So the next Dresden Files book is called Peace Talks…

“You’re in America now,“ I said. "Our idea of diplomacy is showing up with a gun in one hand and a sandwich in the other and asking which you’d prefer.” ~ Harry Dresden in Turn Coat.

Harry hasn’t gotten any more subtle as time progressed. I predict reminders of what harry did to the Red Court used as threats. 

Over Confident baddie: And what would you do to stop us mortal?

Angry Harry: Ask the Red King.

who to fight on babylon five

Sinclair: you’ll win, but then the Grey Council will wipe everyone’s memories and swear that no one will speak of this again. don’t fight Sinclair.

Ivanova: Ivanova is always right. You will listen to Ivanova. You will not ignore Ivanova’s recommendations. Ivanova is God. And if this ever happens again Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out. Don’t fight Ivanova.

Delenn: she will D E S T R O Y  Y O U. jesus christ don’t fight Delenn

Sheridan: eh, why not. Go the fuck ahead. Interrupt one of his speeches about oranges by punching him in the fucking face.

Londo: please fight Londo. He deserves it. Get him drunk, fend off his awful romantic advances, and then beat him up and steal any important Plot Artifacts on his person. He’ll cry and it will be really embarrassing but just please take one for the team and fight Londo

G’Kar: you could fight G’Kar. You could even beat him. But then Na’Toth would murder you so really it’s not worth it.

Garibaldi: I don’t blame you for wanting to fight Garibaldi but come on he’s the security chief and a Loose Cannon™. Show some genre awareness! At least he probably won’t kill you? I suppose if you’ve got to fight someone, you could do worse than to fight Garibaldi. I SUPPOSE.

Franklin: why would you fight Franklin. Don’t fight him. Poor guy has enough on his plate what with daily crises of space medical ethics.

Kosh: fight Kosh. go on. It’ll be funny. You’ll be dead but it will be hilarious


Lennier: Fighting Lennier means fighting Delenn. What did I say about fighting Delenn

Vir: do you like kicking puppies in your free time too

Most important things while I remember them.

1. Harry is not relater to Merlin.
2. Bob will stay with Butters. For little brain babys sake cause who wants to introduce a pervert like bob to the equivilant of a 2 year old.
3. Brain babba’s first line is “Pancakes are inanemat”
4. Theoretically you you could magically surgically remove a white court vamps demon but it would send them crazy from the psycic trauma.
5. Sword of faith is probably yellow and looks totally like a lightsaber cause Butters is a giant nerd.
6. It also sounds like a holy chior.
7. We will find out more about le Fay but not Malcom.
8. We wont find out more about the british prisoner till like book 18.
9. Maggy has crippling social anxiety. Without Mouse she can’t function.
10. Unless everythings on fire. Then she’s cool cause she’s Harrys daughter. Naturally.

But the most exciting thing i found out today. There will be 2 spin off series from the files. AND ONE IS A YA SERIES ABOUT MAGGY IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!


There is probably more, but i’m blogging on a bus and someone has taken their shoes off. Help meeeeeee…

Harry Dresden and his daughters

I’ve been wondering how is Harry going to introduce his two daughters to each other? 

I like to imagine Harry crouching down to Margaret and producing a box or some other object and saying “I’d like to introduce you to your half sister, she’s a spirit of intellect who lives in this box, her name is…”  Margaret then gets worried that Harry is crazy so hugs Mouse tight looking to him for reassurance and so Mouse nods his head sagely. 

Or,  Margaret freaks out because she thinks her sister is dead and she can’t handle that and harry freaks out because he doesn’t know how to calm his daughter down and that makes him sad. 

I have no idea how spirit baby will react to the meeting of her human half sister but it should be awesome. 


“Your love of the Halflings’ leaf has clearly slowed your mind.”

-Saruman, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”

do you ever think about the clone troopers teaching Caleb to do things

like one morning, while Depa’s talking to the Council, Commander Grey wakes him up early and drags him off somewhere secluded and hands him a blaster.  Caleb kind of stares for a moment before asking what’s going on.  Grey simply tells him he’s going to teach him how to shoot, obviously.  and when Caleb protests, because he’s a Jedi and they’re not supposed to use blasters, Grey’s just like look, the lightsaber’s great and all, but there’s probably at least one Jedi who died because he didn’t know one end of a blaster from the other and couldn’t hit a droid if it stood perfectly still ten feet away with a bull-eye painted on its chest.  that is not going to happen to you.  you’re gonna learn how to use a damn blaster.  (Grey knows this is opening himself to nine million questions.  he’s used to it by now.)

Styles devotes way too much time to showing Caleb how to build explosives from whatever he has lying around at the time.  it’s a useful skill, okay, one of these days he might need to drop a landing platform on someone. also, he’s the one who teaches Caleb to fly everything, because Caleb’s a tiny adrenaline junkie with crazy Jedi reflexes and Styles can totally get behind that.

the entire battalion teaching him thirteen different ways to cheat at sabacc and not get caught - by example, of course.  Depa forbids them from gambling with real money when they’re playing with Caleb, so he owes them all a pile of ration bars, which they’re never going to collect on because ration bars have slightly less flavor than old socks.

(fifteen years later, Ezra reacts to one of Kanan’s unbelievable badass moves by asking “who taught you to do that?!” and Kanan just shuts down because he’s never been able to wrap his tongue around the words the same men who killed my Master.)

If you’re curious we were talking on skype about Rule 63 Harry because Twilights 10th anniversary has seen the release of a re-write of Twilight where everyone is gender swapped. So we were envisioning a re-write of Dresden files with the same thing. And having lots of giggles at Harrie Dresden wearing maxi dresses with a leather coat because she’d never find jeans long enough.

I feel like there’s a lot of negativity in the tag, so give me something happy.

Top 5 DF moments.

In no particular order

  • Darth Wanabe chalanging Harry on his Day Off
  • SUE!
  • Murphy in the Sight as a guardian angel
  • Michael standing over Buzz in The Warrior and Dresden holding him back.
  • Dresden standing on Michael’s doorstep in Skin Game and saying he’s lost, and Michaels just says “Come in”

What are your favorite moments?