I learned my lesson from Star Wars day–all you need to do to make your glitter show up in photos is to ADD MORE.

[Image description: one close-up photo of a young woman (me) with pink hair that’s in a very short bob.  I’m wearing a yellow sweater.  My eyebrows are medium-heavily filled with dark brown eyeshadow.  My eyelids are covered in light beige shadow.  I have black eyeliner smudged into my lash line, with some grey shadow on top of it.  I’m wearing black mascara and pink blush.  I have on dark red lipstick.  My cheekbones are covered with silver glitter, and I have a bunch of it pressed onto my lips too.]

“We’re called bulletproof for a reason”

Jimin X Reader

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Words: 2782

Song that plays on the radio: Ed Sheeran, Even My Dad Does Sometimes

Being one of BTS’s makeup artist had its pros and cons as every other job. On one hand, you got to be very close to 7 men you had adored for years, spending some days locked in a small room with heavy lightning and chairs, putting makeup on them all. On another hand; you spend some days locked in a small room alone with 7 beautiful, talented and kind idols.

Your job required you to stand face to face with Bangtan, with only a few centimetres in between you and whoever you were putting makeup on. The boys were quite fond of you. They always asked how your day had been, complementing your outfit and always saying thank you after you were done with their makeup followed by a bow. You had also grown quite close to the members, especially Jimin with the two of you being around the same age.
Jimin had been one of the first to get to know you. Even though he was either exhausted or preparing to go on stage he always talked to you. Telling you small jokes to make you giggle or telling you about an amazing restaurant nearby. He once said, it was too bad they only stayed in a certain city for one night; otherwise, he would have taken you to an amusement park he had been in when he was younger. You weren’t sure if you understood it correctly. But it sounded like a date. But, why would a perfect idol want to ask you out? Why would he want a makeup artist that didn’t even make the half that he did?

Your long train of thoughts got interrupted by a small knock on your door.
Your manager peeked inside and saw you standing ready.
“Oh great Y/N you’re already ready, the guys have just gotten into their clothes. They’ll come any minute now” he informed you. You gave him thumbs up as he closed and disappeared behind the door again.
Tonight was the night Bangtan was performing in Anaheim and everything had to be perfect. Namjoon had been training few English phrases to the rest of Bangtan so they could introduce themselves on stage.

Outside the door, you could hear footsteps getting closer and voices talking. The first voice you could recognise was a very deep voice that could only belong to Taehyung, or V, as he was known on stage.
And right to your assumptions, his face with his big boxy smile was the first to enter the door. “Y/n!” He smiled as he waved his hands.“Hi” You giggled leading him towards the first makeup chair. He looked into the mirror and began messing with his hair. “No no no, Taehyung how many times must I tell you. Don’t touch your hair” you slapped his fingers away from his hair, smiling. “I know” he sighed and leant back in his chair. Without noticing Namjoon and Hoseok had also entered the room, sitting down in two chairs waiting for their turn.
You started applying a moisturiser and a primer to Taehyung face. That’s when you noticed the discolouring under Taehyung’s eyes. And unlike usually, he didn’t close his eyes when you started touching his face. He looked at you, studying your hair and skin. That’s when you also noticed the fact his eyes were slightly redder than usual. This was all very weird.
“Taehyung, are you okay?” You asked him slowly as you began dapping on a BB cream. He looked down onto his fingers placed in his lab. “Hm-mm” he nodded not very convincing.
“Are you tired?” you asked him once again. You started focusing on his brows filling them in with dark brown to match his hair. “Yeah, I didn’t really sleep as much tonight. Nerves, I guess” He said slowly. Not wanting to interrogate the poor man any further, you dropped the topic and just focused on his eye makeup. He didn’t require much, just a simple dark grey and brown eyeshadow and he was good to go. He looked into the mirror and gave an unsure smile. “Do I look good?” He asked looking up at you. You giggled. “Yes Tae you do, now send in another one of the guys while I begin on Namjoon okay?” you answered him giving his shoulder a quick comforting squeeze as he walked out of the door. Something was defiantly up with him.
You turned around and began working on Namjoon. He was on his phone scrolling through twitter. He had already popped in his contact lenses making his eyes light blue as the sky.
Judging by Namjoon’s silence, there was also something up with him. “You nervous as well?” You asked breaking the silence. You started with a concealer on Namjoon to make his skin as flawless as possible.
“Yeah” He began, thinking over his next words. “I don’t know, it’s the whole Jimin thing you know?”

You knew what he was talking about. Some random girl on twitter had been lashing out on Jimin, giving him death threats. And tonight was the night. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t been reading her tweets over and over, again and again. They kept on haunting you, you started dreaming about what would happen. If he did get shot, perhaps fatally, he would never know how you felt about him. How everything you saw reminded you somehow about him. You knew he would never feel the same about you, that’s why you’d been keeping your feelings secret.

“I just feel like as a leader I should be saying something, as his friend I should be saying something. But PD has told us to keep shut. But I just–, aish” He couldn’t finish his sentence. You tinted his lips while nodding slightly. “I know what you mean” You wanted to comfort Namjoon, but you could barely comfort yourself. How were you supposed to comfort another?
You finished his makeup quickly. He stood up and looked at you. Seconds passed where you both just stared at each other. “Be careful out there alright?” you said. “Security is tightened I know, but still…”
Namjoon gave you a reassuring smile. “We are called bulletproof for a reason y/n, don’t worry you’ll get to take my makeup off tonight and put on new tomorrow” and with that comment, he walked out of the room calling in Yoongi.
You switched on working on Hoseok, Yoongi, Jin and Jungkook and before you knew it you only needed to do Jimin’s makeup.

“Jin can you please find Jimin and send him in for me?” you asked Jin. He left you alone in the room as you started cleaning brushes. Your heart was in your throat, should you tell Jimin how you felt? What if something happens? What colour of flowers should you buy? Would you even be invited to the funeral? Your mind was filled with bad thoughts and almost didn’t hear when the door opened and closed behind you. You turned around with your eyes stinging from holding back tears. There he was. Park Jimin. He was wearing tight black jeans with holes in the knees. Black t-shirt with a blue and white striped shirt over. He looked effortlessly beautiful. He stared directly at you and you prayed he wouldn’t notice your reddening eyes. You patted the chair he should sit in, and without saying a word he sat down and looked into the mirror.
It felt like time was on double speed. No matter how slow you tried to put on his makeup, there wasn’t enough time. Someone was stealing him away from you, and you could barely hold yourself together. He followed you with his dark brown eyes. Your cheeks were a bit flushed, so was the tip of your nose. You concentrated on applying his face makeup, you didn’t even notice his staring. Did you even know how crazy he was about you? How many times he had tried asking you out, but you haven’t gotten the hint.
Not being able to stay in silence with him you turned on the radio. It was a quiet song that started to play. A soft voice was singing, a guitar and piano harmonising. You patted with your fingertips concealer under his eyes. Carefully you lined his waterlines, applied a pinkish lip tint to his bottom lip. He looked so stunning.

You swallowed and took a step back looking at him. “I think I’m done”
He looked into the mirror and chuckled. “You’ve done it again y/n, thank you so much” he stood up from the chair and gave you a bow. “It’s my job…” you sighed. You turned away from him and found yourself cleaning brushes again, not being able to look him in the eyes. His beautiful dark brown eyes. Jimin appeared behind you and you gasped as you made eye contact in the mirror. He stood silently behind you, looking at your every move. He followed your eyes when they landed on him. “Wait, aish I’m sorry y/n I forgot to put my contacts in!” He exclaimed suddenly making you jump.
“Arh Jimin! They’re so hard getting in without messing up the makeup. Be careful, do you have the lenses with you?” You asked turning around facing him. He stood quite close to you, so close you could feel his breath tickling your face.
Jimin took up a small box from the back of his pants. You moved out of the way so he was closer to the mirror. He started slowly pulling his under eye down, making you bite your lip. There wasn’t enough time to re-do his eye makeup before the stage opened. Jimin held his breath as he brought the lens closer and closer to his eye. For a moment you thought he was going to get it in, but his reflexes got the better of him and he blinked last minute making the lens falling out and smudging the lower waterline. He tried again. His finger got closer and closer to his eye, but once again last minute he blinked.

He sighed hopelessly and looked down, positioning the lens again on the tip of his finger. “I’m usually better at this… I just can’t make myself relax” he mumbled quietly.
“Here,” You said pushing his chest down so he would sit in the makeup chair. “Let me try” you suggested as you placed the lens on top of your own finger. Jimin nodded and felt electricity run through him when your fingers touched. His heart beating a bit faster and looked at you with big eyes.
You held your breath as you pulled down his eye to make room for the contact lens. You felt Jimin doing the same.
Getting your finger closer and closer to his eye you thought for a moment you were gonna make it, but last minute the lens jumped off your finger and landed on his cheeks.
You both giggled as you swept the lens away. “I just have to get the right angle” you smiled. “Try standing on my other side” Jimin suggested. Standing on his right side was even harder and this time the lens didn’t even come close to his eye.
Jimin had to get his green contacts in, he had to.
“Oh well, third time is luck’s time,” Jimin said encouraging as you stood in front of him. You bend slightly down on your knees trying to get at eye level with him. This time the lens touched his eye but as soon as he blinked it came out again.

“This is going to sound awkward but what if you sat on me? I mean, only for a short time, and just so you could get the lens in. I didn’t mean anything by it just–”

“No let’s try it, you have to wear them” You interrupted his awkward rambling chuckling at his cuteness. He looked surprised for a moment, having his eyebrows raising. But nonetheless, he spread his thighs making room for you to sit on. Hesitating, you put a hand on his shoulder and placed yourself on his lap. Jimin’s hands moved up to your thighs slowly to make sure you kept your balance. You had never been this close to him before. Not while you were alone together. He looked into your eyes for a moment. Neither of you did anything but looking deeply into each other eyes. Your heart was beating faster. Still having a hand on his shoulder you moved it to open his eye. Then you brought the green lens closer, and closer until it touched his eyes and it sank into his iris changing his eye colour an instant. You both smiled relieved. “Finally” Jimin laughed looking at you. “One to go” You smiled back. You gripped the container on the desk behind you and took out the other lens. You took a deep breath and placed it on your finger. You leant closer to him. His hands that had been placed on the top of your thighs, moved up to your waist. You stopped breathing. Was he aware of where he was keeping his hands? or was it a coincidence?
Keeping your focus, you moved the lens closer to his eye and like the last one, it fitted into his iris perfectly.

You leant back slightly looking into his green eyes. Beautifull.
Jimin kept his hands at your waist, not wanting to let you go. He wanted nothing more than to have you on his lap with his arms around you for the rest of his days. You didn’t try move away either, just enjoying the movement.

Silence filled the room again, as you looked down on your hands nervously.
“Yeah?” you looked at him again. His body was warm against yours. He smelled cleaned, of new laundry and his perfume.
His light pink hair fitted him so perfect, his outfit was perfect and his voice was warming something deeply inside of you. That’s when you felt it. Something cold running slowly down your cheek. A tear. No. Many tears.
“Y/n, y/n hey - what’s wrong why are you crying? hey - come here” Jimin said worryingly as he pulled you into his chest. You sobbed into his chest uncontrollably. He held one hand around your waist, the other on at you shoulder holding you close.
“Jimin, why aren’t you nervous? How can you go on stage tonight?” You cried into him, shaking.

“Y/n, nothing is going to happen. You know this deeply inside. People write a lot on the internet - okay? Why do you worry about me?” He asked as he pulled you away slightly so he could look into your eyes. He wasn’t worth crying over, it could defiantly not be him you were crying over. “Because, I, I like you Jimin. And - I’m so scared something is going to happen to you” You sniffled trying to pull yourself together, failing miserably. Jimin couldn’t believe his own ears. Were you confessing to him?
“You like me?”
“YES! Jimin! I love you, and I know you will never love me. I would never forgive myself if I never confessed to you and you died”

Jimin placed quickly his hands on either side of your face and pulled your lips against his own. He kissed you with so much passion you stopped crying immediately. You kissed him back.

“I. love. you. too.” Jimin said in between kissing you. “I love you so much, you have no idea how much I love you,” He said resting his forehead against yours. He ran his hands up and down your thighs.
“Y/n, I promise you nothing is going to happen. I promise” He whispered. You nodded slightly. “I have to go, they’re starting up. I love you. Let me prove how much after the concert. Okay?” He said giving you a kiss. Once again you nodded as you stood up from his lap. He walked towards the door and opened it. But before he stepped out he kissed you on the lips, longer than the kiss before. And then he stepped out of the door, closing it behind him.

               This concert was gonna be 2 hours of living hell for you. 

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My eye makeup didn’t come out how I wanted it to look, but it’s still pretty cool…  It looked better when my eyes were open, but none of those pictures turned out.

[Image description: one close-up photo of a young woman (me) with pink hair that’s in a very short bob.  I am wearing a black-and-white houndstooth print scarf like a headband.  My eyebrows are medium-heavily filled with dark brown eyeshadow.  I’m wearing black eyeliner that sort of outlines the shape of very wide eyeliner wings.  The points on the outside are filled with black shadow, which shades into grey.  Then the third or so of eyelid closest to my nose is covered in shimmery beige shadow.  I’m wearing black mascara and pink-purple lip tint.]

how to get into sfx (”horror”) makeup

I recently made a post about how to get into makeup, but in it I only talked about traditional, “pretty” makeup. I didn’t address the creepier side of it at all. I’ve heard a LOT of people say that they think SFX makeup is really interesting and that they would love to start experimenting with it, but they have no idea what products to buy or how to use them. I’ll warn you now – FX products are not cheap, and some of them can be a little intimidating the first time you use them, but once you get used to working with them, it’s really fun! With this kind of makeup, you can really transform yourself; the only limit is your imagination. I’ve only been into SFX for the last year or so, so I’m still learning and building up experience, but I think I’ve more or less mastered the basics. I feel like this kind of makeup is really more of an art form than traditional makeup, and (as with any other kind of art) you can really see yourself progress as an artist over time.

like with traditional makeup, there’s a few basic products that I recommend starting your collection with:

  • liquid latex (This is probably the product you’ll use the most in your projects. It’s easy to use, easy to remove, and not too expensive. Latex is most commonly used to create “fake skin” for fake wounds.)
  • face paint (Unfortunately, I can’t link you to the palette I use, because it came as part of a makeup kit. There are three common formulas: water-activated paints, alcohol-activated paints, and cream paints/grease paints. I recommend starting out with cream paints, because they’re the safest, easiest to use, and most forgiving of the three.)
  • a bruise wheel (These are special paints with a creamy, easy-to-blend formula, used to create realistic-looking bruises. If you don’t want to buy one, you can get the same effect with a combination of very dark red lipstick and black eyeshadow. I do recommend the bruise wheel though, because the yellow and green colors are really good for making your skin look sick or infected.)
  • coagulated blood (There are two types of fake blood. This one is the thick, clotted, nauseating kind. It doesn’t smear or run as easily as the more liquid-y blood does, and it adds an extra layer of icky texture to wounds.)
  • squirt blood/fresh blood/standard fake blood (This stuff looks like fresh blood. Different brands market it under different names, but they’re all the same: runny, deep red, and a complete mess. It’s super fun to work with, but you WILL ruin whatever clothes you’re wearing.)

Those products cover the basics, and it’s a good idea to master them before you move on to less forgiving SFX products. If you need ideas/examples, try one of these tutorials: x x  They’re both pretty easy, so they’re good “first attempt” looks to help you get used to the products.

Here are some other commonly-used FX products that you might run into:

  • rigid collodion (This is one of the scariest FX products to use, so I definitely DO NOT recommend experimenting with it until you’ve mastered the basics. This product puckers your skin in a way that creates very realistic fake scars, but if you don’t remove it properly, or apply it in the same place several days in a row, or put it on your lips or eyes, you could seriously damage your skin. I HAVE used it before and I was fine, so you don’t need to be afraid of it, but if you’re going to use it, be careful and make sure you know what you’re doing.)   
  • scar wax (This is literally just modelling wax for your face. I’ve seen it used with rigid collodion or alone to create scars or wounds, and used on its own to make prosthetic noses and brows. I have some, but haven’t used it yet, but my understanding is that it’s very easy to use.)
  • spirit gum (This is an adhesive, used for gluing prosthetics to your face. I’m pretty sure you need a special removal liquid to get it off, but I haven’t used it yet so I am by no means an expert. On the rare occasion that I do have prosthetics, I just glue them on with a little liquid latex.)
  • tooth fx (It’s paint for your teeth. You have to make sure your teeth are completely dry before you can put it on, and you have to make sure the paint is dry before you can close your mouth, but it looks really cool. It comes in lots of colors, from black to blood red to nicotine yellow.) 

Honestly, if you’re serious about getting into SFX, I recommend getting a stage makeup kit. It’s the easiest way to get all the basic products at once, and it’s actually cheaper than buying them all individually (like I said, FX products aren’t cheap). I got the Mehron Special FX Kit (which has all of the products I mentioned in this post in it) for my birthday last year, and it’s been a really great introduction. While some of the products aren’t the best quality, they’re good for learning and starting out. As you run out of things, you can replace them with better quality products.

Here are some tips and tricks to remember when you’re working with these new products:

  • ALWAYS DO AN ALLERGY TEST BEFORE USING A PRODUCT ON YOUR FACE. Testing products is really easy: I just apply them to the back of my non-dominant hand and leave them on for a couple of hours to see if I have a reaction. The only time I’ve used rigid collodion was when I recreated the Outsider’s brand from Dishonored, which doubled as my allergy test for the product. (And it did break me out, so I don’t use collodion anymore.) I really cannot stress how important allergy tests are – this is definitely a “better safe than sorry” kind of thing. 
  • You can use spirit gum near (but not on) your hair, as long as you have the proper removal liquid to get it off. This makes spirit gum the ideal adhesive for attaching things like elf ears, horns, ect.
  • With the bruise wheel, a little product and a lot of blending goes a long way. 
  • If you plan to work with latex a lot, I recommend buying a ton of cheap cosmetic wedge sponges to apply it with, because you will ruin every sponge you use for latex after one use.
  • Like with pretty makeup, I recommend buying a set of professional makeup brushes for this. DO NOT USE YOUR REGULAR BRUSHES FOR FX MAKEUP. YOU WILL RUIN THEM. (The Mehron kit I have came with several brushes, and you could also use normal paintbrushes as long as they’re soft and made from material you aren’t allergic to.)
  • You can create realistic-looking fake skin by layering liquid latex with very thin strips of tissue paper. Warning: doing this takes forever, because you have to wait for each layer to dry completely before adding the next one.
  • Don’t worry if your makeup doesn’t end up looking exactly like it did in your head, or exactly like your reference picture. SFX looks are very forgiving, because they don’t have to be neat, or pretty, or symmetrical. In fact, for most horror makeup, messier is better.
  • Contouring the hollows of your cheeks and your temples with a black or dark grey eyeshadow is a great way to instantly look more sunken in and skeletal (especially if you already have a white or grey foundation on). 
  • You can make your own foundation shades for whatever monster you’re creating by mixing face paint (or matte eyeshadow pigments) with your normal foundation. Foundation + white face paint = vampire. Foundation + grey (and maybe a tiny bit of green) paint = rotting corpse/zombie. And mixing your own colors is really fun! 

And finally,

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t expect all of your SFX looks to turn out the way you wanted them to, especially at first. No one starts out as an expert. Remember the first time you tried to use liquid eyeliner? Be patient with yourself, and take on new challenges as you master basic skills. 

I hope at least a few of you found this helpful. If you have any additional questions, feedback, or product recommendations, or if you’re an old SFX pro who has advice/constructive criticism for me, please message me! I love hearing from you guys! I’m also open to take requests for tutorials (horror makeup or traditional makeup), if there’s something specific you want to know how to do (or at least see my take on it). 

anonymous asked:

I love your no make up make up look, how did you do it?? If you don't mind me asking x

Prep: moisturizer by avena and sweet almond oil
Base: mufe hd foundation, only used very sparingly on areas where my skin wasn’t looking even enough for my liking, NARS creamy concealer
Eyes: a golden eyeshadow from kiko, I rimmed my upper eyelid with some black pencil liner and put on falsies that I cut in half and mascara on bottom and top lashes
Brows: abh brow wiz and grey eyeshadow from the meet matte palette to create tiny hair like strokes
Lips: nude lip liner and a red lip lacquer by gosh cosmetics
Face: mufe cream blush in bright pink shade blended in with a beauty blender (I usually apply blush horizontally across my entire face including my nose to shorten the appearance of my face and it makes the freckles looks more believable), really subtle contour using the sleek contour palette, I also used the highlighter from that palette
+ fake freckles i did using the brow wiz and an eyeliner brush dipped into the same shade I used to contour


This my friends is a great big temporary neck tattoo. For best effects, you should have a friend help you out with some of these steps. 

For this you will need: 

Matte red blush/eyeshadow color 

A pen that will write on skin 

A sharpie 

Plastic food wrap 


1. Sketch out what you want the tattoo to look like on the desired area. We do this because it’s much less noticable to screw up with pen than sharpie. 

2. Powder the area with your blush or eyeshadow. This is going to make the skin around your tattoo look raw and irritated. It’s much more convincing to fake a fresh tattoo this way. You really wanna make sure that your powder is matte, because shimmery eyeshadow will give it away fairly quickly. 

3. Go over your outline with sharpie. If you picked a hard to reach area like I did, you might want to have a friend help you put with this step. An optional extra step would be to take some matte black/grey eyeshadows and give your ink some shading. Don’t worry about being 100% neat; the bulkier and stupider it looks, the more of a reaction you’re gonna get from the people you’re pranking. 


5. Carefully apply the wrap to your skin. Avoid sliding it as this may also rub off the color; you should be using gentle patting motions. The petroleum jelly should stick to your skin pretty easily. 

6. You’re all done! Go freak out your parents.


yo yo yo, wuddup. you guys like homestuck? you guys like cosplay?? you guys like makeup tutorials??? well shucks, i sure do got a thing for you wow.

this is just a basic male troll makeup tutorial that you can change up and use for whatever troll you’re cosplaying. for this I’m using karkat as my base….because he’s fun….but take out the angry brows and “haven’t’ slept in a sweep” shading under the eyes and you’ve got your basic male troll.

now let’s rock n roll

STEP 1: take a “before” selfie because that’s what all the cool kids do.


STEP 2: got eyebrows? glue that shit down. don’t got eyebrows? shit, son, you’re already way ahead of me, skip this step.

i use this, it’s nice. it’s disappearing purple. it comes out purple and then it disappears. wow. cool. now you don’t necessarily have to do this step but i would recommend it because it’ll help you get a more even coat of paint over that area and if you have obnoxious curly old man brows like me it’ll keep them out of the way.

STEP 3: prime your eyelids (optional, cover your lips and brows)

priming your eyelids is very important, it’ll help prevent those little creases on your eyelids! covering your lips is great if you tend to use your mouth a lot, over time the makeup may crack and wear off, this’ll help keep the makeup on longer. covering your brows will help give you a more even space to work with (helps hide your brows)

if you look anything like this, a+, you are damn sexy, unf.

STEP 4: dig out your weapon of choice i mean grey makeup, and paint yourself up for battle i mean cosplay

this step is pretty self explanatory. take that shit, rub it on your face. i like to use snazaroo a lot but use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

(optional step: run around scaring small children and unsuspecting civilians)

STEP 5: SEAL IT. for the love of gosh-diddly-darnnit seal your grey. i don’t have any pictures for this step because….i just don’t, what do you want from me. but yeah, some translucent powder, some ben bye final seal, you’re good.

this is usually were people are like “WELL I’M GREY TIME TO PARTY” which is a-okay, you do what you want, bro, have fun and enjoy your cosplay~


STEP 6: contour! grab your choice of medium grey eyeshadow (matte, no sparkle or glitter) and contour your face to give it more definition.

since karkat is always angry let’s take the contouring up on the inner corners of the eyebrows. also add a little more shading under the eyes because kid never sleeps or something idk just do it….or not, idc

STEP 7: smudge some black lipstick on.

“BUT HE’S A BOY, HE DOESN’T WEAR LIPSTICK.” sit the fudge down. we don’t want to add too much because, yeah, it’ll look like you’re wearing lipstick, but just smudge on a little near the inside of your lip and bring it out to the edges. it’s more aesthetically pleasing and you don’t look so dead.

i also added a little more of a darker grey under the eyes here.

STEP 8: add some eyebrows.

since this is a cosplay i like to go all out and exaggerate the brows because, really, why the fudge not. go big or go home. bump up that eyebrow game. do it. or don’t, it’s up to you man.

STEP 9: now that you’ve got your disney villain eyebrows seal it again. THAT’S RIGHT, we just sealed this shit twice. don’t question it, just do it.

STEP 10: slap a wig on and call it done. (or, you know, put on the whole cosplay, whatever)

that’s it. that’s the tutorial.


have fun cleaning that off.

anonymous asked:

Once Nico finds a possum eating some roadkill and its the only living creature that likes him. He takes her back to chb and she lives under his cabin. Sometimes he leaves chicken nuggets out for her, and she lays on his lap during bonfires like a cat

this ask made me think of this post 

so here is a nico in dark grey eyeshadow oversized grey sweater and fingerless gloves plus his opossum

her name is ebony dark’ness dementia opossum way and whenever someone calls his hair a rats nest she pops out and he just “ebony doesnt like to be called a rat watch your fucking manners”

dudes I didn’t even notice i hit 1000 followers what the actual fuck i have 1007 followers

since idk if it was before the deadline or not, i guess I’ll do the karkat thing? it was close enough lol.

ok so!!! literally just give me a bunch of karkats/aus!! bloodswaps, comic references, etc etc whatever and I’ll do my best to cosplay it (when i can-I’m out of grey eyeshadow for contour so i gotta gotta get that first + I’m sunburned but as soon as i can im gonna do it)

Also i feel like 1000 is a big milestone?? Should i do something bigger for it???????? Recommend things you guys

Ive never been this popular on anything before not really (ok temporarily on insta but not really and that was years ago)

Yeah what should i do to celebrate

June 18, 2017

Just A Kiss

Chris Evans x reader
Imagine: Having a cute date with Chris

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff
Rated: Everyone

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

“I’ll pick you up at seven!”
“Ok, Chris. See ya at seven.”
“By the way, wear something cute.”
“Ok, mr. Bossy.”
“Yea yeah.”
You chuckled and hung up the phone, blushing like crazy. Your movie star, magazine heart throb best friend Chris Evans just asked you out on a date. You couldn’t help but squeal and dance around in your tank top and booty-short underwear. You looked at the time and gasped.
“4:25! I’ll never have enough time to get ready!”
You scrambled off your bed, your feet getting tangled in your blanket and tripped. Laughing at yourself, you went to your closet and picked out a (fave color), sleeveless sundress. Picking up a pair of black flats, you headed yo the bathroom and took a needed shower.
-timeskip to 4:51-
You smiled and got out, feeling fresh and clean. Drying your hair in a towel, you put on your sundress and brushed your teeth. Excitement built itself into your bones as you started humming and dancing a bit as you blow dried your hair. You went to your vanity in the corner of the bedroom, picking out grey eyeshadow and black eyeliner. You checked the time.
“5:22? How’d it go by so fast?”
You shrugged and put on concealer and foundation, putting a little blush on your cheeks after. As you finished doing your makeup, your phone beeped.
CE: hey, can we actually go a little earlier?
Me: sure, what time?
CE: I’m actually standing at your bedroom door.
CE: rotflmao xD I let myself in. You really gotta start lockin the front door. What if I was a creepy stalker? O_O ~Im watching you like a movie~ [·_·]
Me: oh my fucking god. I can see you staring at me through my door xD
Chris made a funny face at you as he texted back.
CE: \(0_0)/ that’s the point!! Btw, you look gorgeous.
You blushed and looked at him.
“Chris, get in here you weirdo.”
He waltzed in and you laughed as he struck a funky pose. He laughed with you and grabbed two pins, putting your hair up. He kissed your head then said excitedly, grabbing your hand.
“Come on! I made reservations for this really nice restaurant.”
I smiled and let him drag me to his car. He got in and said.
“Then after dinner, I got a surprise for you!”
“Oh really?”
“Hell yeah!”
You laughed and he pulled into a beautiful building. The entrance had two statues guarding it and you two walked in.
The waiter said. Chris nodded and you two sat down in a booth. You ordered an ice tea and Chris got an rootbeer. He looked at you and you asked.
“So hows the new CA comin along?”
He replied, rubbing his face.
“I miss my beard.”
I giggled and put my hands on his cheeks, squishing his face.
“I like it when it starts to grow back.”
He replied with a smile, grabbing my hands.
“Thanks you, ma'am. Now stop squishing my face like I’m a fat man.”
You giggled and your drinks came. The waiter asked you.
“What would you like, pretty lady?”
I said.
“Medium rare steak with sauteed onions on top?”
“Alright. And your two sides?”
“Shrimp and mac an cheese.”
Chris grinned and replied.
“I’ll have the same.”
The waiter left and you immediately leaned in.
“Dude, he was totally checkin you out.”
Chris got an horrified look on his face and you giggled, leaning back.
“Oh god…”
“He gave you googly eyes.”
“Googly eyes?”
“Googly eyes.”
Chris facepalmed and you laughed. The food came and you two ate, talking about his movie and what animal was better.
After dinner, you two left and he took you too a carnival. He played a couple games, saying.
“This is so cliché.”
And won you a couple stuffed animald. You put them in a bag and he grabbdd your hand, dragging you to a boating ride.
“Come on!”
“I’m comin, I’m comin!”
You two got on the boat and started peddling around, him steering.
“Did you have fun?”
You smiled and nodded, his hand squeezing yours.
“Yes. Thank you so much.”
He smiled and replied.
Suddenly, he leaned in and his lips touched yours. You blushed and lifted a hand to his cheek as he deepened the kiss. You two pulled back and he rested his forehead against yours.
“How was that?”
“I’m not feeding your ego.”
You two laughed.

“I guess I got my answer” - Jack Barakat imagine

Hey guys, I’m back with a new imagine! I wanted you to have something new to read before I start a project with an amazing writer… I can’t tell anything about it right now, but I’m really excited about it! :)


I smiled widely as the crowd in front of me cheered, clapped and jumped all around the place. My band Y/B/N and I were finally playing Warped tour: we had all spent hours dreaming about playing this tour while we only played in small bars in front of 50 people, but now it was real. Every show was amazing and unique, and getting to play in front of a different crowd, in a different city every day along with some of the best bands made it even more amazing.

“Alright guys, I want you to go crazy for our last song!” Our lead singer Mary exclaimed in the mic as I started playing the first notes.

The crowd started jumping up and down, a circle pit even appeared in the middle. I jumped as well as Mary ran around the stage and sang. The song came to an end and we thanked the kids again before leaving the stage smiling from ear to ear. As I was handing my guitar to one of the techs side stage, I saw Jack Barakat from All Time Low walking toward me.

“Aren’t you supposed to play in like, 2 minutes?” I joked as a tech ran after him with a guitar in hand.

“I know, I know.” He answered. “But first I wanted to tell you that we’re throwing a small party tonight in our bus, and you and your bandmates are invited!”

I was surprised at first since it was our first time playing Warped tour and we weren’t as famous as the other bands, which meant that most of the other band members didn’t notice us usually.

“Well thank you, I’ll tell the others about it!” I smiled widely.

“Great, then come by our bus at 11 tonight!” I heard him say.

Jack soon disappeared, being hurried toward the stage by the same tech that had followed him earlier. I found my band mates a few meters away, walking toward the parking lot where the tour buses were parked.

“Hey guys, we’ve just been invited to a party on ATL’s bus tonight!” I screamed as I jumped on our drummer Tom’s back playfully.

“Wow, really? That’s amazing!” Our bassist James smiled.

After taking a quick shower, we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the festival, listening to some of the concerts, sometimes taking pictures with fans that had recognized us or signing posters and t-shirts for them.

After a while I looked at my phone and saw that it was already 18:57PM which meant that we had only one hour left to get ready for this party. I told Mary that we had to go back to the bus, while the guys stayed a few more minutes to watch another band play. I was the first in the small bus bathroom so I took a quick shower while Mary watched TV in the back room.

I turned the shower off and wrapped myself in a towel, leaving the bathroom for Mary to use it. I chose to wear a dark red dress that went down to mid-thigh and hugged my slight curves. I rummaged through my suitcase under the bunks to find a pair of black high heels. I put them on my bed for later and grabbed my make-up bag. I applied a grey eyeshadow in a smoky-eye way, add some mascara and finished with some red lipsticks on my lips. I looked at my reflection in my small mirror and smiled, satisfied with the way it made my eyes stand out. I heard the bathroom door shut open and close exactly when James and Tom came back on the bus.

“Hey girls, are you ready?” Tom asked as he entered the bunk area.

“Give me a few more minutes, I’ve just got out of the shower!” Mary said from the bathroom as she put on her dress as well.

A few minutes later we were all ready to go. ATL’s bus was parked just a few meters away from us so we were soon knocking on the bus door.

“Hey, Y/B/N are here!” Zack told over the music as he opened the door. “Come inside guys!”

We entered the bus and were met by dozens of people squeezed up in such a small space, surrounded by loud music. I searched around for familiar faces, not noticing that Mary had followed the guys in another part of the bus. I was left alone near the door when finally a tall and well-known figured made his way toward me.

“Hey Y/N, what are you doing here alone?” Jack Barakat asked me, a drink in his hand.

Wait, so Jack Barakat knows my name? I thought he wouldnt even recognize me, I thought.

“Well I kind of lost my band mates, or actually they just disappeared.” I explained, laughing.

“At least you’re not alone now.” He smiled, wrapping his arm around my shoulders discretely.

I laughed internally at his gesture and followed him toward a table filled with bottles and red solo cups. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and poured some in a new cup, then added some soda in it and handed the drink to me.

“Here you go, milady!” He said in a fake English accent.

“Thank you, Mister Barakat!” I laughed.

We chatted for a while as we sipped on our drinks, laughing at Jack’s attempts at making jokes. I hadn’t seen any of my band mates yet but I was enjoying my night, and I had only met Jack properly a few hours ago but he really seemed like a nice guy.

After a few hours of partying, people starting leaving to go back to their buses and Jack’s band mates went to sleep in their bunks, I was left sitting on the couch next to Jack, both of us being a bit tipsy. We kept on talking while Jack tried to come closer and closer to me minutes after minutes, until our legs were touching. At that moment, he took my glass from my hand and put it on the floor next to his, then placed one of his hands behind my neck and the other on my cheek.

“Let’s go to my bunk, ok?” Jack whispered, looking me in the eyes.

As I nodded, he stood up immediately and took my hand in his, leading me toward the bunk area. He helped me into his bunk, and as soon as we were both on his bed and the curtain was closed, he crashed his lips against mine eagerly. I was a bit taken aback by his impatience but I soon got lost into the kiss as one of his hands started going up and down my thigh and under my dress.

“Are you sure about that Y/N?” Jack asked me in between kisses.

“I’m sure Jack, don’t worry.” I smiled even if he probably couldn’t see it in the darkness.

I took this moment as my clue to push him on his back and straddled him, the alcohol in my system obviously boosting my confidence. I pecked his lips a few times, taking control, before helping him take off his shirt, revealing his well-known Jack Skellington tattoo. I ran my nails down his chest slowly, earning a low growl from his mouth.

I took off my dress as well, Jack’s hands immediately reaching my back to unclasp my bra. He gasped slightly as my breasts were finally exposed, his mouth going straight to one of my nipples. I bit my lower lip as he nibbled at the sensitive skin. At the same moment, his other hand went down my stomach and under the elastic of my lace panties, finally reaching my core. God does it feel good, I thought.

I took a few seconds to unbutton his jeans and lower them down his legs, uncovering the bulge that had formed in his boxers. I ran my fingers over his length through the thin fabric, making him shiver. I slipped two of my fingers under the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down as well, his already hard dick springing up against his stomach.

“I really, really need to be inside of you…” Jack trailed off as I wrapped my hand around his member.

“Just a minute, Jack.” I whispered in his ear.

I started placing kisses below his ear and down his neck, biting gently from time to time. All the while I pumped my hand up and down his cock, earning some moans of pleasure from his mouth.

Suddenly, he wrapped his strong hand around my wrist and put my hand away from his crotch before turning us over so that he was on top. He pulled my panties down my legs and I kicked them away in a corner of the bunk. He hovered over me again with one arm next to my head while his free hand went down to my wet folds.

“Jack, I need you…” I moaned as he started playing with my folds.

He didn’t waste any seconds before entering me slowly but strongly. He gave me a few seconds to adjust to his size before starting moving inside of me. After a few thrusts, he increased his pace and suddenly hit my G-spot, earning a loud moan that escaped my mouth. He hit this spot repeatedly before I decided to take control again.

I straddled him and lowered myself on his hard cock, biting my lips as his length filled me perfectly and his hands grabbed my ass. I started bouncing up and down again while Jack’s hips met mine halfway. I saw him bit his lips as he intently watched my breasts move in synch with our thrusts.

His right hand left my butt and made its way to my core, his thumb immediately tracing circle around my clit. I cried in pleasure as he applied pressure on the sensitive bundle of nerve. I started going faster and faster as I felt a burning sensation appear in my lower stomach.

“I’m close Jack…” I moaned.

“Let it go Y/N.” He told me with one last thrust up of his hips.

I couldn’t help but moan loudly as I orgasmed at the same time as I felt Jack shot his warm seed inside of me. I rode off our high and lay next to him, panting. He immediately wrapped his arms around me, bringing my naked body against his. I fell asleep quickly in his embrace.

- The next morning -


- Jacks POV -

I smiled as I watched Y/N stir in her sleep. She was so beautiful with her Y/H/C hair and perfect body. I could easily picture me waking up next to her every day.

After a few minutes, she finally opened her eyes. She looked surprised at first before probably remembering where she was, still not noticing that my eyes were locked on her. Finally, she noticed my presence next to her and smiled shyly.

“Hello beautiful.” I smiled. “How did you sleep?”

“I hadn’t slept that well in a while, to be honest.” She admitted.

We lay there for a while, enjoying the comfortable silence that surrounded us.

“Do we have to get up already?” She asked, yawning.

“It’s still early in the morning, we can stay there for as long as you want.” I smiled down at her.

She exhaled loudly and cuddled against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and kissed the top of her head. To my surprise, she reacted quite strongly to that gesture: she sat up instantly, already looking for her clothes in my bunk.

“Hmm… Did I do something wrong?” I asked, surprised.

“It’s just that… I don’t think it’s a good idea, actually.” She stated coldly. “I know this was probably just a one-time thing and I shouldn’t get my hopes up, that’s all.”

“No, no Y/N, please listen to me…” I started as I grabbed her hand.

She looked at me reluctantly, waiting for me to speak up.

“I know that I might not have the best reputation when it comes to women, but I don’t want this to be only a one night-stand. I had noticed you since the very first day of Warped tour when I watched your band from side stage, and immediately I knew I needed to know you better.” I started explaining.

She sat awkwardly next to me, tracing some patterns on the duvet with her index finger.

“Yesterday when I found you after your set, I felt all shy like a middle school boy asking his crush to go on a date with him.” I chuckled as it felt quite stupid saying it aloud. “But anyway, this night wasn’t just sex to me. I felt something for you, not just a spark, but something stronger.”

“It feels so unreal, being in this situation right now. Before yesterday, I didn’t even know you knew who I was, I thought you hadn’t even noticed me…” She laughed shyly. “To be honest, I really thought you were going to push me out the door as soon as you would wake up and see me in your bunk this morning. You’re the famous Jack Barakat after all.” She stated.

“Really? Oh God I’m so sorry that you thought I would do that.” I sighed. “I guess I’ll have to do my best to earn your trust and lose this bad reputation of mine, but for now I really don’t want to throw my chance away. So please Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” I almost whispered the last part.

For a second I feared that she hadn’t heard me as she remained silent. Finally, she cleared her throat and looked at me. I closed my eyes, knowing that I wouldn’t probably get the answer I wanted. That was until I felt her fingers under my chin and her sweet lips against mine: I guess I got my answer!