authorities stormed it in the early hours of November 5th, was caught, tortured and executed.

It’s unclear if the conspirators would ever have been able to pull off their plan to blow up the Parliament even if they had not been betrayed. Some have suggested that the gunpowder itself was so old as to be useless. Since Guy Fawkes and the other conspirators got caught before trying to ignite the powder, we’ll never know for certain.

Even for the period which was notoriously unstable, the Gunpowder Plot struck a very profound chord for the people of England. In fact, even today, the reigning monarch only enters the Parliament once a year, on what is called “the State Opening of Parliament”. Prior to the Opening, and according to custom, the Yeomen of the Guard search the cellars of the Palace of Westminster. Nowadays, the Queen and Parliament still observe this tradition.

On the very night that the Gunpowder Plot was foiled, on November 5th, 1605, bonfires were set alight to celebrate the safety of the King. Since then, November 5th has become known as Bonfire Night. The event is commemorated every year with fireworks and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes on a bonfire.

Some of the English have been known to wonder, in a tongue in cheek kind of way, whether they are celebrating Fawkes’ execution or honoring his attempt to do away with the government.


Come along with me, and follow if you may;
a journey within, you see, memories to stay.
Crossing time and space, within our mind;
a member of the human race, a one of a kind.

Consciousness connected, energy of a soul;
stardust frequency erected, an earthling whole.
Cosmic adventure sought, measured time miles;
act of free knowledge bought, decorated smiles.

Commandeering future’s past, time travels today;
hyperspace just doesn’t last, only a moment away.
Can’t you keep up now, don’t get lost off course;
don’t scuttle the bow, dig down, just use the force.

Connecting our route, upon destination to arrive;
was there any doubt, that our soul would survive.
Concentrating on that instant, remember again;
seeming ever so distant, ever ready to begin.

Comes one fateful day, this journey to end;
to only a memory away, soulful ear to lend.
Continuing on in heart, who carry on in love;
still living though apart, comforted from above.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015


I will get by…

Grateful Dead - Touch Of Grey (Music Video) (by Alembic40)

Circumstances Beyond Control

If you believe that you create your own circumstances, then you may want to pay attention; let us use Gaza as an example. The Palestinians that live in Gaza have always lived there, it is their home; but because of the United Nations and the Zionist movement of Israel, they have become prisoners in their own neighborhoods. Only the neighborhoods that the Israeli Zionist government says they can live in, the Palestinians who live there have no choice but to live under the racist laws of Israel; they live behind reinforced walls topped with razor and barb wire, they are not allowed to mingle with Israelis who are taught that they are the superior race. The Palestinian nation has no military, no army, no navy, no air force; they have never had a military, but they are subject to Israeli military law, and be held indefinitely without charge or trial. Once Israel closes the roads into Israel, and Egypt closes the roads into Egypt; the Palestinians living in Gaza have nowhere they can go outside of Gaza, unless they enter the Mediterranean Sea and swim for it.

For more than 60 years the Palestinians in Gaza have been living in what is considered to be the largest open air prison in the world, the Israeli military is always watching them; the Palestinian people are not enemies of Israel, and they do not volunteer as human shields as the media would have you believe. The Palestinian people are not Hamas, that is an organization which operates within Palestine; yet the people of Palestine are being murdered by a full out aggression by Israel, with no regards for civilian casualties. The Palestinian people did not choose these circumstances which have been forced upon them, anymore than the Jews forced the circumstances of the Nazi Holocaust; supporting Palestine is not the support of terrorists, the Palestinian children, women, and men are not terrorists. What is terror? Is Israel not terrorizing generations of Palestinians? Supporting Zionist Israel is not supporting the Jewish nation, it is the support of genocide of an entire race of people; there is a large support of the Palestinian people, who also have a large Jewish base as well as a Christian base, by many Jewish Israelis who have rejected the aims of the Zionist movement.

Yet, you continue to watch Israel level city blocks with tonnes of bombs, you watch the Palestinian death toll rise; do you actually believe that anyone would choose these circumstances for themselves? How can anyone who claims to be a Christian support the murder of children? I see the same people posting about how murdering life in the womb should be illegal, posting about supporting the Israeli genocide of Palestinian children; do these children’s lives have less value outside of the womb? It is the American tax dollars which are paying this and much more terrorism by Israel, almost $100 BILLION annually in U.S. Aide is sent to Israel; Christ himself was born a Palestinian, there was no Israel in the time of Christ. If you have a Holy Bible with a map from the time of Christ, look at it; Jesus’ family lived in Nazareth of Galilee, Christ was born a Palestinian Jew, all of Judea and Galilee was in the nation of Palestine. The Roman army had already scattered the Israelites into all of the nations and given the land to the Philistines, and called the land Palestine; because of the Isrealites continued rebellion against the Roman Empire by the time Christ was born. Under U.N. International Law, the nation of Palestine has a right to defend itself against an occupying force in their land; I know that I would be terrified to live in Gaza, especially if I just happened to be born a Palestinian.

The choices of others can have a dramatic effect on the lives of others to bring about circumstances which are beyond our control, but that doesn’t mean that we have to accept those circumstances; especially in a matter of life or death, it is a primal instinct in human nature to desire survival, it matters not which race of the human species to which you belong. How many of their own ten commandments are these Zionists breaking? Are these Christian values which you are supporting, or are you being deceived by your biased media? This is part of the agenda of the New World Order, you know, the one you keep hearing Presidents talk about; the one which promotes depopulation through “sustainable development” under Agenda 21, but as usual, don’t take my word for it, Google it. There is plenty of information out there about Agenda 21, NASA Aerosol Program (Chemtrails), and the New World Order for it to even be considered a conspiracy anymore; yes, I realize I may lose “friends” and “followers” for posting this.

Quite frankly, I am willing to take that risk; the truth needs to be brought to light, be a part of the solution and stand up for what is right, or become victim to silence and everything that is wrong. You cannot support and justify the murder of one type of life and clam that all life has value, that is called hypocrisy; murder is murder, war is nothing more than state sanctioned murder. Everyone in America is living under circumstances we did not create, Google “nasa aerosol” and you can get plenty of information, from NASA, about the Chemtrail program; including what they are and why they are doing it. Did you control that circumstance? Wake up already, the survival of the human race depends upon it; if we do not unite against the evil forces, then divided we will fall to the evil forces.

Birds & Worms

Squirm you little worm,
Squirm into your little hole;
Squirm into the earth,
Squirm until your heart is whole.

Dig yourself a little hole,
Dig it deeply to keep you safe;
Dig a moist dark little patch,
Dig it wet so your butt won't chafe.

Consume you little worm,
Consume your own waste;
Consume so you may feast,
Consume with so much haste.
Squirm you little worm,
Squirm out of your little hole;
Squirm in the grips of the beak,
Squirm as anger rips away your soul.

Be consumed by your anger,
Be consumed by your rage;
Be consumed by this little bird,
Be consumed as you consume garbage.

~greyeyesgabriel 2012


Feeling a little nostalgic, I remember those teachers…

Van Halen - Hot For Teacher

A Cupid Muse

Her eyes of green, provide a safe haven;
ignited by pure soul, such as a maven.
Golden is her hair, framing freckled face;
flowing over shoulders, carried with grace.

Her skin so tan, from her love of the sun;
relaxing on a beach, soaking up the fun.
Or playing in the mud, she’s country too;
she likes the hunt, or she’ll fish with you.

Elegant if needed, a showing with class;
surely an angel, sipping wine from a glass.
She is such a loving, and caring mother;
all that she is missing, is love from another.

Her heart’s been broken, eyes shed tears;
yet through it all, she disguises her fears.
Silently she prays, while patiently waiting;
for heaven to send her, a man worth dating.

She is humble, it’s true, which few can see;
and from such misery, she longs to be free.
Private attention she seeks, for her alone;
faithful man to love her, soul, flesh and bone.

She puts on her smile, to face the world;
joy in her heart, wrapped, misery furled.
I know her better, than she thinks I do;
would it mean anything, if only she knew.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015


If I would, could you…

Alice In Chains - Would? (by AliceInChainsVEVO)

Frequency Of Life

Upon this journey which we call a life;
the adventure is ours, small or grand.
Certainly to say, encountering strife;
sink or swim, even broken, still stand.

Riding on, whether alone, or together;
time marching, into passing moment.
Rolling along, no matter what weather;
carrying away, such lovely component.

Seeking answers, only inside contained;
within yourself, sincere honesty, a must.
Fraction of a second, any time remained;
strength of steel, however, iron does rust.

Memory contained, conscious remembers;
from the beginning to end, a life was spent,
Some of Septembers and cold Decembers;
some of July, whispers of summers dreamt.

The adventure of life, goes on, so you see;
time travels within the mind, back to past.
Forward into future, experience of you, be;
one thing for sure, a long time doesn’t last.

Triumphant in death, assured to succeed;
energy borrowed, for a moment to exist.
Returned to the universe, an echo indeed;
children of the stars, no desire to resist.

Body laid to rest, decayed back to dust;
one journey must end, travel on in spirit.
But a different story, which you can trust;
it’s a frequency, tune in, if you can hear it.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015


You know I’m a super freak…

Rick James - Super Freak (by RickJamesVEVO)

In Time

A labor of love, such patience endured;
a message from above, of steady pace.
Waiting on wine, until time has matured;
just as on vine, tasting of sweet grace.

Learning to know, the lessons taught;
gardens they grow, tended with care.
One more day, of knowledge sought;
in a usual way, becoming more aware.

Today’s harvest, the wine of tomorrow;
waiting the hardest, passing the time.
Patience again, yesterday to borrow;
no reason to feign, of wine so sublime.

Just one more dime, to pay the rent;
into my prime, a note to sing along.
Wondering how, money was spent;
knowing just now, my heart in song.

Longing I stay, in such poetic verse;
in prayer to say, so much from heart.
For labor to love, no longer perverse;
patience thereof, wisdom to impart.

~greyeyesgabriel 2015

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Gotta love those girls, girls, girls…

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