Archaeologists Return to Richard III Gravesite

Archaeologists are about to break fresh ground in the place where the long-lost remains of King Richard III were discovered.

Last summer, excavators found the monarch’s battle-scarred bones underneath a parking lot in Leicester, England, in the medieval ruins of Grey Friars church. On Monday (July 1), the same archaeologists will begin a four-week dig at the site, hoping more discoveries lie in Richard’s final resting place.

Three other tombs were exposed during the zealous search for the king, including a 600-year-old lead-lined stone coffin. In the expanded excavation, the University of Leicester team will investigate this grave; they believe it may contain the body of Sir William Moton, a knight thought to have been buried at Grey Friars in 1362, more than 100 years earlier than Richard III’s death in 1485. Read more.