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I'd love love love to see a drabble with Lucas taking care of pukey Nate! Overindulgence maybe?

Anonymous said: Are you writing for Nate? If so, I’d love to see him super pukey with Luke as the caretaker! Otherwise, Luke sick with his brothers caring for him. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to write this! Love your writing and characters! 

Nate shuffled into his dorm around one in the morning, rubbing his eyes and sinking onto the couch. “Fuuuuck, I’m tired.”

“I bet.” Lucas remarked, perching on the arm of the couch to chat. “Do you want dinner? I made pot roast earlier; there’s plenty left.”

The dark-haired young man shook his head. “Nah, not hungry.” He’d spent the last twelve or so hours holed up with the rest of the Robotics Club, working on their custom drone. To sustain themselves, the group had ordered two dozen large pizzas, washing it down with diabetes-inducing quantities of Mountain Dew. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but Nate was definitely regretting it now. His normally flat stomach was a bit distended, and he could feel the grease, sugar, and caffeine roiling around in his gut.

Lucas nodded understandingly, sliding down from the arm of the couch to the cushion to lean on their boyfriend. “You’ve been working hard. You should get some rest.” They leaned up to kiss Nate’s cheek, gently rubbing their hand up and down his bicep.

He nodded. “Yeah, good idea. I feel like shit… Maybe sleep would help.” 

“What’s wrong?” Lucas asked.

“Just queasy. Probably ate too much pizza.” Nate replied, running his hands through his dark, springy curls. When had his hair tie disappeared? He probably used it to temporarily hold something together on the drone, then forgot to get it back. Wherever it had gone, he needed to find a new one. Stray locks of hair were falling in his face, and it was getting annoying. He adjusted in his seat, shifting his weight to ease the pressure on his belly.

Luke frowned. They knew all too well the discomfort of overeating and the nausea that came with. They paused for a moment, wracking their brain as they tried to figure out how to help. “Can I do anything to make you feel better? Pet your hair? Rub your stomach? Get you a drink?”

Nate paused, running over the options in his head. “Actually, a stomach rub sounds kinda nice.”

“Okay, just lean back, and try to relax. Deep breaths, let me know if you need anything.” Lucas murmured. While Nate got comfortable, they shifted their hips, angling themselves towards Nate so they’d have better reach. They lifted up his tight grey shirt, placing one manicured hand on the older boy’s distended belly and rubbing in slow, careful circles. 

Nate smiled, closing his eyes with a deep sigh. “Mm… that feels good.” He relaxed somewhat, sinking deeper into the couch as the tension in his body faded. Before long, he was half asleep, his head resting on Luke’s shoulder. The petite blond was still rubbing Nate’s stomach, their movements rhythmic and gentle as they hummed quietly under their breath. They paused for a moment as a loud groan emitted from his belly.

“Oh, amour, that doesn’t sound very good…” They remarked quietly, feeling the deep, nauseating gurgles as Nate’s stomach struggled to digest all the over-processed garbage he’d eaten.

“Yeah, I… I don’t feel very good.” Nate admitted. He sat up a little, wrapping his arms around his increasingly upset belly.

Lucas frowned and sat up, shifting into full caretaker mode. “Do you think you’re going to be sick?” They asked, looking Nate up and down with wide, worried eyes.

He paused, only to feel his gut burble loudly under his hands. “Yeah…” He sighed, “Guess so.”

“Crap, okay, hold on.” Luke quickly hopped to their feet, helping Nate up as well. “Come on, the bathroom isn’t far, you can make it.”

Nate swayed a little, struggling to stay upright without weighing Lucas down. He barely stumbled in the bathroom door when a wave of half-digested pizza surged up his throat. Doubling over the sink, he retched loudly, gagging again at the sour smell of vomit. Lucas winced, gathering Nate’s hair back and tying it up to keep it safe from the mess. They gently slid a hand back under his shirt, rubbing rhythmically up and down his back.

Nate took a shaky breath, relaxing for a half-second before spewing another chunky mess into the quickly-filling basin. Another weaker heave brought up more sick, followed by a few hollow gags. As his body finished purging itself, he leaned back against the wall, one hand clutching his stomach, and the other rubbing his temple. All the caffeine he’d drunk earlier was working its way out of his system, and the intense crash was only making him feel worse. “Oh, man, fuck me…” He groaned.

“You should lay down…” Lucas suggested, gently tugging on Nate’s arm. “Come on, I’ll get you set up in bed, and then I’ll clean up in here.”

Too drained to object, Nate trudged along behind his partner, sinking onto the bed with a sigh. He peeled off his t-shirt, which was now soaked with sweat, tossing it aside as he laid down and attempted to get comfortable. Luke tucked him in, setting a water bottle on the side table and a trash can by the bed. “Do you need anything else before I go clean up?”

“Nah, this is fine.”

“Okay, good. I’ll clean up the bathroom, and join you in a bit, okay?”

“Mmhm, sounds good…” Nate mumbled. “Night, habib.”

Lucas smiled, turning off the bedroom light as they stepped out. “Goodnight, mon amour.”

Fic: What is Enough


Prompt from @sex-cymbal

RvB fic war prompt: Any character or pairing of your choosing! “If you’d told me about this sooner, we could’ve prevented this.” Something that was supposed to go right goes terribly, dreadfully wrong.

Or when will anything be enough.

Warnings: Medical issues, hospitals. No one dies.

Characters: Wash, Tucker, Doctor Grey

Ship: Tuckington

Notes: I kind of don’t like how this one turned out, shhhh. Insecurity hitting me hard.

Under the cut:

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Well Hello you pretty polish!

Once again a gorgeous shade from Essie, let me show you Truth or Flare. It is gorgeous on its own of course but I’ve just add a tiny bit of golden dust on the free edge of my nails, you can see the dust behind my hand (from Melkior).

Love it! :)