I just read on a lgbt positive blog how people in the asexual spectrum shouldn’t belong in lgbt spaces etc, how we’re invading and how we according to that blog don’t face discrimination. Yeah, some irony right there. Reading all that stuff made me feel very invalidated and hurt. It is a part of my identity. Aces do belong in lgbt spaces. There is an A in lgbtqia, get the picture. Erasing aces is discrimination. I already had enough people telling me my sexuality wouldn’t exist or whatever. Stop making aces invisible. We exist, we matter and we deserve safe spaces. If you’re a part of lgbtqia+ and you’re erasing aces, shame on you because out of all people, you should know how tough facing discrimination is. If you believe aces aren’t real or don’t belong in the lgbtqia+ community, unfollow me right now. 

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Do I still count as a bisexual if I'm also grey-asexual or would that just be biromantic? (Also pls tag 168)

I think it would be biromantic more than bisexual ^^
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The fact that there are so many allies believing the A is theirs is so ironic to me. It’s for aromantic and asexual. By insisting the A is yours, you’re erasing an entire group of people from the LGBT+ community. You’re actively erasing queer people. If you insist on taking the A from me, then you are absolutely no ally to me because you are hurting us more than you are helping.

Daily Affirmation 114.

You are allowed to be naive and asexual. You are allowed to be innocent and asexual. You are not required to understand sexual things. Who you are as an asexual is okay.

You are allowed to be dirty-minded and be asexual. You are not required to be puzzled by sex to be asexual. Both of these are valid expressions of asexuality, and neither deserves to be erased or belittled.

The 10 Asexual Commandments

1) If we say we are uncomfortable it’s not so you can laugh and say we’re cute, it’s because we’re uncomfortable and want everything to stop.

2) Sometimes we will not state that we are uncomfortable so if we try to change subjects when discussing sexual activity, let me change the subject.

3) If you say “you just haven’t found the right person yet” We have the right to punch you in the face

4) If you say “I can change  you” We will punch you in the face.

5) No means no, do not try to convince us. (this one is just a rule in general)

6) We are apart of the LGBT community however we do not feel like we belong so please do not ecourage the feelings of not belonging simply because you don’t understand.

7) Asking what traumatic experience we had to make us this way is actually really rude and might make us cry.

8) We exist. Please do not try to say otherwise.

9) Ask if we reproduce like starfish or plants and we will kick you where you would not like to be kicked. 

10) If you are confused or curious about asexuality and the asexuality spectrum, please ask as we are always happy and willing to explain. As long as you respect us during the conversation, we will respect you.

An important thing to note is that black people, more specifically black girls, are both hypersexualized and deemed disgusting at the same damn time. The jezebel stereotype, otherwise known as the idea that black women are prone to being sexually promiscuous, has been placed on us for centuries.

Black girls aren’t allowed to be asexual.

We’re supposed to have uncontrollable sexual appetites. We’re supposed to love and crave sex at all times. We’re supposed to have had tons of sexual experience from our teens on up.

Not to mention asexuality is often associated with being childlike and innocent, shy and unemotional. Traits that are obviously never associated with black girls.

How to explain your sexual/romantic orientation via euphemisms #2: Book Lovers
  • Hetero:I like reading books that I can't relate to.
  • Homo:I like reading books that I can relate to.
  • Bi:I like reading books that I can relate to, as well as ones that I can't.
  • Pan:I like reading books regardless of my ability to relate to them.
  • Demi:I like reading books that I have good childhood memories with. Sometimes I might read other books for fun or to pass the time.
  • Aro/Ace:Books don't interest me that much, but I might read them for fun anyway if I ever feel like reading one or just to pass the time.
  • Gray-a:Most of the time I'm not interested, but every once in a while I'll find a book that will interest me.
Shoutout to black asexuals!!

Sex repulsed black aces
Sex positive black aces
Sex neutral black aces
Black aces who’ve had sex
Black aces who’re still virgins
Black aces who are out
Black aces who are in the closet
Black aces in their teens
Black aces who are in their twenties on up
Questioning black aces
Black aces who’ve always known they were ace
Demisexual black aces
Grey asexual black aces
Black aromantic asexuals

I hope in 2016 the black community will recognize that we exist! We definitely need more conversations about being black and asexual.