Code Orange. #OmeliaBaby

On the other end of the hospital, Hunt received a 911 page concerning his wife, in an instant he felt as though all of his organs stopped working simultaneously. He dropped everything he had as he picked up his legs to race through the hallways. He cursed himself for letting her work on the traumas, he should have sent her home. He already feared the worst. This could be life or death.

Omelia fanfic | Romance/Family | K+ | One shot

Hey guys! Damn me, back at it again with the emotional fanfic! PREPARE TISSUES FOR THE FLUFF!!

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“Are you going to continue to scold me?” “Is that what I’m doing?” “I think so.” “You’re lucky I’m just scolding you.” “What do you mean?” “Well, if you were mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week after the stunt you pulled yesterday.  You didn’t eat, you got drunk, you put yourself at risk.” 


Jean Grey is the only class five mutant I’ve ever encountered, her potential’s practically limitless. Her mutation is seated in the unconscious part of her mind and therein lay the danger. When she was a girl, I created a series of psychic barriers to isolate her powers from her conscious mind, and as a result, Jean developed a dual personality. The conscious Jean, whose powers were always in her control, and the dormant side. A personality that, in our sessions, came to call itself the Phoenix. A purely instinctual creature, all desire and joy and rage.