aces are not:

- prude - missing out

- sick

- privileged

- boring

- attention seeking

- undatable

- same as aromantic

aces are:

- worthy of love

- queer

- lgbt+

- forming a lovely community

- diverse

- just as human as you

I just want to say to all my aros and aces:

-I aggressively care about you

-I’m here to talk always

-you are real and valid humans

-celebrate who you are

-do not EVER let anybody degrade or hurt you for who you are

-you deserve love, acceptance, and respect

-everyone who tells you otherwise can come talk to me

-hold my flower I’ll kick their a**

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a shoutout for those who aren't shouted out

shoutout to aromantic people
shoutout to bigender people
shoutout to demigender people
shoutout to pangender people
shoutout to polygender people
shoutout to intersex people
shoutout to polysexual people
shoutout to polyamorous people
shoutout to grey-asexual people
shoutout to greyromantic people
shoutout to lithromantic people
shoutout to quoiromantic people
shoutout to questioning people
shoutout to heteroflexible people
shoutout to homoflexible people
shoutout to people whose romantic orientation doesn’t line up with their sexual orientation
shoutout to lgbt+ poc
shoutout to lgbt+ muslims
shoutout to disabled lgbt+ people
shoutout to mentally-ill lgbt+ people

happy asexual awareness week to all you ace pans and demi pans and grey-a pans and any and all aspec pans!!!! your identities are valid, you are valid, you are inherently part of the community, and you are so, so wonderful I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week and get the love and support and acceptance that you deserve!

Hey you

Yeah you, that grey-ace right there reading this. You’re amazing, you’re absolutely wonderful and bring so much light to the world!

I know it can be hard to accept yourself and your identity but i also know that you wont always feel this way! One day you’ll be confident or even proud of your identity! One day you’ll be able to think “this is the way i am” and mean it in a positive way!

Im so proud of you for getting so far already , you’re doing such a good job! I believe in you! I believe that you can make it!


Made some pride owls~

From top to bottom:

Asexual flag, Aromantic flag

Grey asexual flag, Grey aromantic flag

Bi flag, Pan flag

Rainbow flag, Lesbian flag

Ply flag, Intersex flag

Some of the flag colours were a bit difficult to mix, but I feel like they all turned out pretty well, and I hope people will think so too.

People are free to use them as icons.

Here’s the second batch and some more here

They can be found on my Redbubble

I was in such as rush to post this that I didn’t have to time to trim the material lol.

I love how this came out. I was worried all the different flags would look odd together but I think it came out good.

I picked the identities that people I know identify as, which is (in order) gay/lesbian, pan, trans, bi and ace.

Asexual/Aromantic Spectrum witches and wizards? Yes please. 

Luna Lovegood is pansexual and aromantic. She figured this out when she heard the terms from one of her mother’s best friend, who works in muggle academia as a Gender and Sexuality professor. The words felt so right. 

Seamus Finnegan’s grey-ace interest in sex fluctuates with the time of the year, his diet, his relationships, and how many things he’s blown up in the past week.

Percy Weasley doesn’t learn the word for it until he’s in his thirties, but he’s always had a hard time assigning sexual meaning to people he doesn’t know deeply. It never quite made sense to him when his male friends treated women they didn’t know as sexual objects. When he hears the term demisexual, it clicks that perhaps they weren’t joking.

Padma Patil always thought her sister’s preoccupation with sex and romance was a waste of time. Her parents always told her this would fade with time….it never did. She was asexual and (mostly) aromantic at fourteen, and remained confident in her identity throughout her teen years and adulthood. Her happiness wasn’t tied up wit romance or sex.  

People used to ask Hagrid if he imagined himself dating, marrying: he always said yes, but found himself uninterested in the real thing. Madame Rosmerta found this out the hard way - she didn’t take the breakup well, but dealt with it privately while she supported Hagrid through his aromantic wanderings until he settled on an identity. He likes the term “lithromantic,” although he mispronounces it as, “litho-romatic.” Hermione privately thinks that sounds like the name of a friendly robot from a cartoon, but loves that he’s happy knowing that about himself. 

Charlie Weasley’s asexual aromantic identity was almost a relief. Now he can spend his whole life with dragons.

The most attractive thing about the labels for the asexual and aromantic spectrum for Cho Chang was that people who thought deeply about them, and maybe tried them out, seemed so much in tune with their romantic and sexual feelings, when most of the people around her seemed so confused and all over the place. When she put it together that she was grey-asexual, suddenly the erratic nature of her relationships with very sexual boys made more sense, and gave her more control in her relationships to articulate desire and therelackof.

Happy asexual awareness week!