April 30, 2014 - Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis)

Requested by: suddenlysquids

The Gray Jay is found in northern forests of the United States and Canada year-round. They do not migrate and store food through the winter by sticking it to branches with their saliva. Their diverse diet ranges from berries to small animals. They have even been seen attacking large animals and eating blood-filled ticks off the backs of moose. These birds nest only in late winter, when temperatures can reach -20˚F (-29˚C). Their dense feathers, which they can puff up to cover their legs, help to keep them warm. In northern Eurasia, the Siberian Jay fills the same ecological niche, also using sticky saliva to glue food to branches.

I watched Descendants for the laughs how did I get invested in this franchise?

also I totally have LGBTQIA headcanons for the main four kids now and absolutely want to write a fic explaining why and how.

Mal: grey/demiromantic asexual
Jay: aromantic pansexual
Evie: bisexual with a preference for girls
Carlos: gay (which is already a relatively popular headcanon among the fandom I think)