“Quite recently I shared with you some photos that were taken during my stay in beautiful Cracow. I did not even think that you will enjoy them so much. Downtown of the city I live in, Poznan, is also very photogenic place, so I thought I should show it you too. That kind of photos requires a little more commitment, courage and time from me, however I think the results are worth it. I can already promise this is not the only session from the old town of Poznan. This time I managed to set up an outfit consisting of an open shoulder gray blouse and a black leather skirt from Of course I could not give up my favorite pumps and black tights. Instead of jewelry I chose a gold metal belt from, which undoubtedly attracts attention.

-Ariadna M”

(via …help! I have nothing to wear! - fashion blog: Szara odsłaniająca ramiona bluzka, skórzana spódniczka, czarne rajstopy i szpilki)