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Nudes by rageluvr featuring baseball hats

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Tonights Episodes

Tonight Grey’s Anatomy will air the episode called “The Sound of Silence.” It is the ninth episode from the show’s twelfth season (12x09). The episode is directed by Denzel Washington.

Tonight Scandal will air the episode called “Its Hard out Here for a General.” It is the tenth episode from the show’s fifth episode (5x10).

I wasn’t expecting u to bring that up right now I hadn’t thought about it enough

I am not gonna let u think I can handle long distance I’m not gonna mislead u like that

And I hate making u feel like shit but I can’t avoid it and I’m so sorry that I’m such a poisonous piece of grey romantic shit

Alistair was right. This wasn’t some simple little break up.
                  It was a bloody massacre.

People screamed as they ran for safety within the cities streets whilst others clinged to their bleeding families, loved ones before watching them pass upon the dirt filled floor. Such was a sight Marcus knew of all to well.

Kirkwall was a mess to that there was no doubt. However, upon having the King of Ferelden himself speak of the cities sudden uprising was clear enough to the Warden that things weren’t going too well.

           Such sights were… unsettling.

As he walked the streets, a faint sound of clicking boots caught his ear as the Grey was quick to draw his bow before turning to face the unknown friend or foe.

       “Who goes there?!” He called out toward the unknown figure.

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Name: Sarah

Nickname: Asarix, Sarahlee, sometimes Sparticus??? My parents call me Bear

Star sign: Capricorn, Aquarius rising

Gender: Cis girl

Orientation: idk tbh-romantic, demi-sexual

Favourite colour: green, blue, and silver!

Time right now: 12:37 AM

Average hours of sleep: uhhhh… 12, 5, or none. Depends on the day.

Lucky number: 5, probably.

Last thing I Googled: “how fast does honeycolor ship”

Number of blankets I sleep under: Usually a sheet and a blanket!

Favourite fictional character: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh right now I guess it’s Rei Ryugazaki??? IDK I HAVE A LOT

Favourite band/artist: The current one changes, but Yellowcard is probably my all-time favorite.

Dream job: basically, I would get to cosplay, make art, play with/take care of dogs, and something akin to Habitat for Humanity, all while getting paid lots of money.

What I am currently wearing: a grey shirt with rose print sleeves, jean shorts, and those fake thigh highs that are actually tights that look like cats.

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